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"Darkness is not forever! I am... Masked Hero Light!"
Transformation Name Announcement by Hikari Hinomoto, a.k.a. Masked Hero Light

Masked Hero Light is the second of the Masked Hero Series fanfiction by Neves783. It is also, chronologically, the second in the series, coming after the soon-to-be-conceptualized Masked Hero Atum.

Set in an alternate universe of Tokimeki Memorial 2, robotic beings known as Snatchers (from their titular source game) silently appear from the future into the present and begin their stealthy Kill and Replace routines among the public. With more and more people falling victim to the attacks, Gillian Seed is sent to this timeline in order to find the ones that will help stop the invasion - and the one who shall lead this defense against the Snatchers is no other than Hikari Hinomoto, a high school girl from Hibikino High School.


Mask Change


Characters (with tropes listed being their traits in this continuity)

    Masked Heroes 

Hikari Hinomoto / Masked Hero Light

Kotoko Minaduki / Masked Hero Shiranui

  • Culture Clash: Often clashes with Gillian, especially regarding the use of guns (as Japan is known to be very strict with gun laws).
  • Spell My Name with an "S": A typical (and comical) argument between her and Gillian is whether to use "Minaduki" (Kotoko's preferred spelling) or "Minazuki" (Gillian's). Becomes a plot point when Snatcher-Kotoko accidentally refers to itself as "Minazuki", hinting that the real her is missing.
  • Tsundere: Type A, towards Gillian.

Miyuki Kotobuki / Masked Hero Symphony

Akane Ichimonji / Masked Hero Knuckle

Miho Shirayuki / Masked Hero Fortuna

Maho Shirayuki / Masked Hero Fortuna II / Masked Hero Sibyl

Homra Akai / Masked Hero Machiner

Kaori Yae / Masked Hero Aroma

Kaedeko Sakura / Masked Hero Ressha

Mei Ijuin / Masked Hero Spider

  • Frickin' Laser Beams: She has six such cannons behind her back in her Masked Hero form.
  • Science Hero: She is motivated by her desire to learn more about tech... by learning about Snatchers.

Sumire Nozaki / Masked Hero Performa

Kasumi Asou / Masked Hero Mist / Masked Hero PSY-Frame

    Friends and Allies 

Detective Gillian Seed / Masked Hero Junker

Metal Gear


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