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Barry Oursler is a former Pinball game designer for Williams Electronics. He worked in the industry for over twenty years, with nearly three dozen titles that collectively sold over 135,000 games during his tenure.

Oursler grew up in the Chicago area of Illinois, where he attended Holy Trinity High School. He entered the pinball industry in The '70s as a young design engineer with Williams, and his first game was Phoenix in 1978. He remained with Williams for the next eighteen years, where his memorable titles included Gorgar, Jungle Lord, Barracora, Joust, Space Shuttle, Comet, Pin*Bot, Fire!, Bad Cats, Harley Davidson, Doctor Who, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dirty Harry, and Junk Yard.

During the course of his career, Oursler was granted several patents for innovations related to pinball games, such as the moving target bank in Pin*Bot and the wrecking ball in Junk Yard. He also worked on various experimental games, such as Rat Race, a flipperless cocktail table game, and 4-In-1, a modernized bagatelle game with interchangeable overlays.


Barry was laid off from Williams in 1996 during the production of Junk Yard; he moved on to become a purchasing manager for Betson Imperial Parts and Service. Today, Barry lives in Ingleside, IL, where he works as an administrative assistant at Ecosure.

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