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Everything's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea!
"What is talent, exactly? Is it something you’re born with, or is it something you work towards? Is it your natural creativity, or years of dedication? That isn’t an easy question to answer. In fact, it’s that very debate that lead to the founding of two very different schools: Chumon Academy and Jiyuato High School. The schools have been long standing rivals ever since their founding fifty years ago, stuck in a constant mindset of competition and judgement. Students of the respective academies are encouraged to look down on the other one, and to never associate with the other classbody."

SEA OF RUMORS is a Discord-based Danganronpa roleplay group, featuring a cast of sixteen original characters.

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     Jiyuato High School students 

Ariel "Arik" Pearson

Super High-school Level Innkeeper
"Oh! Where are my manners? Ariel Pearson, at your service. Some may know me as the Super High School Level Innkeeper. I don't suppose you are a fellow talent as well?"
Yaday Malka’s, or more commonly known as Ruakh Akhessaneyatt, is the mysterious haunted inn on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel. A popular spot for skeptics and enthusiasts alike, there has been a massive uptick in patrons since footage of the inn’s alleged ghosts went viral on the internet. The innkeeper is a strange and eerie teenager who operates the business almost entirely independently. Aside from providing all the amenities associated with being a host, they manage the inn’s social media and give ghost tours, telling the local lore on all things spectral and showing off commonly haunted spots. With such an impressive reputation secured, it's no wonder they were scouted as the Super High-school Level Innkeeper.

Ariel is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Guyliner: Possibly the least alarming part of his appearance.
  • Hell Hotel: The theme of Ariel's inn. It's basically a haunted house where the experience of staying there is a performance in itself.

Rumor Reaux

Super High-school Level Model
"Ugh, can you shut up? You're distracting me from my selfie. I want to get at least one good one for this god forsaken trip."
Rumor Reaux is the name of a social media sensation who took the world by storm, starting modeling for only a few months before her fame would warrant an acceptance from Jiyuato High School. After wearing a bold outfit at her first runway and gala, she became popular all over the internet, and harnessed it by kick starting her career, only being invited to runway showings all over the major fashion locations with the most popular fashion brands of the world. Many appreciate her for her alternative style and no-nonsense attitude she showcases online, having the gall to go after other famous models for their looks, and highlighting how she made more money than them in a few months than they’ve ever made in their whole career. Due to the fact Rumor became such a fast household name in modeling, it was almost inevitable that she would be invited to attend Jiyuato.

Rumor is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Proud Beauty: Most of her personality. At least half of Rumor's dialogue consists of her praising her own looks and/or cursing out anyone who doesn't worship her beauty.
  • Rich Bitch: And she won't let you forget it. She loves to brag about how rich she is to others, reminding them they'll never meet her net worth.
  • With Friends Like These...: Her relationships with Aurora and Valentine revolve around this. Worse, they're the two closest students to her.


Super High-school Level ???
"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly..."
A staple of Jiyuato High School’s colorful class of students, Man. has omitted all records concerning his identity, including his talent, instead parading around as the mummified one-eyed behemoth that everyone within the school knows him as. While he won’t explicitly state who he is or what he does, Man. invites all students who inquire to investigate for themselves, with only one rule: no touching, for fairness’ sake. Administrators at Jiyuato High School have helped to create a game out of this quirk of his, challenging the oh-so-smart students at Chumon Academy to attempt to solve this mystery.

Man. is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Cool Mask: He wears a mask that has a single eye on it, covering up a completely bandaged face.
  • Our Cryptids Are More Mysterious: He's a complete enigma of a person, is seven feet tall, has one eye, and speaks as if he were a hive mind. He's practically a walking cryptid.
  • Royal "We": Man. uses the first person plural to refer to himself.

Aurora Goldman

Super High-school Level Tennis Player
"Aha! That’s it! This is probably a team-building exercise!"
Few people would proudly boast that they’re number one at being number two, but Aurora Goldman is the exception. As the daughter of wealthy banking administrator Edward Goldman, she saw no shortage of country clubs growing up. Although her older brother chose to follow in her father’s footsteps, Aurora decided she would pursue a career with the sport she had loved since childhood: tennis. She’s undoubtedly made a name for herself as one of Canada’s greatest young athletes, but what truly sets her apart from other rising stars is her extraordinary record of 93 consecutive silver medals. The event that brought Aurora into the limelight was her legendary final match against Akari Osaka in the Canadian Open, where, rather than competing to win, both players fought tooth and nail to place second. Ultimately, Aurora maintained her streak as runner-up, but her distinctly tenacious playstyle won her an acceptance letter to Jiyuato High School.

Aurora is alive as of Chapter 3. She was an accomplice in the second murder case, helping cover up the murder.

  • Lovable Jock: Aurora is the only professional athlete in the cast and is certainly one of the kindest students.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: The closest thing in the cast. Aurora is the biggest optimist on the field trip, always seeking peaceful solutions to major conflicts despite her competitive streak, and claims to see potential in everyone.

Paint a.k.a. Jessica Kissiepie Paisley

Super High-school Level Abstract Artist
"But I must confess, I'm not sure I'd care that much at all if my parent was famous or not! It's not up to them how well I decide to make myself known, and it's not their shadow I'd want to live in."
Paint is someone who's always seen with a smile on her face! She's always happy, and always seemingly having a good time, no matter what's going on. She's known for her strange art pieces, and her attitude is to match. She caught the eye of Jiyuato for her eccentric design, creating odd and bizarre art pieces that always catch your eye. While a few things about her and her art are a mystery, she's more than happy to receive any and all attention that others are willing to give her.

Paint was the Chapter 1 victim, found dead in the previously-locked 1st floor office.

Valentine Dionne

Super High-school Level Abstract Artist
"It's just what I'm called. I'm still a fucking actor, and a famous one, too, but I started as a kid."
Valentine Dionne is the beloved star of many people’s childhoods, performing major roles in hits such as "That's So Corvid!", "Triumphant," and "Sorcerers of Squiggly Square." He has also lent his voice talents to various animated productions, and in recent years, has performed in more adult-oriented films such as horror cult classic "Last End." Despite being in the spotlight from such a young age, Valentine has dealt with fame better than others in his situation, and has managed to steer clear of many scandals. He is expected to continue his career as a successful actor for years to come.

Valentine is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Bridal Carry: Performs one in order to transport an unconscious Hiromichi back to the Chumon dorm hall. Decidedly not romantic, as the two students mostly dislike each other.
  • Camp Straight: What he would like for everyone to assume about him. However...
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Val is constantly trying to defend his heterosexuality, while also backpedaling to make sure he isn't homophobic.


Super High-school Level Horror Game Developer
"Doubt! Just Doubt! I don’t wanna be a mix! I’m not a smoothie of fruits and stuff! And those aren’t yummy anyways!"
XxDoubtxX only has ever released one game in recent years, but their entrance to the horror world was certainly grand. The game Mirror, Mirror was not only known for its startling atmosphere and terrifying animalistic doppelganger antagonist, but for having a theme of gray morality and how complicated and frightening humans were. Even the graphics and controls were great, making for an interacting (and by extension terrifying) experience. Most surprisingly, however, was the price of the game that was considered such a masterpiece: Mirror, Mirror was free. Not much else is known about the mysterious developer, other than the fact they run a scarcely used blog. Recently, rumors have caused XxDoubtxX’s fanbase to spring back into action, as the blog’s latest post seems to indicate the horror game developer has another project being prepared for publication.

XxDoubtxX is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Cool Mask: They are wearing a gas mask to top off their bunny hoodie look.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: They seem to go for this from time to time, but it generally gets a No-Sell as few of the other cast members are deceived.
  • It Amused Me: Often their motivation for acting out and/or antagonizing others.
  • No Social Skills: XxDoubtxX freaks out almost every time they are spoken to and frequently rambles on tangents nobody else understands without seeming to notice how others perceive them because of it.

Sanne Elsinore a.k.a. Sanne Drewes

Super High-school Level Flower Arranger
"I can't count."
Perhaps more famous for being the favorite student of the headmistress than her actual talent, Sanne is known as the heart of the first years at Jiyuato. Organizing parties and events, she always uses her flower skills to make get-togethers beautiful. She also runs her own flower shop, where she makes arrangements that leave every customer satisfied. Oddly enough, she gets the most attention for funeral arrangements. Inspired by the dead, some of her customers have claimed it's like the ghosts put the flowers together themselves. She’s also the rumored student of Jesper Ager, the former Super High-school Level Gardener, who had to drop out of Jiyuato for unknown reasons.

Sanne was the chapter 2 culprit, knocking 4 down from a lifeguard podium without intent to kill. She was executed in the second trial.

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: The most notable example in the cast. Sanne will frequently start a sentence only to interrupt herself and talk about something completely different, and she can often be seen staring into space while important things are going on around her.

     Chumon Academy students 

Hiromichi Kaiin

Ultimate Curator
"No, in fact, I don't realize it, because I am hopelessly arrogant with good reason and have no need for complex introspection. I don't intend to change my attitude, but thank you so much for your unsolicited suggestions."
Hiromichi Kaiin is a Japanese museum attendant and the on-duty curator of the Tokyo National Museum in Taitō City. Focusing on Japanese and other Asian artifacts with historical and/or cultural significance, TMN boasts over 110,000 different objects and over two million visitors per year. Where previous administrations gave special attention to artwork and symbolic items, Kaiin’s vision for the museum has been described as leaning toward documenting the scientific and scholastic progress of ancient Japan and adjacent cultures. Still, artistic and literary exhibitions can be found, with a discerning eye attributed to Kaiin by critics for sorting out the most historically informative works. Kaiin is noted for strict policy and procedure in the collection of artifacts and has on several occasions rejected additions to the museum whose transportation from their discovery sites would be disagreeable to populations originally in possession of the artifacts.

Hiromichi is alive as of Chapter 3.

Lovelle Pankratz

Ultimate Manufacturing Engineer
"Man...I mean, duz it really matter...? I already hav mozt of my manufacturing ztuff figured out...and even if zumthin’ bad happened, I alwayzz have people who like me around to help...”
Despite their young age, Lovelle Pankratz has made a huge impact on the world manufacturing scene. Their name has been plastered on countless robots, which build millions of consumer goods internationally. It’s no wonder scouters at Chumon Academy have been keeping an eye on Lovelle for years! Although it’s clear that the magnitude of their achievements can be felt all over, Lovelle is still only a mere figure in the crowd of fellow students. Even within the community at Chumon Academy, they haven't shown their face at social events that the school puts together. The only time you may see Lovelle at all isn't in the halls or in the classrooms, in fact. Usually, they're seen on lists that praise the highest ranked kids academically. But despite their lack of social experience and their focus on academics, Lovelle Pankratz is just as qualified as any of the other students at Chumon Academy.

Lovelle, in chapter 2, was found with an arm torn off, exposing her as a robot, before they promptly exploded. This death "did not count" for anything as they were a robot, and not a real participant in the game.

  • Just a Stupid Accent: Their German can be shown sneaking in through their speech.
  • Verbal Tic: A large number of their S's are changed into Z's, implying an over-relaxed manner of speaking.

Ryōken Sumi a.k.a. Elijah Jenson

Ultimate Investigative Reporter
"I investigate things I think are interesting, and then I write about them so other people can see how cool they are too!"
Everyone who follows the news has read something by Ryōken Sumi, be that under his real name or one of his many aliases. Son of a famous script-writer and director, Ryōken is a young investigative reporter, writing articles on mostly trivial things - primarily observations into different fields of work and how different things are made, though he does branch into other areas of interest such as new scientific research. His works are informative yet entertaining, giving an educational insight into the various nuances of different projects, academic and creative alike.

Ryōken is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Animal Lover: Takes every chance he has to talk about his dog, whom he loves dearly.

Angelina Harper

Ultimate Music Theorist
"...What’s happening right now is full of uncertainty. Minimizing conflict is definitely a good idea."
Angelina Harper, a virtuoso who started her career in music off as the youngest member of one of the United States' most prominent orchestras at the age of nine, has been a recognized name in the music world ever since her childhood. However, instead of pursuing a career in musical performance, Angelina has made a name for herself in the literary and academic worlds. Getting her start as a junior writer for the popular classical music magazine Adagio, Angelina has written multiple published pieces on music theory and the history of music, both in the form of magazine articles and entire books. Her works are widely acknowledged among those in the music community for their in-depth analysis of the elements of music and recognition of the music cultures of obscure communities.

Angelina was the chapter 1 killer, giving Paint some liquid in a cup laced with foxglove. She was executed in the first trial.

  • Nice Girl: Angelina is overall pleasant and genial to every other member of the cast and has yet to raise her voice in the story.
  • The Quiet One: Starts almost every sentence with an ellipsis and doesn't express herself as often as some of the more loud-mouthed students like Valentine or Rumor.

4 a.k.a. Shiro Vaska Himura

Ultimate Cryptanalyst (fake) / Ultimate Cryptographer
Not much is known about the user who goes by 4 on almost every single social media site there is besides the fact that they are a god at solving puzzles and codes. Most popular on the ARG subreddit, 4 has gained notoriety for cracking the hardest of codes. After gaining their popularity after solving some of the oldest ARGs that have stumped the subreddit for some time, 4 seemed to have disappeared from the subreddit unless they truly think something is worth their time. Their most recent escapade is deemed worth their time, and has captured the attention of many - an ARG created by a mysterious user SILENCR, and 4 has been the only person so far to solve the user’s so called impossible puzzles. 4 has never been seen publicly until their invitation to Chumon Academy for their exceptional cryptanalysis skills.

4 was the chapter 2 victim, found pushing a button on a computer with Peggle on it before falling over dead.

  • Cool Mask: They wear a yellow smiley face mask while spitting nasty comments at you. Quite the juxtaposition!
  • The Gadfly: 4 likes to make annoying or aggressive comments to confuse or creep out others.
  • Machine Monotone: Speaks in one of these, due to communicating exclusively through a text-to-speech device.

Rowan Burke

Ultimate Biochemist
"While I'm a representative from the institution, I find my studies there particularly tiresome even if it's necessary to my career as a Great Mad Scientist, and my underling peers don't seem to support my magnificently EVIL theatrics anyway."
A medical researcher hailing from the United Kingdom, Rowan Burke recently took the medical industry by surprise when they presented the world with new cures for common illnesses as well as help make advancements on creating cures for other obscure and deadlier diseases to stop them before they become too dangerous and for releasing various medical journals detailing them. However, those are not their only accomplishments. They are often more recognized for popping around universities, schools, lectures and even for running their own educational science show, "Experimental Works with Doctor Burke." They are well known worldwide for their public science demonstrations aimed to teach and simplify the various topics relating to science with his own dramatic and eccentric flair. Because of this, he has been able to keep his audience captivated throughout entire shows. Whether it revolves around theatrics or their mental ability, Rowan Burke has definitely created a name for themselves at such a young age, especially with their recent invitation to the prestigious Chumon Academy as the Ultimate Biochemist.

Rowan is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: Spends a large fraction of his dialogue talking up his status and accomplishments as an EVIL villain.
  • Gas Mask, Longcoat: A correct description of their outfit. Admittedly, they are often seen without fully wearing the gas mask, but it's always on their person.
  • Mad Scientist: His entire public persona. He plays up his EVIL experiments on his TV show.
  • Scary Teeth: Rowan has some quite charming shark teeth. A little bit subverted in that nobody is bothered by them.

Subject 9

Ultimate Spreadsheet Analyst
"And furthermore, perhaps we should treat our contemporaries with a bit more respect than flinging dehumanizing insults at them immediately. Just my two cents, though."
Subject 9's accomplishments and past are as mysterious as their name is. Anyone attempting to find personal information about them would be hard-pressed to, given how search engine-unfriendly "Subject 9" is. It is publicly known, however, that they are an unparalleled "spreadsheets guru," pushing graphical representations of data to their absolute limits. Homebrew sheets they have created include social interaction simulations, ray tracing visualizations, and a graphical representation of nearly their entire lifetime. It is even rumored that they single-handedly took down a malicious scientific corporation by using spreadsheets as their main medium of demonstrating the company's misdeeds.

Subject 9 is alive as of Chapter 3.

Grizella Heinrich

Ultimate Toxicologist
"Fun is subjective. Do you have fun analyzing corpses as well? Oshoshosho...sorry. That's what you might call a 'jest.'"
Make way for the ice-cold queen of chemistry herself, Grizella Heinrich! Before graduating middle school, she published her first book on toxicology, Deterioration of Mind and Flesh, shocking scholars worldwide at the prodigious writings of someone barely in their teens. Despite her muscular dystrophy giving her less time in life, she intends on using every last day to move the medical world, one symptom, diagnosis, and cure at a time.

Grizella is alive as of Chapter 3.

  • Emotionless Girl: She admits it in Chapter 1:
    Grizella: I don't feel emotions. At worst, she would waste a significant amount of time trying her best to incite a reaction out of me.
  • Ice Queen: As stated in her bio above. Grizella's sharp and critical manner leave little room for warmth in any of her dealings with others.

     Mascots / NPCs 

"Hey there, hi! Can everyone see me?!"
The mascot of the killing game, an earnest and mean-spirited blue octopus who orders the sixteen students to kill each other in order to be allowed to leave the dome.
  • Funny Octopus: He's a cute little walking octopus that gets really emotional when you don't listen to him or his mother.


  • Anyone Can Die: Once the admin of a char and the mods decide time’s up for a character, they’re no longer safe. Anybody could be signed up for that chapter’s death slot(s).
  • Body of the Week: One death, minimum, is guaranteed per chapter.
  • Deadly Game: Like any other Danganronpa-styled game, the only way to escape is to successfully murder one of your peers. Failing will result in death via execution.
  • Developing Doomed Characters: The OCs created aren’t all going to live, like in any Danganronpa-based game. So far, nobody has died, with Chapter 1 being ongoing.
  • No Punctuation Period: Used by a few of the students in the in-universe group chats. The most common offenders are 4, Rumor, and Valentine.
  • Underwater City: More like Underwater School. The killing game is hosted in an odd mash-up of both high schools in a glass dome under the sea.