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RuneScape is very well-known for some of its Demonic Spiders.
  • A literal example are the infamous Shadow Spiders. They aren't particularly damaging, but the minute one attacks you, it cuts your prayer points in half. When you consider that prayer points are used both to No-Sell enemy attacks and give hefty buffs, you see why they're so dangerous, especially considering that Jagex loves to put these guys right at the start of several dungeons. It's even worse as of the Evolution of Combat, where not only are their homes multi-combat, but they now use ranged attacks.
  • Revenants, powerful Wilderness-dwelling ghosts that can attack from all three corners of the combat triangle. They will Zerg Rush you as soon as you enter their lair, the Forinthry Dungeon, which can be deadly considering they can hit almost as hard as (and in some cases harder than) players of similar combat level (though there is an item you can use to make them non-aggressive). They also have the ability to rapidly heal themselves when their health drops low, so you'll probably spend more time killing them than you would want to. It certainly doesn't help that you can be attacked by PKers at any time, and given how valuable some of their drops are, you're very likely to encounter a PKing team there at some point. They were worse when they were originally introduced into the Wilderness as a replacement for PKers following the infamous 12-10-07 update to remove PvP in the Wilderness. Not only did they roam all around the Wilderness, but they could teleblock and bind you in addition to their healing powers and high damage output, not to mention that if you could succesfully kill them, their drops were much worse than what they currently are (their original best drop was a measly dragon scimitar). Thankfully, when Player Killing returned about three years later, they were contained in the aforementioned Forinthry Dungeon, and also lost their bind and teleblock powers.
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  • Lava strykewyrms are considerably harder than any of the other three types of strykewyrm, and have much more difficult mechanics to deal with, such as dragging you towards them. Like revenants, these monsters are also exclusive to the Wilderness, putting you at constant risk of PKers attacking. On top of that, there is also a stronger version, the WildyWyrm, that can appear at complete random, but hits much higher and has a million life points. Killing them, especially the WildyWyrm, is a very risky gamble no matter what your approach - if you use cheap gear, you will struggle just to get one kill, but if you wear stronger gear, you become a tempting target for PKers. It's also not helped by the fact that they're one of the 151 monsters listed in the Slayer Codex, if you intend to complete it as a requirement to trim the Completionist Cape.
  • Dungeoneering:
    • To lower levels, Dungeon Spiders, especially before the introduction of the Evolution of Combat. They can poison you, which does 50 damage every 20 seconds or so, which fades away very very slowly. Within Daemonheim, every resource is limited, including food, so losing this much HP is a major issue. However, it's not just that. They can poison you through prayers, which you would expect to stop that sort of madnessnote . Fortunately, poison mechanics have changed since the launch of the Evolution of Combatnote , and even if you do get poisoned, there is a cure which can be bought for just 200 gp, and potions which give immunity for several minutes can be made with Herblore. In addition, they do not appear on Warped floors, but given how dangerous those floors are to begin with...
    • Brutes. These slow but tough foes are not as infuriating as the dungeon spiders and only appear on Furnished and Warped floors, but their attacks are utterly devastating, especially at higher levels where they will consistently hit into the 1000s. On furnished floors, they also feature in a puzzle room where you have to pickpocket them while they're asleep to obtain the key to the door. Failing to pickpocket them or making noise by running in the room and stepping on debris will result in you facing four of them at once.
    • Dragons. Though rarer than brutes, they tend to hit harder thanks to their dragonbreath, which will hit you very hard if you do not have a special shield. Worse yet, you might not even find said shield on the floor, and even if you do, it's worthless if your main weapon is two-handed, forcing you to waste time making a new weapon from scratch. Thankfully, Protect From Magic can be used to partially mitigate their breath, but even then it will still hit plenty hard.
    • Forgotten Mages. Trying to get past all of those enemies in that one room with your Shadow Silk Hood? Good luck trying to pull it off without the hood's effects as they will promptly reveal you to the other monsters, who will proceed to Zerg Rush you. It certainly doesn't help that they can bind you in place and lower your melee stats, making it frustrating to kill them with melee. Necromancers are similar, except instead of trying to bind you, they instead summon zombies to attack with melee.
    • Reborn Mages on Warped floors. In addition to being able to drain your stats and remove your Shadow Silk Hood's effects (if you have one) like Forgotten Mages, they can also summon hard-hitting Reborn Warriors that attack with melee. As if this wasn't enough, they can even follow you into other rooms.
    • One of the challenge rooms is a bit of a Demonic Spider web. Imagine a Forgotten Mage, but with much higher stats and the ability to call in reinforcements to back him up, and you've got the Mercenary Leader. The number of reinforcements he calls in depends on how many people are on your team. On a solo dungeon he only calls three units. In a five-man group, he calls in fifteen units. Expect to be dropped in seconds in a group dungeon if you go in alone. Even in a solo dungeon, you can usually expect to use up a considerable amount of food or even take a death or two fighting him and three other mercenaries at once. On a members world, it might involve getting attacked from all three sides of the combat triangle at once by mercenaries in level 99 equipment, particularly if you're in Hard Mode. Thankfully it is fairly rare, and has been made considerably easier as of the Evolution of Combat.
  • Shadows in The Temple of Light, from "Mourning's End, Pt 2". They do a huge amount of damage and interrupt you when you're trying to work That One Puzzle. Note that as part of the puzzle, you must bring up windows on-screen, and being attacked automatically closes those windows. Thankfully, they have pitiful HP and defense, but they respawn fast and will swarm you if you let them.
  • Goraks, extradimensional monsters that can ignore prayer, hit excessively hard, and drain your stats. They're only found in a couple places (God Wars Dungeon and the Gorak Plane), but they're extremely aggressive and can be dangerous if you don't have a quick means of escape or a way to raise your stats back up. Just to add to that, their drops mostly consist of low-level weapons and pitiful amounts of gold, with their only worthwhile drop being a hard clue scroll.
  • Pretty much everything on Ape Atoll, unless you're a monkey. The spiders and scorpions, despite being tiny, can easily smack you with nasty poison and respawn almost instantly after death. The monkeys come in packs and can deal ungodly damage, and the zombie and skeletal varieties in the gnome tunnel will mob you if you give them the chance.
  • Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble has the following:
    • The giant swamp snakes. Not only do they have powerful, fast melee and magic attacks, pack hefty HP, and come in packs, but unlike the other nasty monsters (shades, snails, ghasts, and nail beasts), they can't be easily distracted from your companion. When you enter the area for the event, you're almost guaranteed to get swarmed, with several of them focusing on your companion. If you don't have enough food in your companion, or are not quick to distract them with the Provoke ability, then you're screwed, and it can be outright impossible on the hard route without Provoke.
    • The giant snails themselves count, if you don't know the trick. They have devastating ranged attacks; even with melee armor, you'll still be taking a lot of damage quickly, and they can outright wreck your companion. The trick is to take a shell from one of the smaller snails you find in Mort Mire and chisel it into a helmet; wearing it reduces the damage their ranged attacks deal by 90-95%. Naturally, this is explained nowhere in game, and only vaguely hinted at it in the official RuneScape guide.
  • How about a few from the Spin-Off, Old School RuneScape?note 
    • The infamous Dark Wizards south of Varrock, the ultimate bane to new players' existence. Aggressive monsters with surprisingly strong magic attacks, they can kill any player fresh off Tutorial Island in as few as two hits. Newcomers might head up to Varrock for the first time, only to be picked off by the wizards on the way there and lose their tutorial gear. Making matters worse, their combat level is deceptively low for the damage they deal, and they are even capable of giving higher-levelled players a run for their money.
    • Not as deadly as the dark wizards, but still a fair threat, are the Draynor jail guards. Even though they only hit half as hard as the aforementioned dark wizards, it's still enough to drop a new player in four hits. Compounding matters further, they are aggressive and located in a multicombat area less than a minute away from Lumbridge, the starting town. To new players just starting out, they can be a nightmare to deal with, but at higher levels, they decrease to Goddamned Bats status. In fact, medium-level players may even exploit their aggression and use them for training, particularly in free-to-play.
    • The tribesmen on Karamja. Though not very strong by any means, if they damage you, you'll be smacked with a deadly poison that can deal 11 damage per hit - a lot of damage for Old School RuneScape, and nearly three times what their actual attacks can hit. Thankfully, there is a shop that sells antipoisons if you get hit with it, and they stop bothering you once you reach level 65 combat.
    • Cave crawlers, for similar reasons as the aforementioned Tribesmen. Although they're not aggressive, and their poison isn't as dangerous as the tribesmen's poison (though it can still hit 8s), what makes them Demonic Spiders is the fact that they are a Slayer monster, which means that you may sometimes be required to kill them. Worse yet, you can receive these from even the lowest level Slayer master at as low as level 10 Slayer. If your combat level is under 20 and you get them as a task, well, good luck. Fortunately, there are safespots in most of their locations.
    • The Temple Trekking swamp snakes are much more dangerous in Old School than they are in RuneScape 3. Not only are their attacks faster, but once they start attacking your follower, there's no distracting them unlike in RS3. If you don't kill them quickly, your follower won't stand a chance against their heavy damage output.

  • The TokHaar-Ket-Zek, TokHaar-Tok-Xil, and TokHaar-Yt-MejKot found in the TokHaar Fight Kiln and Fight Cauldron. All of them do hideous amounts of damage, possibly hitting for well over a thousand damage. The Ket-Zek uses magic and melee, the Tok-Xil uses ranged and melee, while the MejKot sticks exclusively to melee.
  • Pretty much any monster that can use abilities in combat, but the following stand out in particular:
    • Iorwerth and Cadarn elves in Prifddinas. Unlike most ability-using monsters, their adrenaline meter is constantly locked at 50%, enabling them to use threshold abilities without having to build it up. It's not terribly uncommon to attack a Cadarn Magus and have him immediately stunlock you with an Asphyxiate combo. Worse yet, while the elves are not aggressive, it's not horribly uncommon for high level players with access to Morvran (the game's second highest-levelled Slayer master) to teleport to him while still under the effects of their aggression potions from a prior task, and immediately get piled (and likely murdered) in the process of trying to get a new task. At least there are several banks and even a prayer altar within walking distance.
    • Wilderness Bandits. It's not the fact that they use abilities so much as the fact that you can't set foot in their camp without being Zerg Rushed (and likely killed) unless you're skulled. Their leaders are even armed with the completed weapons from lava strykewyrms. Worst of all, their drops are absolutely pitiful if you somehow manage to kill them. Of course, this is the Wilderness after all, so you also have the added threat of PKers. Have fun.
    • "Dimension of Disaster" has New Varrock guards. Not only can they use abilities, they also have no weakness and you can only bring very low level equipment to fight them, so you will struggle to kill just one of them. And if you attack any of them, all of the nearby guards will attack at you once. Good thing it isn't actually necessary to fight them.
  • The elite Slayer monsters introduced as part of the Raptor's Challenge in November 2015 are all Demonic Spiders to some extent.
    • The first elite Slayer monster, Living Wyverns, are the bane of even the best players. They are aggressive, inflict gobsmacking amounts of damage with their attacks (even more if you do not apply a special potion to protect you from their breath), can inflict a very damaging poison status, and are accompanied by a very annoying environmental mechanic. See, the underground cave they reside in is incredibly cold. If you allow yourself to become too cold, you start getting stunned for 8-10 seconds at a time, preventing you from attacking, healing, or teleporting. This can be countered temporarily by lighting the fires in the cave and using anti-stun abilities, but if you are caught off guard you may have no choice but to watch your helpless character get murdered.
    • The second elite Slayer monster Ripper Demons, mainly for their ability to instakill you, but for other reasons as well. They telegraph their Death from Above attack and it is avoidable, but if you don't get right back into their melee reach after avoiding it, they will drag you towards them and hit you with a very painful melee bleed. It's bad enough in and of itself, but if your health drops below 35%, all of the other demons in the cave will Zerg Rush you, likely dropping you in seconds unless you can teleport out. On top of that, even if you do manage to kill one, it will start spinning around wildly in a final effort to try and kill you, causing rapid melee damage as it dies; thankfully, the Deflect Melee curse with the Devotion ability blocks all of the damage, if only for ten seconds.
    • The third elite Slayer monster, Camel warriors, are not as extreme as the first two, but they can definitely be a challenge no matter what your approach. Almost immediately after you attack one, it splits into three "mirages" which can use Ancient Magicks spells against you to freeze you, lower your stats, and leech your health. In additon, the mirages also have a special attack that can either massively drain your prayer points or heal the other mirages, depending on which mirage cast it. Once the mirages are killed, you must fight the original camel warrior itself, who now gains an area-of-effect sandstorm attack in addition to the prayer-draining attack. To top all of this off, the area they live in is affected by desert heat, forcing you to either tank the extra damage or waste inventory space on waterskins note .
    • The last elite Slayer monster, Acheron mammoths, are probably the toughest of the four. Though somewhat slow to move, they have a truckload of health and high defence against anything that isn't a stabbing weapon, and can use heavy hitting melee and ranged attacks, including a selection of combat abilities. They also have a special charge attack that can deal upwards of 7500 damage, multiple times in a row (though it is telegraphed and avoidable). To make matters worse, they have an "honour" mechanic while you're fighting them: if you try running out of the reach of their melee attacks (or even trying to avoid their ranged attacks), they will disable your prayers, and if you try ranging or maging them, their ranged attacks will gain a secondary effect that constantly stunlocks you, effectively mandating the use of melee to kill them.
  • To those without at least level 90 gear and/or overloads, Airuts can also be this. No weakness, high defence that increases as they take damage, and powerful melee and ranged attacks already make this monster's case. However, what really makes them dangerous is their special attacks, where they pound their chest, then hit you for rapid, heavy damage. The only way to stop their special attack? You have to counter it with a specific threshold ability — Flurry for melee, Rapid Fire for ranged — and it only works while they're using their special attack, and only if you successfully damage them. Worst of all, they can use this special attack at any time, meaning you could be stuck without a way to stop it (though you can fortunately reduce its damage with the correct protection prayers).
  • The crystal shapeshifters on Tarddiad. Don't let the deceptively low combat level fool you, these guys mean business. They can attack with all three attack styles, and will change styles to whatever your armor's weakness is. Their basic auto-attacks are hard-hitting and accurate, and they can use a huge variety of abilities, including ultimate abilities. In addition to all this, melee shapeshifters can shut off your prayers, and all types can roll into a spiked ball and smash into you, dealing heavy melee damage.
  • The spider minions occasionally summoned during the fight against Araxxor and Araxxi can sometimes be literal Demonic Spiders, but the one in particular that stands out the most is the Mirrorback spider (pictured above). Attacking Araxxor or Araxxi while one of these nasties is alive will result in the entire attack being reflected back onto you at full power. Needless to say, you can easily kill yourself if you use a heavy-damage attack as a mirrorback spawns. It certainly doesn't help that they tend to hide themselves underneath Araxxor or Araxxi most of the time, meaning you often won't even know it's there until you start receiving heavy, and sometimes fatal, deflection damage from your attacks.
  • The Menaphos update brought in a whole dungeon full of powerful new Slayer monsters - corrupted creatures and soul devourers. Not only do they require a special (and fairly expensive) item in order to kill, but as you are killing them, you get a corruption effect that increases the already fairly high damage you take from them (though it also increases the damage you deal). In addition, the soul devourers have special abilities that set them apart from the other monsters, many of which can deal very heavy damage. For instance, one type will call for help when its health reaches a certain point, and if not killed quickly, it will cause all the others to Zerg Rush you.
  • Don't be fooled by the cute appearances of the Lost Grove creatures - they are very tough customers. Their attacks are very accurate and can deal well over 3000 damage if you're not using a suitable protection prayer. On top of that, they also have some nasty special attacks:
    • The magic-using vinecrawlers and ranged-using bulbous crawlers will briefly stop attacking, then unleash a cloud that hits you with a very nasty poison if you don't get out of the way.
    • The melee-using moss golems will detach their head after a while. If you don't kill the golem, the head will come to life and attack you.
  • The first Elite Dungeon, the Temple of Aminishi, lives up to its title by including several types of powerful enemies that will tear you to shreds without proper preparation.
    • The Hanto Sellswords hit hard with melee, and if they yell "Die by the blade!", get far away from them, because they will use a powerful spinning attack that inflicts rapid and heavy hits on anyone nearby, making it easy to die if one is inattentive (with an achievement if you do get killed by the special).
    • Cloaked Zealots are the magic users, and their gimmick is to summon a Crassian minion to attack you at frequent intervals. What makes them difficult is that there are usually multiple zealots guarding the barriers you need to get through to progress through the dungeon, and if you take too long to kill them, you could have a small army of hard-hitting Crassians attacking you while you're desperately trying to take down the summoners.
    • The worst of the lot are the Death Lotus Rogues. Their normal attack is weak, but their special attack is ferocious. When activated, they will spin around, hurling projectiles everywhere for extremely rapid ranged hits. This has a much wider range than the sellswords specials, the individual hits are strong enough to kill in seconds even through prayer, and if you try to run away, they can follow you while still doing the special. If you can't stun or kill these guys quickly, the recommended option is to teleport out to avoid a costly death.
  • The second Elite Dungeon, the Dragonkin Laboratory, is noticeably easier than Aminishi, but some of the monsters definitely make up the difference.
    • Laboratory Slimes. They only appear in the first section, and are the most likely thing to cause your death for a few reasons. If they get within melee range of you, they send out smaller slimes, who will all proceed to attack you with rapid melee hits (melee that can hit from a distance, no less). Like the Death Lotus Rogues, they can whittle you down very quickly even with protection prayers, and they will not stop following you once they see you. To top it off, there are six slimes guarding the barrier in the first room of the dungeon, and its impossible to draw one to you without aggro-ing some of the others.
    • Celestial Dragons have been given a major buff compared to their rather tame surface counterparts. Instead of using their time control powers to stun you, they use it to heal themselves for large amounts during a fight. It can be stopped by stunning them, but the healing comes instantly and has no delay before it happens, unlike the surface versions, so if they start healing while your stuns are on cooldown, you will have to put up with their hard-hitting magic for that much longer.
    • Lava Spiders, another literal form of the trope. They don't show up much, but each of them has 15000 health, they always spawn in large groups, and they use very fast ranged attacks that can also smack you with a fairly potent poison. In addition, once they see you, they will follow you through the whole dungeon unless killed, and are small enough to enter gaps that would stop the dragons. You can avoid drawing their attention with careful movement and some luck, but if you're unlucky you can have several spiders peppering you with ranged while you're fighting something else.
  • Edimmus in the Edimmu dungeon are a challenge to fight. Edimmus have very high health for their level and very accurate high damaging attacks and sometimes heal themselves a small amount when they damage you. In Dungeoneering you will only encounter them one at a time, and though they take a long time to kill they aren't too difficult. But in the Edimmu dungeon, they are FAR more dangerous because they are very aggressive and several of them may attack you at the same time. And sometimes a Elite Edimmu will spawn. They have a ridiculous amound of health and take much longer to kill than standard Edimmus, and while you are fighting them it is likely that a large number of regular Edimmus will also attack you at the same time. Although you can avoid the elite Edimmus because they are not aggressive.
  • Tormented Demons are one of the hardest and most complicated enemies in the game. Like Edimuus, they are very aggressive and several may attack you at once, and have very powerful attacks, but they are far worse. Although they have much less health than Edimuus and don't heal themselves, they more than make up it by using Barrier Change Boss mechanics. They start with a fire shield that blocks 75% of all damage which can only be removed by damaging them with Darklight or Holy Water, and they can use protection prayers that block 100% damage from one combat style at a time (even at the same time as the fire shield), and they can also use all three combat styles, forcing you to frequently switch weapons and protection prayers (which are 100% effective against them as a trade off for how much damage they can do) while fighting them.
  • The sequel to the quest that introduced Tormented Demons introduced its own extremely hard Degraded Boss enemy in the form of Glacors. They have a huge amount of health and powerful attacks, including some high damaging special attacks, and when they reach half health, they spawn three Glacytes that each have a different ability and the Glacor that summoned them is invulnerable until you kill all three, and when they are killed, the Glacor gains a new ability based on which one of the Glacites was killed last. But they are a bit easier than Tormented Demons because only one can fight you at a time and their attacks aren't quite as powerful, and unlike Tormented Demons, the quest where one first appears as a boss lets you skip the fight against it.


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