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    The MegaCons 

General tropes

CCC (Commercial Corporate Continuity)

A corporation from the Northeast United States, specializing in metallic compounds. The CCC is a strong MegaCon. They are often targets of covert corporate espionage due to their stranglehold on formed flexible steel. The have strong ties with the GCC, and are constantly in litigation to protect and revise a large library of patents. They also have a non-binding trade pact with sefadu, who supply the CCC with the diamonds used to create ammunition, though how this relationship will be affected by sefadu's recent dissolution remains to be seen.
  • Self-Healing Phlebotinum: CCC body armor is of the gradual recovery type, with nanorobots incorporated into the armor that repair it whenever it suffers damage.
  • The Mario: The CCC are essentially the easiest MegaCon to play, requiering few advanced tatics and their self-repairing armor making them a rather fogiving force to play as.

EIC (East India Company)

The EIC has more manpower resources than any other MegaCon in existence, which in turn gives the EIC the ability to throw truly a staggering number of MERCS at any given task. They are calculated to employ nearly 3x the number of MERCS that the average MegaCon has on its payroll. While this makes a hostile takeover of the EIC a troubling prospect, its rival MegaCons circumvent the need to commit their own forces to such an action by bribing the FCC to carry out hostile actions for them. The FCC houses, especially House 9, who originated in what is now EIC controlled territory, need little “encouragement” to carry out regular terrorist activities against the company.

EUInc. (European Union, Incorporated)

Located in Central and Northern Europe, EUInc. is the slowly fading old star of the MegaCons. They have managed to remain alive, however, thanks to having access to old money and lots of it. They no longer innovate much, but they still possess some the best trained and most experienced MERCS in the world. They are under extreme pressure from the FCC on several fronts, owing to a close mutual border.

ISS (Ios Security Systems)

ISS is the global leader in ocean transport and security (indeed, they are responsible for 47% of the world's goods transportation, 98% of the world's personnel transportation, and 100% of the world's ocean security), with ports in nearly every major city and MegaCon in the world. The MegaCon itself controls the Mediterranean sea and the countries surrounding it. The company is currently under GCC investigation for extensive corruption, however.
  • Lightning Gun: their MERCS Heavy carries a shoulder-mounted one into battle.

Keizai Waza (trans. business technique/art)

The Japanese MegaCon, Keizai Waza also controls large parts of Eastern Asia and the Australian continent. This has made them the strongest MegaCon in the eastern hemisphere. They have also, unlike other MegaCons, continued to explore nuclear technologies, including nuclear powered armor and small armaments. Though it remains unsubstantiated, Keizai Waza has reportedly had outspoken critics and rival corporate leaders assassinated.
  • Japan Takes Over Asia: including haf of China, North- and South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philipines and all of Australia.
  • Ninja: The Keizai Spy.


A South American corporation (Brazil and Venezuela being their most prominent territories), specializing in energy production and stealth technology. Easily one of the smallest MegaCons, KemVar none-the-less has controlling interest in 72% of the world’s energy creation and distribution. Their remote location prevents takeovers, and their “friendliness” with the FCC keeps them relatively safe. They are currently engaged in the occupation of the Texico-held Panama Canal.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: the Board of Directors have repeatedly tried to get Jorge Machado to retire from the MERCS program because of his "unhealthy relationship with the worker-citizens". When that didn't work, they try to have him killed by sending him on suicide missions and outright warning their competitors of his presence.
  • Gas Mask Mooks
  • Invisibility Cloak: KemVar makes extensive use of stealth technology in their MERCS units, though the stealth tech itself has a tendency to be... less than reliable.


The only true African MegaCon, sefadu was the rising star of the MegaCons until the 2184 Paradigm Shift. Prior to that fateful event, sefadu was a growing power on the corporate stage. Their revolutionary discoveries in laser technology enabled them to dictate terms to the world, and their MERCS enabled them to repel and defend their natural resources, bringing, for the first time in a long while, some peace and solidarity to the once fractured continent. Alas, their close ties to the CCC, supplying the latter with diamonds for ammunitions, didn't protect them, and in 2184 a joint CCC and FCC operation saw sefadu crippled to the point they could no longer be considered a MegaCon. However, their MERCS forces are still around, operating as soldiers of fortune, while presumably waiting for an opportunity to strike back at the people responsible for their situation.


Texico is located, as its name implies, in Texas and Mexico, with a controlling interest in the Panama Canal. Texico is the smallest MegaCon in terms of size and numbers. In fact, the GCC has been pressured from unnamed MegaCons to downgrade Texico, thereby preventing them from taking advantage of the corporate ruleset that governs (and protects) the MegaCons. Their only remaining, truly relevant asset is their control of the Panama Canal, with nearly 80% of Texico’s MERCS resources dedicated to defending the Canal, with only a single MERCS units (the Last Dragoons) dedicated to exterior issues. In spite of these protective measures, and Texico's rumored ties with the FCC, the Panama Canal is currently being occupied by KemVar.
  • Badass Bandolier: the Texico Leader and - Marshall wear these.
  • Badass Longcoat: the Texico Marshall wears one of these as well.
  • Fedora of Asskicking: the Texico Marshall wears one of these as well, in keeping with the cowboy motif.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: though it is rather vague how powerful they may once have been, the company is still dying, and rapidly. In-universe experts have given the company until 2185 before they have to file for bankruptcy unless they can retake the Panama Canal from its KemVar occupiers. It is currently 2184.
  • Jet Pack: the Texico Eagle MERCS makes use of these.
  • Mexico Called; They Want Texas Back: and got it, after a fashion.

USCR (United Soviet Corporate Republic)

An East European corporation, controlling Russia, Alaska and parts of the surrounding countryside, the USCR is the largest MegaCon in terms of lands possessed. The USCR noticably operates more like a traditional, pre-MegaCon government than a business. They are a formidable opponent on the field of combat, but often seem more intent to isolate themselves from the rest of the world than interact.
  • Drop the Hammer: the Behemoth wields an utterly huge hammer the size of a human torso.
  • Mini-Mecha: the USCR Behemoth is essentially a walking tank.

    The Non-aligned Factions 

FCC (Free Corporate Control)

The FCC was formed from the remnants of five global systems that went into dissolution in 2156: estranged ex-MegaCon employees, assets, technology, weapons, and territory. The FCC now functions as several different "Houses", that work towards the dissolution of the remaining MegaCons. Because they operate of outside GCC control and supervision, many MegaCons take advantage of the autonomous nature of individual FCC Houses to spy on or combat rival MegaCons. This is done through both monetary support and through physical assets such as techs and black ops MERCS. The fact that this inevitably strenghtens the FCC Houses while weakening the MegaCons overall is just a bonus.
  • Code Name: with the exception of the FCC Liasons (the FCCs contacts with the MegaCons for black ops), all FCC operatives make use of code names, differing in style by House. House 9 use the names of famous movie stars, while House 12 use the names of saints.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: unlike the MegaCons, who can equip their MERCS with state-of-the-art armor and weaponry, the FCC has to make due with scavenged weapons and body armor when they can't procur more advanced gear from a MegaCon in return for services rendered.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: For all their mutual goals, the various Houses often end up unintentionally (or intentionally) sabotaging each others efforts because of conflicting interests. For instance, while both houses seek to dissolve the MegaCons, House 6 actively sabotaged House 9's attack on KemVar.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters

GCC (Global Corporate Court)

The GCC is the governing body of the MegaCons, responsible for investigating accusations of corruption, fraud, and other transgressions commited by the MegaCons against each other. Originally meant as an arbitrator, the GCC now functions with absolute legal authority and enforces their decisions with their own, personal MERCS forces. Fairly small in numbers, the GCC never-the-less remains unhampered in its policing of the MegaCons through its shrewd use of power balancing: any MegaCon that doesn't abide or support the GCC's rulings would be immediately descended upon by the GCC and the other MegaCons.


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