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Across the series, several villagers of varying personality types have developed incredibly dedicated fanbases, becoming some of the most sought after villagers in the series. Websites like Nookazon, Bell Tree Forums, and their amiibo card prices on Amazon and Ebay (where applicable) set good examples for how sought after some of these villagers are, with many going for several millions of bells or $40+ before the late 2020 reprints (or still so with Welcome Amiibo series). And tier lists are a good gauge of the popularity of villagers among the fandom, though they are more vulnerable to manipulation.


Given their enduring popularity as pets and well-documented popularity on the internet, it probably shouldn't be too surprising that they are the most popular species among the fandom, and the most numerous villager species at 23. Combined with the New Horizons algorithm for villagers on Nook Mile Islands note , and it's common for the most popular ones to go for especially crazy amounts in online trades.
  • Ankha, a yellow cat wearing a Pharaoh Headdress and an islander in the original game, is one of the most popular Snooty villagers due to her distinct design inspired by a society legendary for worshipping cats. As a result, she's also a prime target for lewd fanart behind only Series Mascot Isabelle, not helped by her New Leaf mummy shirt giving an excuse to draw her as a Seductive Mummy.
  • Bob, a purple cat with spots, has been a fan favorite since the first game for encapsulating the lazy personality so well with his chill, laid back expression and flower shirt. There's a reason he's the focus of countless memes.
  • Kabuki, a white cat wearing red-makeup, is one of the most popular Crankies for his unique Japanese-inspired design based off of...well, Guess.
  • Kid Cat, a jock white cat in a red jump-suit and helmet, is widely adored for his Super Sentai inspired design, being particularly popular back in Japan.
  • Kiki, a black cat, is a normal cat who isn't quite as popular as Lolly, but liked as a clear reference to Kiki's Delivery Service and black fur that makes her a prime villager for halloween.
  • Lolly, a grey cat with comma eyes, is popular for both looking like a real cat and having the normal personality, probably the most popular one on average.
  • Merry, a light tan peppy cat, who has gained some more fans in New Horizons for her often visible fangs and double-chin making her popular to interpret as overweight. Though, she is a bit infamous for getting her rank inflated by a streamer encouraging votes for her in the popularity poll for New Horizons.
  • Punchy, a black and white cat, is a lazy that lags behind Bob, but similarly loved for his laid back appearance.
  • Raymond, a grey cat with heterochromia eyes, was a New Horizons newcomer whose popularity exploded from a combination of his handsome appearance, unique heterochromia, filling the previously unfilled smug personality void among cats, and various memes and comics of New Horizons. Combined with his lack of an amiibo card, and he can go for particularly crazy amounts in online trading scenes . His extreme prevalance in the fandom has earned enough of a backlash to make him a Base-Breaking Character, but he remains the only villager to rival Marshal, trading the top 2 spots with him outside of occasional rigging oddities.
  • Rosie, a blue peppy cat, was one of the first to become a Breakout Character among the villagers, having appeared prominently in pretty much everything Animal Crossing-related, including the movie and an Amiibo Festival promo card. She was even the only villager to be a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Tangy, a Literal Orange peppy cat, is highly adored for her fruit design theme.

Male villagers

Lazy villagers are rather self-explanatory, being laid back and easy going by nature. This makes them generally the most popular male villager type.
  • Beau, a deer villager based on Antellope, is yet another laid back appearance villager that's become beloved by fans.
  • Erik, a deer villager based on a Moose, has gained his fair share of fans as well.
  • Filbert, a sky-blue squirrel, was a classic lazy that's also liked for his space-themed house interiors and cameos on the New Horizons game-art.
  • Lucky, a unique Bandage Mummy dog that makes him great for Halloween and naturally popular to pair him with the aforementioned Egyptian Themed Ankha.
  • Sherb, a lazy-blue goat, became an instant fan-favorite as a result of his coloring and cute design. It's consistently landed him behind Raymond and Marshal as a result.
  • Stitches, a variety-colored cub, is another notable Breakout Character, beloved for his patchwork Teddy Bear design. Was featured as an Amiibo Festival promo card and can be seen frequently in series promo material.
  • Zucker, one of the 3 octopus villagers, is highly adored for his clever Takoyaki-inspired design, consistently ranking right behind Sherb.
  • Apollo, a Cranky Bald Eagle villager, is of course very popular especially among American players for being USA-inspired. This resulted in him becoming a bit of a Breakout Character, appearing in the anime movie and featured prominently in New Horizons' game art.
  • Dobie, a greenish grey wolf cranky villager, is not as popular as fang, but liked for his mob-boss like appearance. Unfortunately, he's also one of the most expensive amiibo cards since he's in the yet to be reprinted Welcome amiibo series of card packs.
  • Dom, a jock white sheep villager, is a New Horizons newcomer who became the most popular Jock for both looking like a genuine Sheep and nearly-crying eyes.
  • Fang, a cranky grey wolf, gets a lot of fans for his cool appearance and being a wolf, which is a species lending itself well to the personality.
  • Genji, a jock black and white rabbit villager, has many fans for his Japanese-influenced design that gives him a means business appearance.
  • Julian, a smug blue horse villager with a horn, is naturally popular for being a Unicorn and his Bishounen appearance.
  • Marshal, a smug white squirrel villager, has been highly adored since his debut in New Leaf for the juxtaposition of his short stature and arrogance, as well as an appearance worthy of a Bishounen anime protagonist. He has long been near-unanimously considered the most popular villager in the entire series, enough to be the focus of a Japanese Pocket Camp ad and appear in the crowd of a Japanese New Horizons Trailer.
  • Octavian, a cranky red octopus villager, which alone makes him popular as one of only 3 octopuses.
  • Roald, a classic Jock penguin, has been loved for his genuine penguin appearance and full eyes that show a lot of personality.
  • Scoot, a jock duck villager, is popular due to his appearance in the Vinesauce videos.

Female villagers

Normal villagers are the most popular type of villager, with the strongest presence in popularity polls for their often cute appearances and kind demeanor.
  • Coco, a gyroid-like rabbit, who contrasts her otherwise expressionless appearance with the sweet demeanor of a normal villager.
  • Fauna, a brown deer, who looks like an actual deer, which has Endeered her to the hearts of many.
  • Goldie, a Golden-retriever dog, is another Breakout Character as an Amiibo Festival promo and frequently features in series promo material.
  • Maple, a brown cub, for her short stature and pleasant smile to contrast her resemblance to an actual bear.
  • Marina, a pink Octopus originating as an islander, is of course very popular for her cute appearance, being one of the only three octopuses in the series, and her pastel pink interior.
  • Merengue, a pink Rhino, gained many fans for her strawberry cake appearance complete with frosting and a strawberry nose and tail.
  • Molly, a brown duck, one of the few ducks to gain a wide number of fans.
  • Poppy, a brownish-red squirrel, whose short stature lends itself to the sweet nature of the personality. As a result of arguably being the second most popular squirrel in the series, she also gets frequently paired up with Marshal.
  • Tia, a white elephant, whose clever teapot design made her many fans.
While less popular than normals, Peppy have a fair number of popular villagers too for their enthusiastic pop-star demeanor.
  • Apple, a red hamster, who is named after the fruit and is the most popular hamster.
  • Audie, an orange wolf villager, garnered a rather large fanbase practically overnight after debuting in New Horizons due to a theory that her name may be a tuckerization on the 88-year-old grandmother who became an Internet sensation after clocking in more than 3,500 hours in New Leaf.
  • Bluebear, a cub with an amusingly self-explanatory name.
  • Cookie, a pink dog, for her cutesy appearance and being a dog.
  • Ketchup, a tomato themed duck villager, is popular for that resemblance and adorable appearance. Though, good luck if you wish to get a copy of her card from the Welcome Amiibo series.
  • Flora, a pink ostrich, whose white heart face makes her the most popular Ostrich.
  • Sprinkle, a mint-green Penguin, for her clever double meaning name (sprinkle as in snow or the sweet cookie/ice cream topping) and endearing appearance.
  • Cherry, a sisterly red and black dog, is the most popular sisterly by far for her punk appearance. It also helps that she was featured prominently in Vinesauce's New Leaf lets play.
  • Diana, a snooty white deer, who has a rather elegant appearance.
  • Judy, a snooty pink and light-blue cub, a New Horizons debut charater with retro Bishoujo-style eyes that made her an instant fan-favorite and the most popular snooty.
  • Pashmina, a sisterly brown goat, whose look does a great job encapsulating the personality.
  • Whitney, a snooty white wolf, who played a big role in the movie and is also regarded as elegant by the fans.

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