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Original Songs

  • "Bang Bang Bangity Bang", a song detailing Barney's sexual conquests, very catchy despite the fact that it only has two words being repeated.


Season 1
  • Roxy Music's "Mother Of Pearl" that plays over Ted finally realizing that, rather than what seems to be the perfect women, he wants Robin.
  • Bloc Party's "This Modern Love" in the Season 1 finale when Ted and Robin finally became a couple and it became a Tear Jerker when Ted got home and found Marshall, sitting outside of the apartment and mournfully holding Lily's engagement ring.

Season 2

  • "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers which became the official Road Trip song ever since Marshall's tape got stuck on the player and that track had been playing over and over again.

Season 4

  • Michelle Featherstone's "Careful" is a really lovely and melancholic piece that plays in Season 4 as Ted comes to terms with the fact he might still need to wait longer to find The One in "As Fast As She Can".
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  • The use of "Prophets" by AC Newman over Ted's monologue at the end of "The Leap". Easily one of the most positive and awesome endings in the series.

Season 7

  • The chorus of "Victoria" by The Kinks in "The Naked Truth" made the initial reappearance of Victoria feel HUGE.
  • "Rivers and Roads" playing after Robin and Kevin break up and Ted finds her crying on the roof. Even better since the music is timed to hit its climax just as Ted confesses his love to her.
  • The use of Florence + the Machine "Shake It Out" at the end of "No Pressure" as Ted has finally moved on from Robin and has made peace with the fact they won't get together.

Season 8

  • "The Funeral" by Band of Horses played over Klaus's speech about "Lebenslangerschicksalsshatz" (lifelong treasure of destiny), with the music picking just as Future Ted reveals that at that moment they were in the exact place where Ted would meet his future wife a year later.
  • "Let Your Heart Hold Fast" powerfully encapsulates Robin and Barney's relationship after she accepts his proposal and they kiss on the roof of the WWW building.
  • "Simple Song", by The Shins, playing in the Season 8 Finale. Not only the song is quite cool and catchy, it contains the Wham Shot revealing The Mother's face.
    The Mother: Hi. One ticket to Farhampton, please.
  • It's only the first stanza, but Barney and Ted from the present, twenty minutes in the future, and twenty years from the future do an excellent acapella version of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time".

Season 9

  • Gus's rap in "Bedtime Stories", when Marshall is unable to find a suitable rhyme for "Canada" and looks to the next passenger for help.
  • The Mother's rendition of "La Vie En Rose" in "How Your Mother Met Me". After breaking up with her long term boyfriend and realizing that she finally let her lost love go, she still sits down and sings a song about looking at life through rose colored glasses.
  • Ted finally truly letting go of Robin with "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles playing in the background.
  • While it was an otherwise controversial ending, the soft rendition of "Downtown Train" by Everything But The Girl is a wonderful way to underscore Ted and Tracy finally meeting for the first time. Additionally, even detractors of the finale could find something wonderful in the final song used in the series, "Heaven" by The Walkmen, a nostalgic, poignant, and yet still optimistically upbeat song.


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