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Peter Keleghan (born September 16, 1959) is a Canadian actor and writer.

While his roles in film and television are various, he is best known for appearing on The Red Green Show as the extremely eccentric and desperate park official Ranger Gord. He's also done quite a bit of voice acting in cartoons on the side, most notably in Ruby Gloom as the cowardly, Indian-accented chiropteran Scaredy Bat.

He is married to actress Leah Pinsent, the daughter of Gordon Pinsent.




  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - Mike Romanow
  • Eating Buccaneers - Jerry
  • Eloise at the Plaza - Mr. Nye
  • Ginger Snaps - Mr. Wayne
  • GravyTrain - Houston GravyTrain Sr.
  • Into the Visible Light - Michael
  • Leslie, My Name is Evil - Walter
  • Niagara Motel - Henry
  • Picture Perfect - Agent Sloan
  • Sadie's Last Days on Earth - Roger Mitchell
  • Screwballs - Rick McKay
  • Sex After Kids - Sean

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