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Nightmare Fuel / Medal of Honor

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Even for a romantic take on the Second World War, these moments still prove that War Is Hell.

  • Normally destroying a Tiger Tank in Airborne is considered a Moment of Awesome, unless you're close enough to hear the tank crew's screams of agony as they're being burned alive inside the wreckage.
  • Fort Schmerzen, especially in Allied Assault. Col. Hargrove mentions during the mission briefing that there's a very likely possibility that American prisoners are being used as guinea pigs for the Deadly Gas being made there.
    • Schmerzen means "Pain" in german. Adds Nightmare Fuel.
  • During the Attack on Pearl Harbor in Pacific Assault, you board the USS West Virginia to help protect the ship from Japanese bombers. Not ideal for anyone who has claustrophobia, pyrophobia or both as you have to traverse through the chaos to hear screams of sailors to try to hold the ship together from falling apart. Passing through the boiler room has a sealed door with a man drowning in the water filling it up on the other side. You're helpless to do anything for him until he eventually dies, with the lifeless corpse floating off.
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  • The mission "Midnight Raid on the Guadalcanal" in Rising Sun can be pretty scary. One moment has one of your GI's wounded by a Japanese sniper, and he almost drops out of the boat. You try to pull him aboard, but a crocodile suddenly pops out and drags the poor sap underwater.
  • The Japanese troops themselves relish in Paranoia Fuel in any of the Pacific Theatre games. As many hide inside holes, they can suddenly burst out to open fire with their machine guns. They can also pick you off from the trees with a sniper rifle. Or the worst of them all, Banzai charges as they screamed out "Banzai" before attacking you. Being Zerg Rushed by a bunch of mooks, more than your automatics have ammo to sweep aside is an unnerving thing, and frustrating if they manage to take you down, which is likely given that bayonet stabs hurt a lot, and at least in Pacific Assault, cause bleeding Damage Over Time.
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  • Underground has a level where Manon infiltrates Himmler's private castle in Germany. The dark and lonely corridors of the gothic building are bad enough without the occasional sound of clattering armour as Nazi knights run at her and try to slice the poor woman up with their swords.


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