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Tear Jerker / Medal of Honor

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  • From Pacific Assault.
    Tommy Conlin: "Three week wonders. That's what we called the new guys. That's all the training they got, and it wasn't enough. They usually didn't last very long. No matter how much training you've got, or how strong you are, when you strap up and step on a battlefield for the first time, it changes you forever. Tarawa was just a strip of sand out in the middle of nowhere, but for many of us, it would be the last thing we ever saw."
  • The Bittersweet Ending of Rising Sun, after destroying the Supercarrier. You foiled Shima's plans with Yamashita's Gold, yet he got away with murdering Tanaka and escaped with your brother. Not to mention Bromley's small speech.
    Phillip Bromley: "There goes Shima's plans mate; a fortune in stolen gold swallowed by the sea. And a good man gone with it. Fare thee well Private Tanaka, you were one of the good ones lad. Well Griffin, we need to find out where Shima's taken your brother. It's up to you and me mate. We got a bit of a debt to repay!"'
    • Worse since the planned sequel got scrapped due to the lukewarm reception the game received.
      • Though this Aborted Arc gets an implied happy ending in Heroes, as it's mentioned that Griffin works planning rescue missions from Japanese prison camps in the closing stages of the war, and he'll save his brother at some point.
    • Two more tear jerking scenes shows up much earlier with Gunny. The first instance was just after the assault on Pearl Harbor where he told his men to look at the wreckage and remember those who didn't survive. The next was in the Philippines where Gunny consoles you on Donnie's capture and alleged death.
    Gunny: He was... well, he was a good Marine. You can't ask for more than that.
  • The end of the 2010 : Rabbit dying slowly. In first person view. While your comrades are trying desperately to keep you alive until the helicopter arrives. And the scene in the helicopter after.
  • Medal of Honor Frontline: the mission "Rough Landing". The battlefield is a calm Holland countryside, and as you play the mission, you see many instances of Germans harassing the local populace. (Real life: that has been going on since the 1940 Blitz. Dutch didn't see resistance until 1945.) The back-ground music that plays in the level hauntingly reminds the player of the tragedy and suffering of war.
    • "Arnhem Knights". Where to begin. The background music is one of the most tear-jerkering pieces in the game, if not series. You're fighting in the war-torn city of Arnhem, helping the outnumbered and outgunned British 1st Airborne Division against the superior German force. The combination shows the tragedy that was Operation Market Garden, as it failed with 17,000 Allied troops dead.

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