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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: The first game faced serious doubts about its success. Executives were skeptical about the success of a war-themed shooter at a time where sci-fi shooters like Doom and Quake were considered the standard. Capt. Dale Dye, the military advisor Spielberg had brought on from Saving Private Ryan, initially thought the game would be tasteless and disrespectful. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society attempted to talk Spielberg out of releasing the game fearing that a video game set in a real war was offensive to veterans. The game turned out to be a massive hit praised for its authenticity and realism, launched the franchise, and led to war-themed first person shooters becoming commonplace within the genre.
  • Awesome Music: The first game's score was... massively theatrical.
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  • Best Level Ever: Die Sturmgewehr and beyond in Allied Assault. Why? Because you get to use the StG44.
  • Complete Monster:
    • European Assault: Graf von Schrader is a high-ranking Nazi officer who was behind the project of developing the upgrades to Nazi weaponry and technology, as well as the creation of new weapons. Spreading his henchmen across Europe, Schrader has them develop and use new Nazi technology against the Allies, killing many innocent people. As Lieutenant William Holt tracks him down, Schrader creates an atomic dirty bomb, called "Virus House", which he planes to drop on London, which would kill thousands of people. When American forces attacked his facility, Schrader activates the bomb, trying to take down all American troops along with him, while never caring about the fact that all his men will die as well.
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    • Warfighter: The Cleric, the leader of several terrorist factions in the Middle East, is in reality Hassan Rasheed, a wealthy Arab banker from Dubai. Convincing hundreds of people to follow his cause of "fighting the Eagle", The Cleric trains them and sends them to commit various terrorist acts, like taking half a dozen people hostage and trying to kill them and the soldiers who arrive to save them. Discovering a powerful bomb, called PETN, Hassan sends several suicide bombers to various train stations to blow themselves up and kill countless innocent people. When Task Force discovers his base of operations and attacks it, Hassan sets his building on fire, along with all his men inside, and tries to blow himself up, hoping to take down the US soldiers with him.
  • Demonic Spiders: The guard dogs from the very first game. This is upped in the Medal Of Honor: Underground bonus campaign "Panzerknacker Unleashed". The attack dogs there can only be killed by 9 pistol shots (the .45 only carries 8 bullets), two shotgun blasts or a grenade. The last two are very rare to find.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Generally, the first level in any game is an easy one. But Frontline's version of Omaha Beach will kill you, repeatedly, if you don't take the right path, and it's not explicitly marked so it's pretty much guaranteed to require at least a few restarts. One suspects they did this (killing you a lot) on purpose to represent what storming that beach really meant.
  • Genius Bonus: Rising Sun features the real-world Raffles Hotel as a Japanese stronghold. It was the same place where the Singapore Sling cocktail was created (which is the missions namesake).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The opening FMV to the original game ends with the line, "Are you ready to rise above and beyond the call of duty?". Beginning in 2003, going above and beyond Call of Duty is exactly what the Medal of Honor series was trying to do.
  • Memetic Badass: Jimmy Patterson. Although, let's face it, his badassery is practically canon.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Bread Is Deliciousnote 
    • Your Disguise Has Been Blownnote 
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The firing sound of the stationary turret in the first game.
    • The reloading sounds of the StG44. From the removal of the magazine to the racking of the bolt handle, you know this is a mean weapon.
  • Narm: The opening level of Rising Sun puts the player on board a battleship during the middle of the Pearl Harbor bombing, where they have to navigate the bombed ship by using a fire extinguisher to put out various fires in their way. Unfortunately playing on co-op reveals that instead of carrying the tank with one hand and aiming the nozzle with the other like any functioning human being, the player character instead leaves the hose attached to the tank and aims the extinguisher like a gun.
  • Scrappy Weapon: Allied Assault has three.
    • The regular Mauser Kar98k. Its fire rate is atrociously slow for a non-scoped gun, its laughable damage per shot (three center-of-mass shots to kill a human!) makes it look like a pistol, and reloading it is so sluggish, you'd think you're being teased by your in-game avatar. Fortunately, you're never stuck with it in single-player – in the sole instance where you can get one, you also get a Springfield.
    • The Springfield 1903, the Allies' one and ony sniper rifle. It's a reliable, powerful and accurate gun, but it takes about twice as long to cycle after firing as the scoped Kar98k. If you get into a Sniper Duel against a German sniper, he'll plug you three times before you manage to squeeze the second shot if you don't hit him first time, and considering the Springfield is your rifle in "Sniper's Last Stand" and subsequent Sniping Missions, you can guess how aggravating that gets.
    • The Short-Range Shotgun's pellet spread is so awful, it can't guarantee a one-shell kill at literally farther than spitting range, and it fires and reloads so slowly it's very hard to avoid retaliation fire from the soldier you've wounded instead of killing. You also only get the shells you start the mission with; fairly realistically, the Nazis don't have shotshells lying around in their armories. All in all, if you get a shotgun, do yourself a favor: forget that you have it and only use your SMG for close quarters.
  • That One Level:
    • The Golden Lion (rail-shooter sequences, tons of snipers, etc) and Nijmegen Bridge (infinitely Respawning Enemies with little cover) in Frontline.
    • Panzerknacker Unleashed from MOH Underground. The first level had dogs that could be killed by 8 pistol shots or one shotgun blast. The 2nd level had zombies armed with automatics and ridiculous accuracy that explode when killed as well as armored knights that are always charging at you.
    • Allied Assault has a few. Day of the King Tiger, the fifth mission, is a double whammy. Sniper's Last Stand has German snipers EVERYWHERE, so you're forced to inch around any and all corners and make extensive use of the quicksave feature just to move across the street; the second half is not as heavy on snipers, but it's an Escort Mission – at least the Combat Medic in the crew is generous with the healing. The following mission, The Hunt for the King Tiger, pits infantry with Panzerschrecks against a tank that doesn't have a machine gun.

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