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Drinking Game / How I Met Your Mother

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"BUT UM!!!"

Take a drink every time:

  • Ted has a new Love Interest/Girl of the Week/conquest.
    • Two if it's during Season 1 or Season 5.
  • Ted has a girlfriend lasting more than 1 episode.
  • Marshall and Lily are Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • Someone uses the word "awesome".
    • Two if it's Barney.
  • Someone makes a Star Wars reference.
  • A Flash Back or Flash Forward is shown.
  • Ted's kids are shown.
  • A clue about the Mother is given.
  • Robin Sparkles is mentioned.
  • Barney gets slapped or has a drink thrown at him.
  • A song is featured.
  • Ho Yay or Les Yay occurs.
    • Two if it's between Lily and Robin.
  • When weed is substituted for sandwiches.
    • Three when it's not.
  • An episode features The Captain.
  • Someone plays a Drinking Game.
    • When Robin says "But, um...", join the crowd.
  • Marriage and/or weddings are brought up.
  • Ted declares a moment life changing
  • People high five/fist bump.
    • Two if someone asks for a high five but no one responds.
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  • Somebody drinks something alcoholic. (Keep a phone dialed to 911 on hand).
  • One drink when Lily says "Youuuuuuu sonofabeetch!" Two if she says "Youuuuuuu sonofa-me" to her actual son.
  • Barney says (or some kind of variation):
    • "Suit up!"
    • "True story."
    • "Legen... wait for it... dary!"
    • "Glad you asked."
    • "Challenge accepted!"
    • A pun based on the word "Bro".
    • "What up!"
  • There is a "telepathic conversation".
  • Lily gives advice.
    • Two if that advice isn't followed.
  • There's a Tear Jerker.
    • Two if it's from Season 6 onwards.
    • Another if it's during Season 7.
    • The whole bottle for The Finale.
      • Either original or the alternate ending counts.

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