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The Rival Schools of Ōarai Girls' Academy

This page contains the various schools which faced Oarai Girls' Academy throughout the course of the story.

Tropes common to all the rival teams

  • The Cavalry: Each team comes to the aid of Ōarai against the University Teams in the movie, under the excuse of a "temporary transfer".
  • David Versus Goliath: All of them have firepower, numerical, and experience advantage over Ōarai's Sensha-do team. Subverted with Anzio Academy, with its tankette-majority lineup, while having the advantage numbers-wise, is outclassed by Ōarai in firepower.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: They become friends with Ōarai's Sensha-do team after losing to them. The only exception is St. Gloriana, who defeated Ōarai in a training match, yet warmed up to them and considered them as a Worthy Opponent.
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  • Dream Team: In the movie, the best sensha do teams all unite under Ōarai's banner against the University Team.
  • Fauxreigner: Subverted; even though almost all the other schools' students are only known by their foreign nicknames/Nom de Guerre and adopt the looks (including Implausible Hair Color), culture, and stereotypes from their school's respective nations, they're all Japanese and identify as such. Averted with Klara, who is actually Russian.
  • Loophole Abuse: They are able to aid Ōarai as additional units due to a "temporary transfer". They are also able to bring their tanks with them because there is no rule about transfer students bringing "private property" with them in a sensha-do match.
  • National Stereotypes: Invoked with each school, even though they are all ethnically Japanese. To elaborate, St. Gloriana is Britain, Saunders is America, Pravda is Russia, Anzio is Italy, and Kuromorimine is Germany. Quixiotically Chi-Ha-Tan is Japanese, specifically the best parts of the Japanese warrior ethos from Taisho era Japan. Continuation high seems to be the exception to this as the named characters have yet to exhibit Finnish stereotypes beyond being improbably badass.
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  • Privileged Rival: With the sole exceptions of Anzio Academy and Continuation Highnote , all of Ōarai's rival teams have access to better tanks and are obviously better funded by their respective schools. St. Gloriana's school ship, for instance, is about three times bigger than Ōarai's. Saunders is also rich enough to have enough tanks for three full sensha-do teams.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Each team defeated by Ōarai expressed that they will be the one who would win next time. St. Gloriana seems to be an exception as the only team to have beaten Ōarai (in a training match). However, St. Gloriana has yet to face Ōarai in an official tournament match, so for them it's "the only one that will beat you in an official match."

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