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'Masked Hero Celestia' is a 2015 ongoing action Fan Fic by Neves 783, and is the first in the Masked Hero Series, although it is chronologically the last. It is set in a crossover between an alternate universe version of Tokimeki Memorial 4 and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Terminal games, with Dr. Hal Emmerich from Metal Gear Solid being a major character in the events of the story.

It was May 2010.

People have been mysteriously disappearing every night, with no evidence of who or what took them. The only common link between the disappearances was that they were all last seen playing the then-newly released online game, 'Terminal Wars Online'. During this same period, there have also been several reports of mysterious attacks on people at random times of the day, with the common denominator being that the attackers were black, armored insectoid monsters known only as the Inverz.


Maki Hoshikawa ends up being unwittingly involved in the entire mess one evening when, on her way home from the convenience store, she witnessed a schoolmate, Kai Ryukoji, use a smartphone-like device to transform into an armored warrior - a Masked Hero - and fight against an attacking Inverz beast. After receiving her own device (known as the Terminal Phone), Maki becomes part of a much larger conflict involving several other Masked Heroes. This eventually culminates into a full-blown interdimensional conflict as the Inverz (and their Ritua masters) wage war against the rest of the Duel Terminal World... and against Earth.


Mask Change!


Characters (with tropes listed being their traits in this continuity)

    Masked Heroes 

Maki Hoshikawa / Masked Hero Celestia

Yu Satsuki / Masked Hero Chevalier

Tsugumi Godo / Masked Hero Hieron

Kai Ryukoji / Masked Hero Eagle

Aki Koriyama / Masked Hero Kunoichi

Fumiko Yanagi / Masked Hero Ocean

Elisa Dolittle Naruse / Masked Hero Samurai

Itsuki Maeda / Masked Hero Ace

Rhythmy Kyono / Masked Hero Rhythm

    Friends and Allies 

Manabu Kobayashi

  • Cargo Ship: With his damn video camera.
  • Noodle Incident: He keeps on referring to "that incident back in first year" when he talks about his camera. Subverted if you're familiar with the events of the Tokimeki Memorial 4 OVA.

Tadashi Nanakawa

Miyako Okura / Inverz Mother / Masked Hero Zektor

  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: [[spoiler:She's fond of this as the Inverz Mother.]
  • Mythology Gag: Her personality while under the influence of the Verz Virus is her Yandere mode in her source game.
  • Phlebotinum Rebel: In true Showa era Kamen Rider fashion, her Verz infection grants her enhanced abilities, which allow her to help out the other Masked Heroes.

Dr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich

  • Hollywood Nerd: Just like his Metal Gear incarnation.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Otacon wanted to take a break from all the stuff that he had been involved into (i.e. the events of the Metal Gear series) by trying to break into the video game industry via programming Terminal Wars Online. When the Ryukoji Zaibatsu buys the rights to his game, they do some questionable reprogramming, eventually (and unwittingly) creating the portals between Earth and the Terminal World.

Haruna Mizuki

  • Chekhov's Gunman: First mentioned by nickname in her diary, which was under Aki's possession.

    The Inverz 

General tropes:

Roach / Verzbuth

    Gusta Tribe 




    Ritua Tribe 

The Queen Noellia


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