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Remember your purpose... Forget me.

I have done... questionable things. Yet I have always hoped that the ends justify my means. I try to do what is necessary to protect my people, that they might live a life of virtue without fear.... and have no cause to dirty their hands, as I have.

It is my belief that everything that occurs in life – both good and bad – should be used to forge oneself, to better oneself. If we give in to weakness, then we do not deserve the gift of life. Where Guthix sought balance in the world, I seek balance in oneself. One must strive to increase in power, but also in knowledge of how to wield that power.

I have risen to power through my own strength and will, and now you fear me. Everywhere you spread your propaganda. Everywhere your followers whisper your lies! But more than that, you fear my words. You are wretched and weak - sniveling cravens who cower from the truth. Now chaos will be your end!

I do not share Bandos's belief that one god should rule over this world. We should act as guides rather than rulers, and we should all live in harmony. That is not necessarily a dream. It can be achieved through co-operation, mutual respect, and a strong sense of justice. If gods and mortals alike share these ideals, then the whole universe will benefit.

I have come to this world with a simple proposition: Let the strongest rule the weak.

Here my song will still affect the city, I owe you that much. But I shall be your servant, not you my worshippers. Guthix was right, Gielinor is better off without its gods. I will not leave you, not again, but I will not lead you. Let me, here and now, recognize this council as the true leadership of the elven people.

Yet there are those who would claim that war is an art-form. Fools they are, and fools they remain. By their bloodlust they are blinded to beauty, deafened to melody, and numbed to sanctity!

Do you know who you address? I am Lord Lucien of the Mahjarrat, Master of the Thousand Curses, look upon my works and despair!

To agonize over the past cripples our thoughts of the future. Do not procrastinate for fear of what might have been, or what might become. Your choices define you - you must learn to live with them all, good and bad. To do anything else would make you a poor World Guardian.