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Like other MMORPGs, Realm of the Mad God has its own wide cast of Demonic Spiders.

The Realm

  • The Godlands has plenty, but there are a few that stand out amongst them.
    • Medusas boast the highest HP of all the gods (2000) and staggering attack power with their large shotguns of 100-damage bullets and can throw red AoEs that affect a wide area and can take chunks out of the health bars of most players. Downplayed a bit as they can be exploited by circling them, but they are a primary killer of high-level players, just because of their sheer damage output.
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    • Ghost Gods have slow bullets, but they make up for it with sheer numbers. A Ghost God's bullet storm makes it extremely difficult for melees to get within striking distance, and to make matters worse, each one deals 120 damage. However, ranged classes have a considerably easier time taking care of them.
    • Leviathans, alongside Medusas, possess the highest HP of any monster in the Godlands and utilize 2 types of rapid-fire shotguns capable of tearing apart even the most armored of players. Their erratic movement and shot pattern makes them very hard to predict, and an inconsistent method of aiming means that players have to be on their toes when facing this beast.
    • White Demons are some of the only Realm Monsters that can deal significant damage to maxed players due to their armor-piercing attacks. Oddly enough, their danger level actually goes up with yours.
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  • Not all of the Demonic Spiders belong in the Godlands. The Grey Blob can be this for low-level players, due to it's ability to quickly rush onto you and self-destruct. Because they come in massive packs, a swarm of them can end the game very quickly for less armored players.
  • Lizard Gods, Ogre Kings and Undead Dwarf Gods are nightmares for low-level players due to their moderately high HP, high attack power and the ability to spam moderately tanky minions at you, which low-level players will have a hard time overcoming. The Undead Dwarf God deserves a mention for being able to slap you with a three-second Confuse, which can easily screw over newer players if they don't know what they're doing.
  • Of particular mention is the Urgle, a Highlands-dwelling monster that can create a debuff-inducing cage of lasers. It deals pitiful damage, but one of the debuffs it's cage can inflict is Armor Broken, which can be deadly if nearby enemies jump on you at the same time. Worst of all, they tend to camp near Event Bosses, and a lot of players are killed after getting Armor Broken by these things. And if that's not enough, the immense lag it's lasers create can cause players to disconnect or even die.


Snake Pit

  • Greater Pit Snakes and Vipers deal high damage compared to the rest of the enemies in the dungeon, and they have highly aggressive attack patterns and rapid shots. Since they come in swarms, they can inflict serious damage to unprepared or unarmored players.

The Hive

  • Fat Bees can deal fairly decent damage and are a step up from enemies that players should have fought by this point in the game. It gets even worse when they turn into Angry Fat Bees, as they can now inflict Bleeding as well.

Undead Lair

  • Lair Slimes, full stop. They deal hefty damage, and can split into many more slimes upon death which have a tendency to stack shots. A swarm of slimes can bring a successfull rush to a grinding halt, and it usually requires some serious Splash Damage Abuse to bring them down.
  • Lair Vampires move fast and can hit very hard, as well as inflict various status effects. Since they jump around corners when you get too close, if you get ambushed by them and aren't prepared, you're better off nexusing.

Haunted Cemetery

  • The Haunting Spectre crosses into Goddamned Bats territiory due to it's ability to suddenly go invincible for several seconds at a time. They aren't much of an actual threat, but are rather difficult to get rid of quickly.
  • Possessed Children are fast, tanky, and hit hard with omnidirectional bursts of shots. Getting hit by the full attack is usually instant death, and players must be very wary not to stand on one by accident.
  • Out of the Risen Enemies in the Haunted Cemetary Graves, the Risen Archers and Brawlers take the cake. The Brawler is a Lightning Bruiser with very fast speed and a devastating 330-damage shotgun that it will not hesitate to unload directly into you. On the other hand, the Archers will keep their distance from you while peppering you with highly damaging spreads of arrows, usually from behind cover.
  • Zombie Hulks in the Final Battle. They have fairly high health and use rapid, punishing spreads of bullets. In addition, they can rush at players and armor-break them, which in turn makes the rest of the enemies in the dungeon much more dangerous and usually results in a quick death from the mobs of monsters.

Abyss of Demons

  • Brutes of the Abyss are downright infamous for being these. They move at the speed of a Sprite and hit harder than most Realm Gods with rapid shotguns of 80-damage bullets. To make matters worse, they travel in huge packs and will happily ambush players from unexplored terrain.
  • Demons of the Abyss fire slower shots than the Brutes, but each bullet deals stupidly high damage: 120 each, and it fires 3 of them. Combined with the tight corridors of the Abyss, these guys can incinerate squshier classes alarmingly quick and heavily injure heavier ones.

Davy Jones' Locker

  • The Ghost of Roger has high health, powerful attacks, and the ability to predict player movement. Fortunately, they cannot move. Unfortunately, they spawn swarms of Lost Souls that block shots and self-destruct on top of players for massive damage.

Manor of the Immortals

  • Hellhounds are essentially the Brutes of the Manor. They are very fast and use devastating spreads of shots that inflict bleeding. Even worse, they tend to charge where you are going instead of where you are so you run into them and eat a full spray of bullets. Fortunately, they only travel in small groups and have to stop after charging.

The Puppet Master's Theatre

  • Warrior Puppets, because of their ability to temporarily double their fire rate and defense. While this is offset by it's short range, it essentially becomes a super-tanky machine gun for a few seconds. If you get caught out by one and are trapped, just nexus. The amount of damage they can do is staggering.
  • Knight Puppets have loads of health and a nasty trick in the form of an Armor-Breaking shield bash. It is not uncommon for rushes to go awry when a Knight Puppet armor-breaks the rusher and then they die or nexus from the rest of the minions.
  • While Archer Puppets are rare, they are incredibly dangerous, with rapid spreads of arrows that slow. That isn't even talking about it's larger, aimed arrow that paralyzes you, making you easy prey for the other enemies.

Toxic Sewers

  • Goblin Brutes, much like every other enemy with "Brute" in their names that is on this list, are extremely fast, fairly tanky, and fire point-blank shotguns that deal massive damage. Combined with the fact that healing is mostly negated due to the Sewer Water, it is very hard to mitigate the damage done by them.
  • The Brown and Yellow Slimes leave trails of goo behind them that inflict damage and slow (yellow) or quiet(brown). This makes rushing all the more difficult as one must navigate around the trails if they don't want to be damaged and debuffed.
  • Goblin Knights will not activate unless attacked or approached...but once they are, they will run at players, chunking their HP with single, devastating shots, which is all the worse since you usually can't heal. They also have a lot more HP in comparison to most the enemies in the dungeon.

Mountain Temple

  • Corrupted Casters are extremely fast and use targeted, 120-damage blasts. Sounds simple? Well, they also use radial confusing waves that have deceptively long reach. Getting confused usually results in the Caster sitting on players and unloading a full wave into them, resulting in instantaneous death most of the time.
  • Corrupted Bowmen, purely due to their ability to paralyze their targets. Since enemies tend to come in mobs here, you can easily be shredded by the aformentioned Corrupted Casters or any other enemy that will jump on you when you're down.
  • Corrupted Armors aren't that bad by themselves, although they can used aimed blasts to damage and quiet players. It's the constant stream of Mini Corrupted Armors that they spawn that really become a problem. They come in swarms and use armor-piercing attacks, allowing them to shred players quickly. And the aformentioned Quieting attacks make it all the harder to beat through the hordes to kill the actual Armor.

Woodland Labyrinth

  • While not an "enemy", per say, the Woodland Turrets do count. They are completely invulnerable, blend in well with the background, and fire off radial blasts that deal greivous damage and inflict a nasty assortment of status effects (either Quiet, Paralyze, or Weak, depending on the turret). Since they can't be killed, they must be avoided at all costs, as their shots can really mess up your day.
  • The Mecha Squirrel, a giant, robotic, acorn-launching killer squirrel with an enormous amount of HP and a devastating spread of flaming acorns that hit for a whopping 175 damage each. Fortunately, they have a small sight range and will easily give up on chasing you. Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, they are scarily effective enemies who are extremely hard to take down due to their sheer damage and health.

The Crawling Depths

  • Literal Spiders. While nearly every enemy here could qualify, a particular mention goes to the Crawling Grey Spider. It moves fairly quickly, has a hefty 3500 HP, and attacks with a high-damage shot that inflicts Armor Broken. And if you've been paying attention to the rest of the list, getting armor broken in a room full of more Demonic Spiders is pretty bad.
  • The Crawling Red Spiders have slightly less health, but make up for that with rapid bombardments of Bleed-inflicting stars. Unlike the Grey Spider, which has a tendency to lunge at you, these ones are content to stay just out of range and rain shots on you.

Mad Lab

  • The Crusher Abominations easily take the cake. With extremely high health and devastating attacks, this enemy is a brutal attacker. Worse, it gets stronger as it takes damage. That would be fine...if there weren't always Escaped Experiments constantly healing them.
  • A close second is the Enforcer Bot 3000. It has lots of health and attacks from long range with electric blasts, and is nigh-impossible to approach due to it constantly letting off electrical discharges. And to top it all of, it releases several Mini Bots upon death.

The Arena

  • Bomb Devils, Bomb Fathers and Fire Blights. Not only are they very powerful, the fire bombs they spawn create permanent lava. Taking them out is a priority if you want to get far in the Arena.

Puppet Master's Encore

The 4 Puppet Minions the boss spawns are powerful enough to be considered bosses on their own, having 40000-50000 HP, fast speed and lethal attacks.
  • The Huntress Puppet spams powerful, fast arrows in pairs, and can begin firing larger armor-piercing arrows when it Turns Red. It constantly spawning slowing, explosive traps doesn't help.
  • The Trickster Puppet keeps a constant squad of clones around it at all times which are able to suppress players with high-damage attacks. The Puppet itself can deal heavy damage with attacks covering a wide area.
  • The Puppet of Pain will circle the Puppet Master while rapidly spamming omnidirectional bursts of 150-damage Bleeding shots. It only gets worse when it Turns Red.
  • The Puppet of Chaos is a lethal force that moves very fast while firing off deadly confuse and armor-piercing rounds. When it Turns Red, it goes so fast that it has bee nicknamed "Sanic" by fans.

Tomb of the Ancients

Like other endgame dungeons, nearly everything here qualifies. However, there are a few that stand out.
  • Scarabs. They can rush you and then sit on you keeping you permanently paralyzed until you kill them. Considering they come in swarms, that's pretty hard to do, considering they do heavy damage as well. Plus, the paralysis makes you a sitting duck for any other enemies in the room.
  • Swarms, mostly because they come in...well, swarms. They deal incredible damage individually, and together they can shred even maxed players. Not to mention the Yellow and Blue ones inflict Standard Status Effects, and the Red ones use an Armor-Piercing Attack.

Ocean Trench

  • The Sea Mares are pretty much the only threat to a maxed player in this dungeon. With extremely high defensive stats and rapid-fire paralyze bullets, they can keep you permanently locked down in a dungeon with a Oxygen Meter. Not to mention they always have a pack of Sea Horses with them that will gleefully swamp you once you're paralyzed.
  • The Giant Squids are also annoying. They have good health, high defense, and can deal quite a bit of damage with their shotguns. They also leave a trail of deadly bubbles behind them: greatly limiting your movements. And to make things worse, they spawn blinding Ink Bubbles everywhere to reduce your vision.
  • Fishmen Warriors have incredibly high HP, above-average defenses, and a variety of attacks that inflict high damage. In addition, they can inflict Confusion to a player, easily sending them careening into a swarm of enemies.

Parasite Chambers

  • The Furious Lasher has high health and can deal extreme damage very fast with his rapid-fire shotgun of bullets. To make matters worse, they pierce targets, meaning they can shred through entire groups of players with ease.
  • Walking Horrors are tanky, deceptively fast, and despite only firing one shot at a time, can still do huge damage: considering that each shot hits for 150 base damage. And if that's not enough, it's nigh-impossible to approach due to it constantly detonating extremely dangerous Ao E bombs on top of itself.
  • Horror Maws have the highest HP of the standard non-colony enemies in the dungeon and use an extremely bizzare shot patternnote  that will not only catch most players off guard, but shave off huge amounts of health. Fortunately, its primary attack has a blind spot right in front of it. Unfortunately, it will be waiting with a 480-damage shotgun to punish anyone trying to exploit that.

Oryx's Castle

  • The Brutes of Oryx definetely qualify. Besides spawning Warriors of Oryx, which are also Demonic Spiders, they have massive defense and health, as well as armor-breaking attacks. You would expect such a bulky fighter to be a Mighty Glacier, but it actually moves very fast, turning it into a Lightning Bruiser.
  • Warriors of Oryx, Lightning Bruiser type monsters that unload multidirectional blasts of bullets capable of instantly popping squishier players. To make matters worse, they are spawned in squads by the Brute, meaning they can gang up on you easily.
  • Commanders of Oryx. Not very threatening by themselves, but they are constantly surrounded by a mini SWAT team of 20+ deadly Insect Minions that can easily Zerg Rush you to death. Since it usually spawns them just as fast as you kill them, they have a nigh-impenetrable shield of insects that only piercing weapons or Splash Damage Abuse can get through.

Wine Cellar

Practically everything here qualifies, being a Brutal Bonus Level.
  • The Henchmen of Oryx are not only the creators of the other minions of the Cellar, but are no slouch themselves, with powerful attacks and a whopping 4000 HP (That's twice as much as Medusa!). Their infamous Confuserang can easily send players careening into more monsters or the Mad God himself.
  • Abominations of Oryx quickly charge at players before unleashing a massive shotgun that deals immense damage. These guys are the bane of unmaxed players in the Wine Cellar just because of their sheer damage output.
  • Aberrants of Oryx are an exception, due to having no normal attack and the fact that their spawned bombs do very little damage. Nevertheless, the range at which they can summon them makes meatshields for robe classes pointless.
  • The Bile of Oryx secretes a trail of Purple Goo that Sickens and Slows players. Since many rushers rely on healing to plow through the minions, this thing is a nightmare for those with Divine Pets.
  • Monstrosities of Oryx essentially spawn Grey Blobs on steroids. The Monstrosity Scarabs deal enough damage to OHKO squisher players should they get the chance to explode on them.
  • The Vintner of Oryx is another exception because it doesn't do much except inflict Drunk. However, having a vision impairment while in a dungeon this difficult can be bad news indeed.

The Shatters

Literally everything from the Shatters qualifies for this list, but there are a couple highlights.
  • Ice Adepts, full stop. These enemies have achieved community-wide notoriety for the amount of 8/8 players they have killed. In addition to chasing players down with a stream of Slow and Darkness-inflicting bullets, it fires multidirectional confuse stars that are very hard to dodge, which are likely to send you flying into the Ice Adept's stream of shots. To make matters worse, they have 10000 HP and should they survive long enough, they can summon Ice Portals to fire waves of slowing bullets.
    • While the Fire Adepts aren't as bad, the Fire Portals they spawn can still wreck you if you aren't careful. Unlike the Slow of the Ice Portals, Fire Portals confuse you instead, potentially into another portal or horde of enemies.
  • The Forgotten Ice Mage, or more specifically, the Ice Spheres it spawns. They fire a literal maelstrom of bullets that do high damage individually, so standing next to or on one is a guaranteed death unless you're under Invulnerability. They can also suddenly lunge at players to try and sit on them, and they can self-destruct into a massive nova of 300 damage piercing bullets. The selfdestruct alone is the main reasons Ice Spheres are so infamous amongst the community, as it has taken countless players by surprise.
  • All of the Stone Enemies.
    • Stone Mages use rapid-fire bombardments of high-damage wavy shots and can sometimes unload radial blasts of bullets. In addition, they can riddle the area with spikes to make terrain difficult to traverse.
    • Stone Knights have low health and only do 5 damage...but their attacks paralyze players around them. And Stone Knights always come with a Stone Mage...
    • Stone Paladins don't deal as much damage, but they are incredibly tanky (boasting 10000 HP) and can heal 1500 HP every time they change phases. When they're firing their wide storm of shots is the only time they're vulnerable, but they're nearly impossible to approach in this phase.

The Nest

  • Almost everything here is one, but mostly Soldier Bees. They have high HP, aggressive behavior, and the potential to inflict a One-Hit Kill by jumping on squishier classes and bursting them down.

Lost Halls

Make no mistake, every enemy here is so strong you will be missing The Shatters.
  • The Lost Crusade stands out among them. Focusing on brute force, these guys have a number of invulnerability periods and inflict enough damage to One-Hit Kill most classes. They are also considerably more aggressive than most enemies in the dungeon.
    • Commanders of the Crusade in particular are the primary non-boss killers of this dungeon. They have high health and a massive 10-round shotgun of 230-damage shots capable of instantly dropping any character. They also summon countless Lost Crusaders, which are Demonic Spiders on their own, and frequently heal their men.
    • Crusade Soldiers do less damage than their Commanders, but use Armor Piercing Attacks that makes them hit almost as hard. If one sits on you, no amount of defense will save you.
  • Golems of Anger use streams of Armor Breaking shots and radial Bleed shots. The flame stream they use is deadly enough, but the Armor Break makes nearly every hit from any enemy here a lethal one.
  • Oryx Admirals dash behind players before unloading Paralyze and Confuse shots into them. They are very hard to spot once they infiltrate your group, and while they aren't that deadly by themselves the status effects they can inflict are.
  • Grotto Bats can keep you permanently Paralyzed by sitting on you, and if you escape you will still be confused. A swarm of them quickly melts the health of even maxed Knights, and they can keep you permanently locked down in a dungeon where staying still is guaranteed death.
  • Greater Void Shades in The Void. They deal ludicrous armor-piercing damage with each attack, and have a ton of health to boot. The only relieving factor is that you can stop them from appearing by killing the Void Fragments before they grow.

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