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Characters that don't fit into any of the other categories.


Senior Librarian, Arrun Central Library Branch

The Head Librarian of the Arrun Library. No one knows much about her, or even recalls having met her before the Transition though she seems oddly familiar to those fae that deal with her. She is generally very pleasant to talk to and enforces the rules of the Library in a strict but gentle manner. She is also an Avatar of the Cardinal System created to quietly observe the new world in which it finds itself and to watch over the fae in its own inscrutable fashion.


Akihiko Kayaba

Shortly before the launch of Sword Art Online, the creator of the Death Game was able to create a copy of his mind which he stored away deep in the Argus severs. It was so deep in fact, that technicians at RETCO didn't even suspect it's existence when they took over systems after buying them from the bankrupt Argus. This copy of Kayaba was brought over along with the Alfhiem in the Transition, where it now exists as a consciousness spread across the world, quietly observing and occasionally focusing on a single point enough to appear to others and interact with the world. It now seeks to recover The World Seed, the true familiar of Louise Francois le Blanc de la Valliere, for reasons only it knows.


The norn of the future who would dwell in the realm of Jotenheim in the roots of Yggdrasil.


King Oberon, King of ALfheim

The King of the Fae, as recorded in ALfheim's lore. Oberon was intended to be an NPC for the Grand Quest, but Sugou used Oberon as an avatar for himself in ALO. As Sugou was not logged in at the time of the Transition, Oberon appears to be absent from the post-Transition world.
  • I Have Many Names: Implied, but currently unstated. If Titania is anything to go by, Oberon should at the very least have a series of titles to represent his position as creator of several of the Fae races.
  • Retcon: When Sugou got involved with ALO, he retconned the existing lore of Oberon and Titania to support his image of Oberon as supreme ruler of Yggdrasil.


Queen Titania, Queen of ALfheim, Mother of the Sylphs, Mother of the Puca, Mother of the Beast Tamers, Mother of the Spriggans, Mother of Mermaids, Verdant of the Forest, The Fair, The Kind, The Desert Queen (pre-retcon lore), Friend of the Djinn (post-retcon lore), Blessed by Yggdrasil (pre-retcon lore), Guardian of the Small Lives (post-retcon lore)

The Queen of the Fae, as recorded in ALfheim Online's lore. Titania was originally meant to be an NPC for the Grand Quest, but due to Sugou's meddling, Asuna's mind was loaded into Titania's body, which then became Asuna's new body during the Transition.
  • Badass Decay: In-Universe example. Titania was originally written in ALO as a power in her own right who stood up to Oberon (sometimes to the point of outright war) to protect the mob races she loved. Sugou was in the process of rewriting her character to be a submissive wife who offered her body to Oberon to purchase his mercy towards those races as part of his plan to cast himself as Oberon and warp Asuna into Titania.
  • I Have Many Names: ... as listed above on this page, and this isn't guaranteed to be all of them, as Asuna interrupted Suisen when she was reciting the list.
  • Retcon: When Sugou got involved with ALO, he retconned the previous lore of Oberon and Titania to marginalize Titania's accomplishments, and aggrandize Oberon's. However, the Djinn seem to remember their history with Titania matching the pre-retcon lore.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: An example with a fair bit more obvious steel than the norm, but this is how Titania's original depiction in ALO was described by Argo and Suisen. As matron and protector of both the Pixies and the Djinn, Titania argued and fought against Oberon so that their lives would be preserved. However, the steel in Titania's personality was written out during Sugou's retcon of the lore.

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