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Alex House (born December 11, 1986) is a Canadian actor best known for his Gemini Award-winning role as the title character in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.


  • Brad in Frog Pond
  • Taavo Soodor in Total Recall 2070 (2 episodes)
  • Jessie in Earth: Final Conflict (1 episode)
  • Michael Byrne in PSI Factor (1 episode)
  • Buddy Kincaid in Harlan County War (TV movie)
  • Billy Birthmark in Twice in a Lifetime (1 episode)
  • Sam and Tim Churchmouse in Redwall
  • Joe in Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (2 episodes)
  • Jake Train in The Safety of Objects
  • Jeb McFadden in The Zack Files (1 episode)
  • Slava Virnov in Screech Owls (1 episode)
  • Kevin in Between Strangers
  • Adam in Betrayed (TV movie)
  • Ted in Wild Card (1 episode)
  • Ozuma and Mr. X in Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
  • Brent in Rescue Heroes: The Movie
  • Zuca the Kinkajou in Franny's Feet
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  • Victor in This is Wonderland (1 episode)
  • Kevin Feeney in Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (TV movie)
  • Shomday in Skyland (1 episode)
  • Tim in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Lance Stone in Dark Oracle
  • Smithy in Jane and the Dragon
  • Kyle in Corner Gas (1 episode)
  • Trevor and Mick Jones on Life with Derek (1 episode each)
  • Jacob in Late Fragment
  • Scott Brown in A Woman's Rage (TV movie)
  • Kaz in Nonsense Revolution
  • Scott in The Love of Her Life
  • Greg Permut in Warehouse 13 (1 episode)
  • Todd in Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures (1 episode)
  • Ray in Toilet
  • Trip Clovis in The Dating Guy (1 episode)
  • Justin in Breakout Kings (1 episode)
  • Ace Grit and Koji Beetle in Bakugan: New Vestroia and Gundalian Invaders respectively (replaced by David Reale for the final five episodes in the former role)
  • Todd Smith in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
  • Bobby Love in Rookie Blue (1 episode)
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  • The Joker in Transporter: The Series (1 episode)
  • Alejandro and his brother José in Total Drama: All-Stars (replacing Marco Grazzini from Total Drama World Tour in the former role)
  • Billy Taylor in Total Frat Movie
  • Sebastian in Sebastian
  • Mooney in Murdoch Mysteries (1 episode)

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