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Having once been a Video Game Long Runner and a Flagship Franchise for Electronic Arts for more than a decade, the Medal of Honor series is bound to have dozens upon dozens of beautiful, awesome, and tragic pieces intertwined with one another when played over the recreated battles of Europe and the Pacific. Having iconic composers like Michael Giacchino and Christopher Lennertz compose soundtracks for the majority of these games also helps a lot.

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     Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

With an iconic soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, one would expect one of the best World War II FPS games ever made to have an equally awesome soundtrack.

  • The beautiful Main Menu Theme is so iconic that later Medal of Honor games would occasionally have it play during certain portions of the campaign, or in the case of Medal of Honor: Vanguard, borrow it as a menu theme altogether. Even Real Life orchestras would play this particular theme during D-Day anniversaries.
  • Tiger Tank plays when Lt. Powell and the Allied King Tiger crew finally manage to capture an intact example of the the titular tank, and proceed to wreak havoc with it.
  • Schmerzen plays twice during the finale. It captures the tense moments of what proves to be an epic final level involving tense close-quarters firefights, Stuff Blowing Up, and a Collapsing Lair.
  • The Schmerzen Express. This theme plays just as Lt. Powell, having just escaped a German occupied town, makes his way through the forests just outside the town and into a heavily defended train station. Of special note is that this is also plays during Spearhead's Bastogne level, where Barnes and other members of the 10st Airborne retake Foy, and in Breakthrough, where Baker enters Gela with members of the 82nd Airborne.
  • Rangers Lead the Way plays during the very first level, following you and your squad's cover getting blown. It can pretty much count as the leitmotif for the rangers, and to an extent Lt. Powell himself.
  • The Communications Blackout. Similar to the Main Menu theme, this soundtrack has reappeared in later Medal of Honor games whose soundtracks were also composed by Giacchino, most notably Medal of Honor: Airborne, where this plays during the Operation Varsity level.
  • Sniper Town plays during That One Level. Tense, and full of suspense, just as many a veteran player of this game would feel.
  • Half-Track, introduced in the Spearhead Expansion Pack. A track appropriate for the ensuing Chase Scene it's a cover for.
  • Sturmgeist, another track introduced in Spearhead, which plays when raiding the German supply depot during the Bastogne mission, as well as during the ending credits. An epic track that captures the tense firefight between Barnes and the surprised Germans defending the depot. It is later reused in Breakthrough, as well as prominently in Medal of Honor: Frontline.
  • Aircraft facility, which plays as the Closing Credits theme for Allied Assault. After finally, finally clearing several difficult levels, one after the other, players, even veteran ones, will feel a sense of achievement after surviving the last few waves of German soldiers in the final segment.
  • Thuringer, the ending theme of Breakthrough. While shorter than the other two ending themes, it's still a pretty awesome-sounding track in its own right, and gives players a sense of fulfillment of having just made out of several difficult missions alive. The last part of this theme returns in Medal of Honor: Airborne as well, playing whenever Travers respawns.

     Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun

Aside from being the first Medal of Honor game to be set in the Pacific, Rising Sun is also the first main title in the series to have a soundtrack composed by someone other than Michael Giacchino, in this case it's Christopher Lennertz taking over the helm. And, despite the game's underperformance and status as a Contested Sequel, it still has some incredibly wonderful pieces.

     Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault

Like Rising Sun, Pacific Assault's soundtrack was composed by Christopher Lennertz. And while it is generally seen as one of the weaker games in the soundtrack department, Lennertz still manages to keep players immersed in the story and setting.

  • Main Theme, a heartwarming and somber introduction to what is probably one of the best stories in any of the campaigns throughout the series.
  • Wonder plays during certain loading points, particularly just before the main menu. It helps to establish Pacific Assault's more story-centered plot, and to provide players with a sense of attachment to the main characters.
  • Battleground plays during the loading screen before the different levels, and is seen as one of the more memorable ones out of the bunch.
  • Boot Camp. A theme appropriate for a full level that's part Justified Tutorial, and part Boot Camp Episode.
  • Pearl Harbor (end), a somber theme that plays during the ending of the final Tarawa segment, signifying that, despite the bitter fighting they just went through, Conlin's squad is still going to go through even more hardship.

     Medal of Honor: Airborne

While not as memorable a game as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Airborne still has a soundtrack that's as strong and as awesome as its predecessor, thanks in no part to Michael Giacchino returning to compose for this game.

  • The Main Theme foreshadows an epic campaign and an equally impressive multiplayer for such an underrated game.
  • Back Alleys, aka the weapon loadout song. A dark and somber theme that helps to build up to the tense firefights that happen later in the levels you drop in.
  • Gunfight In the Ruins, which plays during several firefights inside the titular Paestum ruins in the Italy level.
  • Defusing the Charges plays during the Paestum level upon escaping from the exploding German ammunition depot, and during Operation Market Garden, when tasked with destroying a German Plunger Detonator.
  • Taking Out the Sighting Tower, which ironically plays when clearing the radar station off Utah Beach instead of the actual Spotting Tower. Despite this, it's still an epic theme that captures the intensity of the close-quarters fights that take place.
  • Tank Battle, a shortened version of "Beneath the City" from Medla of Honor: Underground. A tense theme that plays whenever a German Tiger I tank has to be dealt with. And when one is encountered, always expect it to be That One Boss.
  • Operation Varsity plays when clearing the industrial sector of Essen. Compared to previous levels, this one takes on a Darker and Edgier tone, indicating that the European War is coming to an inevitable close.
  • Airborne (End Credits). As one Youtuber describes it, "Medal Of Honor in its purest form".

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