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The following is a list of episode summaries for the series How I Met Your Mother. Needs Wiki Magic.

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    Season One 
  1. "Pilot": In the year 2030, Ted begins recapping to his children the events that led him to meeting their mother, starting back in 2005 with the engagement of his friends Marshall and Lily.
  2. "Purple Giraffe": Ted throws a party in hopes of seeing Robin again, but when she doesn't show up, he throws another party... and another.
  3. "The Sweet Taste of Liberty": Barney's plan to meet girls at the airport backfires when he and Ted are picked up by airport security. Meanwhile, Lily grows jealous of Robin.
  4. "Return of the Shirt": Ted reconnects with an old flame and soon remembers why he dumped her in the first place. Barney pays Robin to say outrageous things on the air.
  5. "Okay Awesome": Robin, Ted, and Barney go to a hot new club, leaving an engaged Marshall and Lily to a more adult, boring evening of wine tasting.
  6. "The Slutty Pumpkin": Halloween high jinks are afoot when Ted makes his annual trek to the same lame party in search of a girl he met there years ago.
  7. "Matchmaker": When Ted signs up with a matchmaking service, he learns that love is not a science. Marshall and Lily confront a creature living in the apartment.
  8. "The Duel": Lily moves in with Marshall and Ted, and when Ted suspects he's being edged out of the apartment, he and Marshall decide to settle it like men.
  9. "Belly Full of Turkey": Thanksgiving with Marshall's family is stressful because Lily thinks she may be pregnant. Robin, Barney, and Ted spend the holiday volunteering.
  10. "The Pineapple Incident": After an alcohol-induced blackout, Ted awakens to find a strange woman— and a pineapple— in his bed.
  11. "The Limo": New Year's Eve is a wild ride as Ted rents a limo for a night of party-hopping with the gang.
  12. "The Wedding": Ted's romantic hopes are dashed when he invites Robin to a fancy wedding only to discover that the bride-to-be won't allow him to bring a date.
  13. "Drumroll, Please": Robin is emotionally torn when Ted meets an exciting new woman, Victoria, at the wedding. Afterward, though, he doesn't know how to contact her.
  14. "Zip, Zip, Zip": Hiding in the bathroom, Marshall and Lily wait for Ted and Victoria to consummate their relationship. Meanwhile, Barney gets the wrong idea from Robin.
  15. "Game Night": Marshall's game night leads to some startling and very embarrassing revelations.
  16. "Cupcake": Just as Ted and Victoria's relationship is beginning to flourish, she's offered a scholarship to a culinary institute in Germany.
  17. "Life Among the Gorillas": With Victoria in Germany, Ted faces the pitfalls of long-distance relationships. Marshall has a hard time fitting in at Barney's company.
  18. "Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 A. M.:" With Victoria on his mind, Ted has conflicted feelings when Robin invites him over for a late night rendezvous.
  19. "Mary the Paralegal:" Ted needs a date to take to Robin's awards banquet, so Barney hooks him up with Mary, who may be a call girl.
  20. "Best Prom Ever": With her wedding day fast approaching, Lily, along with Barney and Robin, crashes a high school prom to scope out a potential band for the reception.
  21. "Milk": Ted is excited when a matchmaking service claims to have found his soul mate, but he postpones his date to help Lily, who has a surprising revelation.
  22. "Come On": Ted tries to stop Robin from going on a trip with her co-anchor, Sandy. Marshall gets upset when he finds out about Lily's fellowship interview.

    Season Two 
  1. "Where Were We?": The gang tries to comfort Marshall after Lily left him for an art fellowship in San Francisco.
  2. "The Scorpion and the Toad": Barney tries to teach Marshall how to pick up women, but gets in his own way when he takes Marshall's girls home for himself. Lily returns from San Francisco.
  3. "Brunch": Ted's parents stop by for a visit, and Ted learns a shocking truth they've been keeping from him for years. Lily and Marshall find it hard to get along when they're forced to spend time together with Ted's parents.
  4. "Ted Mosby: Architect": After Robin tells Ted that his job is boring, Barney convinces him otherwise by turning it into a pickup line. It works, and Robin starts to fear that Ted is becoming unfaithful to her.
  5. "World's Greatest Couple": Lily moves into Barney's apartment. Marshall starts hanging out with his recently single friend Brad, but begins to worry that Brad is getting too into him.
  6. "Aldrin Justice": Lily takes a job at Ted's architect firm, but causes more harm than help when she tries to punish his boss for being rude. Meanwhile, Barney tries to make his moves on Marshall's law professor.
  7. "Swarley": Marshall starts dating a woman who Barney and Ted claim has "crazy eyes". Barney gets a new nickname, "Swarley".
  8. "Atlantic City": Marshall and Lily are happier than ever to be back together, and decide that they want the quickest wedding they can find, which happens to be in Atlantic City.
  9. "Slap Bet": The gang tries to figure out Robin's aversion to malls, and Barney and Marshall make a "slap bet" over the reason behind it.
  10. "Single Stamina": Barney's brother James stops by New York for a visit, but Barney learns some shocking news about him.
  11. "How Lily Stole Christmas": After hearing an insulting message left by Ted on Marshall's answering machine before she and him got back together, Lily almost takes back her annual Christmas festivities.
  12. "First Time in New York": Robin's worried that her little sister is ready to lose her virginity when she stops by New York, and she's also ready to tell Ted that she loves him but doesn't know how.
  13. "Columns": Ted struggles to fire his former boss when he's constantly putting down Ted's ideas about the building he's designing. Meanwhile, Barney convinces Lily to paint a nude portrait of him.
  14. "Monday Night Football": The gang fails to follow through with their tradition of watching the Superbowl together every year due to a funeral, but try to do it again the next night without finding out who won the game.
  15. "Lucky Penny": When its possible Ted might not get the job of his dreams due to being late to arrive for a flight, he traces back when bad things started happening to him and the blame is passed on from every member of the group.
  16. "Stuff": Robin forces Ted to get rid of all the things he's kept from his past girlfriends, but tensions rise when he finds out Robin has been keeping stuff of her own. Lily forces everyone to go to her play, and when it doesn't reach Barney's standards, he aims to get even with her.
  17. "Arriverderci, Fiero": The gang thinks back to all the adventures they had in Marshall's 1988 Fiero after it dies just shy of the 200,000- mile mark.
  18. "Moving Day": Ted plans to move in with Robin, but Barney goes out of his way to prevent the move, even going so far as to steal Ted's moving truck filled with most of his possessions.
  19. "Bachelor Party": After Barney ruins Marshall's bachelor party, and Robin finds herself in a sticky situation when she gets an inappropriate joke gift for Lily's bridal shower, which is made of of older women.
  20. "Showdown": Ted struggles with writing a best man's speech for Marshall and Lily's wedding, Lily finds out that she's gotten to skinny to fit in her wedding dress, and Barney fulfills his dream of appearing on The Price is Right to meet Bob Barker, who he believes to be his father.
  21. "Something Borrowed": When Lily and Marshall's special day comes, nothing goes as they'd hoped, and the gang steps in to make things better.
  22. "Something Blue": Barney finds out that Ted and Robin have been hiding a secret, and is stunned when they recount the whole experience to him.

    Season Three 
  1. "Wait for It": Robin returns from her trip to Argentina with a guy named Gael, and much to Ted's chagrin, even his newlywed best friends fall for the Argentinian hunk.
  2. "We're Not from Here": Seeing how girls swoon over Gael's foreign charm, Ted and Barney decide to pose as out-of-towners in order to score chicks. Meanwhile, Robin loses her sense of relaxation she'd acquired in Argentina, and Lily and Marshall write letters to each other that are to be read if one dies before the other.
  3. "Third Wheel": When Trudy (from "The Pineapple Incident") and her friend both express an interest in Ted, he takes the opportunity to try a three way and win "The Champions Belt" that Barney has been saving to give to the first of the two that accomplishes a threesome.
  4. "Little Boys": Robin ends up bonding with the son of her new boyfriend, but worries that their relationship is getting too serious. Ted and Barney compete over who has more "game".
  5. "How I Met Everyone Else": Ted recounts how he met each member of the gang when his date is dismayed that she and him don't have a very romantic story about how they met online.
  6. "I'm Not That Guy": Marshall is forced to make a career decision when his polluter-defending interviewer, Jefferson Coatsworth, begins to win him over. Meanwhile, Ted discovers that there's a porn star named after him.
  7. "Dowisetrepla": Marshall and Lily buy an apartment in "Dowisetrepla" without thinking it over properly, while Barney takes it as an opportunity to sleep with women without giving away his address.
  8. "Spoiler Alert": When an annoying habit in Ted's new girlfriend is pointed out, the gang begins to turn on each other, pointing out bad habits in each of them that none of the others had noticed before.
  9. "Slapsgiving": Lily and Marshall's first Thanksgiving together as a married couple is starts off rocky when Barney worries about the countdown to his next slap from his and Marshall's slap bet wearing thin, and Ted and Robin have tension when Robin brings her boyfriend Bob to dinner.
  10. "The Yips": Barney learns that his performance in bed with the woman he lost his Virginity to was less than satisfactory, resulting in him losing his "mojo" around women. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang joins the gym.
  11. "The Platinum Rule": The gang tells Ted about their own bad experiences of dating people they see on a regular basis in order to discourage him from making his moves on a doctor.
  12. "No Tomorrow": Ted decides to give Barney's nonstop partying lifestyle ideas a chance on St. Patrick's day, while Marshall and Robin struggle with telling Lily about a major problem with their new apartment.
  13. "Ten Sessions": Ted vows that he will score a date with his dermatologist, Stella Zinman, by the end of the ten sessions he needs to remove his tramp stamp, while Stella's receptionist falls head over heels for him.
  14. "The Bracket": Barney uses a tournament bracket to figure out which girl he slept with is following him and ruining his chances with other women.
  15. "The Chain of Screaming": Marshall is having a tough time at work after getting screamed at by his boss, so the gang tries to help him deal with the situation at hand.
  16. "Sandcastles in the Sand": Barney helps Robin feel better after she is dumped for the second time by her old boyfriend played by James Van Der Beek.
  17. "The Goat": Barney tries to find a loophole in the Bro Code when he feels guilty about sleeping with Robin, Ted's ex, and Lily decides to rescue a goat, all while Ted's surprise birthday party is being planned.
  18. "Rebound Bro": Barney seeks a "replacement bro" with Ted after they "broke up", while Stella is ready to get in bed with Ted.
  19. "Everything Must Go": Lily hopes to make money to fix the floor in her and Marshall's apartment by selling her paintings, while Barney finally discovers the girl who had been sabotaging his chances with women, and uses it against Ted.
  20. "Miracles": After a near-death encounter, Ted reexamines his life and relationship with Stella now that they've broken up. Marshall and Lily debate over the existence of miracles while Barney spends most of the episode trying to reach the hospital that Ted's at.

    Season Four 
  1. "Do I Know You?": Stella responds to Ted's marriage proposal as Barney comes to terms with the fact that he could be in love with Robin.
  2. "The Best Burger in New York": In order to cheer Marshall up after numerous unsatisfactory job interviews, the gang (as well as Regis Philbin) attempt to find the long lost restaurant where Marshall had his first and best New York hamburger.
  3. "I Heart NJ": When the gang visits Stella's house in New Jersey, Ted is devastated that she wants him to move in with her once they marry. Meanwhile, Robin undergoes a job crisis.
  4. "Intervention": Once Ted finds out that the gang had Jossed an idea to have an intervention for his engagement with Stella, he insists that they tell him what they were going to say anyway.
  5. "Shelter Island": Ted and Stella agree to get married in three days, but Stella's devastation at the presence of Robin, Ted's ex, forced Ted to make a rash decision.
  6. "Happily Ever After": In the aftermath of Stella leaving Ted at the alter, the gang discusses ways of avoiding people you never want to see again in your life while hiding from Stella in a restaurant.
  7. "Not a Father's Day": Marshall and Lily think that they want to have a baby, Barney invents a holiday for men who are single, and Ted and Robin argue about the pros and cons of having children.
  8. "Woooo!": Lily feels left out when Robin begins hanging out with a group of overly enthusiastic girls known as "Whoo Girls". Barney attempts to pitch Ted's building design to his company.
  9. "The Naked Man": After Robin falls for a move called "The Naked Man", Ted and Barney attempt to try it while Robin tries to save her dignity.
  10. "The Fight": When Doug, an employee at MacLaren's, drags Ted and Barney outside to fight a couple of guys who took their usual booth, Doug knocks the guys out by himself, but Ted and Barney decide to lie and say that they took part in it.
  11. "Little Minnesota": Ted tries to keep Barney away from his sister who's in for a visit, while Marshall helps Robin with her homesickness about being away from Canada around Christmastime.
  12. "Benefits": Barney is conflicted when Ted and Robin become "friends with benefits" to avoid fighting with each other around their apartment.
  13. "Three Days of Snow": Future Ted recounts three different stories that took place three different days during a big storm in New York.
  14. "The Possimpible": Barney helps Robin create a video resume so that she can find a job in seven days and won't be deported back to Canada.
  15. "The Stinsons": The gang follows Barney after he leaves the bar, thinking he has a girlfriend, but find out he's been lying to his mother about having a wife and son by hiring actors.
  16. "Sorry, Bro": Marshall and Lily try to keep Ted from contacting his ex-girlfriend Karen, who's moved to new York and whom they've always hated.
  17. "The Front Porch": Ted discovers after he and Karen break up that it was because of Lily, and that she has meddled in Ted's relationships more than just once.
  18. "Old King Clancy": Ted finds out that Marshall and Barney have been constructing an on-going elaborate lie to keep him from figuring out that he's lost an important job.
  19. "Murtaugh": Barney aims to prove Ted wrong when he discovers Ted's been keeping a list of things he's supposedly too old to do by doing everything on the list within 24 hours.
  20. "Mosbius Designs": Ted starts his own architectural firm in his apartment and hires an intern to get it off the ground, but is uncomfortable when the intern and Robin start having sex. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to make himself known at work by being the "sports guy".
  21. "The Three Days Rule": Ted gets a girl's number, but Barney and Marshall replace it with their own in order to teach him a lesson about "the three day rule". When he starts them, however, they turn it into a cruel prank.
  22. "Right Place, Right Time": Barney makes plans to sleep with his two hundredth girl while future Ted explains to his kids the how essential it can be to be in the right place at the right time.
  23. "As Fast as She Can": When Ted runs into Stella, he leaves a bad impression, leaving her current fiance, Tony, to try and make Ted's life better after stealing his bride-to-be and supposedly ruining Ted's life.
  24. "The Leap": Marshall tries to lure Ted to the roof of his apartment, where there is a surprise party waiting for him, but Ted is too determined to keep his architecture firm alive by working all night. Meanwhile, Robin learns that Barney has special feelings for her.

    Season Five 
  1. "Definitions": Lily tries to get Barney and Robin to officially define their relationship while Ted worries about his first lecture as a college professor.
  2. "Double Date": Ted goes on a date with a girl, but the couple soon realize that they went on the same date seven years earlier. The gang discovers that Lily has a stripper doppelganger.
  3. "Robin 101": Ted teaches a class to Barney about how to satisfy Robin in a relationship, and Marshall tries to get rid of his old barrel, Mabel.
  4. "The Sexless Innkeeper": Marshall and Lily try to go on double dates with Robin and Barney, much to their chagrin. Ted becomes, as Barney describes, a guy who allows girls to stay at his apartment overnight without sleeping with them.
  5. "Duel Citizenship": Ted and Marshall plan one of their nostalgic road trips to a pizza place in Chicago, but Lily joins them, making Ted feel as if the "bro time" isn't there.
  6. "Bagpipes": Ted and Robin try to solve their noisy neighbor problem while Marshall mistakenly takes love advice from Barney.
  7. "The Rough Patch": When it becomes apparent that Barney and Robin are unhappy in their relationship, Ted and Marshall enlist Lily's help to break them up.
  8. "The Playbook": The gang tries to figure out what Barney's plan to pick up chicks is after he and Robin break up.
  9. "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap": Ted and Robin argue over who gets to slap Barney in place of Marshall while Lily is devastated at the presence of her father for Thanksgiving dinner.
  10. "The Window": Ted has a small window of time to hit it off with Maggie, a girl with the Girl Next Door appeal, who he's been waiting for years to get together with.
  11. "Last Cigarette Ever": The gang becomes addicted to smoking and desperately tries to quit while Robin deals with her new co-anchor, Don Frank, who doesn't take his job seriously.
  12. "Girls Versus Suits": In the 100th episode spectacular, Ted begins dating the roommate of the future mother while Barney tries to score with a bartender who makes him chose between her and his suits.
  13. "Jenkins": Marshall is annoyed when Lily doesn't believe that his female coworker, Jenkins, kissed him. Meanwhile, Ted's college kids introduce him to a drinking game they've invented out of Robin's pre-morning news show.
  14. "Perfect Week": Barney attempts to have a perfect week in which he scores a girl every night with zero rejections, but his reasons behind doing so are more than just pleasure.
  15. "Rabbit or Duck": Lily and Marshall arrange a Valentine's Day date for Ted, while Robin agrees to go to a Valentine's Day party hosted by Don Frank. Meanwhile, Barney gets his phone number on TV and his phone becomes a nonstop hotline for women wanting to sleep with him.
  16. "Hooked": Ted becomes hooked on a girl who is only keeping him as backup in case she can't follow through with the guy of her dreams.
  17. "Of Course": Robin hires an attractive woman not to sleep with Barney in order to get back at him for being insensitive after their breakup.
  18. "Say Cheese": Lily feels that her birthday is ruined when Ted invites a complete stranger to her party. Robin tries to catch Barney in a bad pose on camera.
  19. "Zoo Or False": Marshall scares Lily when he tells her that he got mugged, but in order to keep her from getting a gun he must find a way to make the experience sound less intense.
  20. "Home Wreckers": When Ted, still single, attends his mother's wedding, he leaves it on a wild impulse and buys a rundown old house.
  21. "Twin Beds": Marshall and Lily decide to sleep in twin beds, while Barney and Ted try confessing their love to Robin.
  22. "Robots Versus Wrestlers": Ted crashes a prestigious party in order to get in touch with his intellectual side, while Barney, Lily, and Marshall go to robots versus wrestlers.
  23. "The Wedding Bride": Ted, on a date to the movie The Wedding Bride, realizes that its loosely based on his relationship with Stella, framing Ted as the bad guy, and that the screenplay was written by her husband.
  24. "Doppelgangers": Lily and Marshall see Barney's doppelganger and weigh the choice of having a baby, while Robin is offered the job of her dreams.

    Season Six 
  1. "Big Days": Marshall's closeness to his family and his desire to be with them gets on Lily's nerves, while Ted and Barney argue about having dibs over a hot girl in the bar.
  2. "Cleaning House": When the gang helps Barney's mother move out of her house, they discover James' real father.
  3. "Unfinished": When Ted wants nothing to do with Goliath National Bank revisiting its headquarters project, Barney uses his womanizing techniques to try and get Ted on board.
  4. "Subway Wars": The gang race to a downtown restaurant while Robin tries to convince them that she is a real New Yorker.
  5. "Architect of Destruction": Ted aims to impress a girl named Zoey, but learns that she is leading a protest against the construction of the Goliath National Bank headquarters.
  6. "Baby Talk": Marshall uses techniques given to him by his father to ensure that he and Lily's baby will be a boy, while Robin grows steadily more and more frustrated with her new co-anchor, Becky.
  7. "Canning Randy": Marshall encounters problems with the way that GNB treats people, while Zoey starts sitting in on Ted's class and turning his students against him.
  8. "Natural History": The gang attends a national history party and Ted is introduced to Zoey's husband, The Captain, while Robin and Barney excessively break the museum rules.
  9. "Glitter": Lily fears that she and Robin are growing apart since Lily's been obsessed with talking about baby stuff and Robin wants nothing to do with it. The gang then learns of her former best friend from her pop star days.
  10. "Blitzgiving": The gang celebrates Thanksgiving with an old college friend with a bad luck streak. However, Thanksgiving at all of their residences goes awry.
  11. "The Mermaid Theory": The gang doesn't believe that it's safe for Ted, a single man, to hang out with Zoey, a married women. Meanwhile, Marshall and Robin decide to spend some time together.
  12. "False Positive": When it turns up that Lily's pregnant, the outcome of reflecting on their own lives turns out to be nothing but positive for the rest of the gang.
  13. "Bad News": Lily fears that she will never get pregnant, so she and Marshall go see a reproduction specialist. Marshall's parents come to visit, but after they leave Marshall receives some bad news.
  14. "Last Words": The gang tries to console Marshall as he struggles coming to terms with his last words to his father. Barney decides that he's ready to meet his dad.
  15. "Oh Honey": Ted and Zoey struggle when confessing their feelings to each other when Zoey's cousin Honey is in town visiting.
  16. "Desperation Day": Robin spends Valentine's day with her coworkers, Barney takes advantage of single women, and Lily struggles with facing the holiday without Marshall.
  17. "Garbage Island": The Captain latches onto Ted as a friend in his time of need during he and Zoey's divorce, not knowing that Ted is the reason behind it. Marshall becomes obsessed with saving the environment.
  18. "A Change of Heart": Barney fears that he may be in love with Robin's coworker, Nora, while Robin's new boyfriend has undeniably dog-like behavior.
  19. "Legendaddy": Barney comes to terms with the fact that his dad is just a boring old suburban father. The gang begins pointing out each others flaws.
  20. "The Exploding Meatball Sub": Barney is dismayed at Marshall leaving GNB to join an environmental organization due to the fact that he never got to execute a prank as revenge for Marshall pointing out a stain on Barney's clothing.
  21. "Hopeless": Barney tries to get his dad drunk in order to connect with the reckless party animal that Jerry was when Barney was just a kid.
  22. "The Perfect Cocktail": Marshall and Barney turn on each other when discussing the demolition plans for the Arcadian hotel, and Robin and Lily try to patch things up between them by getting them drunk.
  23. "Landmarks": Zoey finds a way to get Ted to side with her on keeping the Arcadian from being demolished, but after Robin tells him that his relationship with Zoey is doomed either way, he finds himself in a sticky situation.
  24. "Challenge Accepted": Ted and Barney argue over who gets to press the button to blow up the Arcadian, Ted tries to get back together with Zoey after she tells him she want to try again, and Lily accidentally feeds Marshall a bowl of food-poisoned soup on the day of an important job interview.

    Season Seven 
  1. "The Best Man": Ted and Barney, at Barney's future wedding, think back to when Ted was the best man at Punchy's wedding, which they describe as "the worst wedding ever".Meanwhile, Robin debates over telling Barney she has feelings for him.
  2. "The Naked Truth": Marshall worries that a background check at his new job will cause him to be fired when a video of him from the past becomes apparent. Meanwhile, Ted tries to decide who to go with to the Architects Ball.
  3. "Ducky Tie": Ted tries to patch things up with his old girlfriend Victoria, who reveals she's engaged to a man she met in Germany. Barney makes a bet with Marshall and Lily.
  4. "The Stinson Missile Crisis": Robin recounts to her court-mandated therapist why she assaulted a girl, while Ted becomes too involved in Lily's pregnancy.
  5. "Field Trip": Barney accompanies Ted on a failing field trip with his architecture class. Marshall is surprised at his boss for making such huge amends in order to settle with a big business, and learns the shocking and depressing truth behind his new job.
  6. "Mystery vs. History": The gang does a background check on a girl Ted is on a date with and discover something surprising about her. Lily and Marshall refuse to discover the sex of their baby.
  7. "Noretta": Barney plans the perfect night for Nora, but it everything constantly goes wrong. Meanwhile, the gang realizes that their partners remind them of their parents in some ways, making things awkward between Lily and Marshall.
  8. "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns": Ted finally finds The Slutty Pumpkin, but things aren't as magical between the two as they remember. Barney discovers that he is one quarter Canadian.
  9. "Disaster Averted": The gang explains to Robin's boyfriend Kevin about why there is a "No Boogie Boarding" sign in front of MacLaren's, taking them back to the story of where they were during Hurricane Irene.
  10. "Tick Tick Tick...": After Barney and Robin sleep together, they plan on breaking up with their current partners and getting back together. Ted and Marshall go to a concert and search for some nachos for Lily.
  11. "The Rebound Girl": Ted and Barney talk about adopting a baby together, but when Ted is convinced otherwise, Barney still goes through with it. Robin tries to convince Marshall and Lily not to move to Long Island.
  12. "Symphony of Illumination": Robin supposedly recounts to her future kids about the time that she was told she could never have children. Marshall gets trapped on the roof of his house by a teenager who uses it for a party.
  13. "Tailgate": Marshall visits his father's grave to recount the story of New Year's Eve and continue their tradition of tailgating. Ted and Barney open a bar called "Puzzles", and Robin deals with the turning point of her career.
  14. "46 Minutes": Barney declares himself the new leader of the gang after Marshall and Lily move, and replaces them with "Stripper Lily" and her boyfriend, who are nothing but bad news. Lily's dad torments her and Marshall about their new house which he knows better than them.
  15. "The Burning Beekeeper": Marshall and Lily have a housewarming party, and Future Ted explains how everything went wrong in a mere five minutes by recapping the events in each individual room.
  16. "The Drunk Train": Lily and Marshall worry about Lily's pregnancy, Ted and Barney ride "The Drunk Train", and Kevin proposes to Robin.
  17. "No Pressure": After Kevin and Robin breakup, Ted tells her his feelings for her, and Marshall tries to get the two together. Meanwhile, Barney finds a box of long-term bets in Marshall and Lily's place.
  18. "Karma": Barney tries to convince Quinn to go out with him, while Ted struggles with ideas of what to do with Robin's old room now that she's moved in with Marshall and Lily.
  19. "The Broath": Barney and Quinn want to move in together, causing Ted and Robin to fight over her old apartment. The gang doesn't trust Quinn, and try to break her and Barney up.
  20. "Trilogy Time": Ted, Barney, and Marshall continue their three year tradition of watching the original Star Wars trilogy together, thinking back to when they've done it in the past, and looking forward to when they'll do it in the future.
  21. "Now We're Even": Barney tries to get Ted out on the town in order to distract himself from what Quinn is doing over at the Lusty Leopard. Lily has an erotic dream about someone, and Marshall tries to figure out who.
  22. "Good Crazy": Marshall accidentally ends up on a road trip with Barney to Atlantic City while Lily goes into labor. Ted sees Robin everywhere, and decides to patch things up between them.
  23. "The Magician's Code, Part 1": Ted and Robin try to keep Lily's mind occupied with stories while she's giving birth, while Marshall and Barney try to make it back to New York in time.
  24. "The Magician's Code, Part 2": When Ted analyzes his past relationships and finds that the only one that wasn't bad was with Victoria, he makes an attempt to contact her, but is conflicted when she wants him to run away with her on the day of her wedding. Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are arrested by airport security while waiting to board the plane for their vacation to Hawaii, and Barney refuses to open a box he brought.

    Season Eight 
  1. "Farhampton": Ted tries to leave a note to Victoria's fiance explaining that she's run out on their wedding day, while Lily and Marshall hide the fact that Barney and Robin used to date from Quinn.
  2. "The Pre-Nup": Barney proposes an outrageous pre-nup to Quinn, leading to support from the rest of the guys, and prompting Quinn to write her own pre-nup to Barney.
  3. "Nannies": Lily and Marshall struggle when searching for a nanny for baby Marvin, while Barney uses them as a means of having sex. Meanwhile Robin and Ted fight about the seriousness of their relationships.
  4. "Who Wants to be a Godparent?": Marshall and Lily test the ability of each of the gang members to be a godparent to their son via a game show setup.
  5. "The Autumn of Breakups": As the autumn of breakups continues, Victoria agrees to marry Ted under the condition that he and Robin stop being friends. Barney starts using a dog as a wingman.
  6. "Splitsville": Marshall and Lily seek time alone together, while Robin struggles to breakup with her boyfriend Nick, prompting help from Barney.
  7. "The Stamp Tramp": When Marshall tries to bet his old friend Brad a job at his firm, Brad completely trashes the interview, leaving Marshall to deal with his already skeptical boss. Robin helps Barney find another regular strip club to attend now that the Lusty Leopard is a no-go.
  8. "Twelve Horny Women": Marshall and his old (now former) friend Brad face off in the most important court case of Marshall's career. Brad uses his sex appeal to win over the judge and jury.
  9. "Lobster Crawl": Robin desperately tries to get back together with Barney. Ted subs as Marvin's nanny, but Marshall and Lily realize that he's becoming way too close with their son.
  10. "The Over-Correction": Robin tries to find out how serious Barney's relationship with Patrice really is, as Marshall and Lily deal with the fact that Marshall's widowed mother is screwing Lily's dad.
  11. "The Final Page, Part 1": Ted aims to prove his old architecture professor who never believed in him wrong before the opening of his building. Barney gets jinxed by Marshall, and Robin finally talks to Patrice about Barney.
  12. "The Final Page, Part 2": Lily and Marshall undergo separation anxiety from Marvin during their first night away from him. Ted debates over whether or not he should tell Robin that Barney is going to propose to Patrice.
  13. "Band or DJ?": Lily and Ted fight about the plans for Robin and Barney's wedding, thought each of them eventually admit that their fighting is mainly due to regrets they're still holding onto. Barney tries to bond with Robin's father when he finds out that he's marrying her.
  14. "Ring Up!": Barney urges Ted to sleep with a younger woman he's been dating, but is shocked when it ends up being his half-sister. Robin adjusts to her status as an engaged woman.
  15. "P. S. I Love You": Barney tries to find out the identity of a man Robin was obsessed with as a teenager. Marshall and Lily are concerned that Ted's new girlfriend is a stalker.
  16. "Bad Crazy": Robin overcomes her fear of babies when she bonds with Marvin on a babysitting adventure. Ted is reluctant to admit that his new girlfriend is unstable and a bad influence.
  17. "The Ashtray": The gang is confused as to how their last meeting with The Captain went down, and Lily's the only one with a reliable story.
  18. "Weekend at Barney's": Ted and Jeanette part ways, leading Barney to bring out the Playbook, which he apparently didn't burn. Marshall goes through some mild humiliation when he and Lily visit an art gallery.
  19. "The Fortress": Robin somehow convinces Barney to sell his apartment, while tension rises between Lily and Marshall since Lily's new job forces them to spend less time together.
  20. "The Time Travelers": Future Barney and Ted show up at MacLaren's to try and convince Ted to go to robots vs. wrestlers. Marshall and Robin see who's the better dancer.
  21. "Romeward Bound": Lily is asked by The Captain to move to Rome for a year as her art consultant, but Lily is too afraid of Marshall's reaction to take the job. Ted and Barney try to get an attractive woman to take off her puffy coat.
  22. "The Bro Mitzvah": Ted and Marshall take Barney on what turns out to be the worst bachelor party ever, while Robin is stuck at a restaurant eating dinner with his mother.
  23. "Something Old": Barney invites Robin's father to go play laser tag with him in order to bond, while Marshall and Lily require Ted's assistance to help them pack for Rome. Robin searches for a locket she buried years ago for her future wedding to wear as her "Something Old".
  24. "Something New": The gang prepares for the upcoming big wedding. Ted takes Lily to go see the renovations he's made to his house in Westchester, which turns out to be for sale, as Ted is planning on moving to Chicago after the wedding. Marshall takes baby Marvin to Minnesota one more time before the big move to Rome, but is offered the job of judge that he applied for a few months back, accepting it without Lily's permission.

    Season Nine 
  1. "The Locket": Robin and Barney receive shocking news that they have a cousin in common, and that they might be blood relatives. Marshall worries that Lily will see a picture that reveals he's accepted the judgeship without consulting her.
  2. "Coming Back": Robin worries about Barney's reaction to discovering that James and his husband are getting divorced. Marshall struggles to find a way to make it to the wedding from Minnesota.
  3. "Last Time in New York": Lily becomes increasingly annoyed at being the only one to know about Ted's move to Chicago. Barney and Robin look for a place to have sex one more time before their elderly relatives arrive.
  4. "The Broken Code": Barney reveals to Ted that he's frustrated with him after seeing him with Robin searching for her locket. Lily tries to find a new friend for Robin after discovering that she's Robin's only girl friend.
  5. "The Poker Game": There is tension between Robin and Loretta after Robin takes her and James' stuff in a poker game. Marshall begins to form a bond with his driving companion, Daphne.
  6. "Knight Vision": Ted constantly makes poor decisions over the weekend, leading to a sexless night comforting a recently singled woman. Barney and Robin's minister refuses to wed them.
  7. "No Questions Asked": Daphne sends a text message to Lily about Marshall's judgeship, prompting him to call each member of the game to try and delete it before she reads it.
  8. "The Lighthouse": Ted and Cassie, the recently singled girl from earlier, try and enjoy a trip to the nearby lighthouse. The conflict between Robin and Loretta resurfaces.
  9. "Platonish": The gang recounts a story from 2012 when Barney failed to finish a challenge, Ted and Marshall discussed Ted's relationship with Robin, and Barney had an encounter with The Mother.
  10. "Mom and Dad": Barney and James compete to see who can get their dad back together with Loretta. Meanwhile, Ted investigates the destruction of a wedding artifact that was blamed on him.
  11. "Bedtime Stories": As Marshall continues to approach the wedding, he recites three rhyming bedtime stories to Marvin in order to get him to sleep.
  12. "The Rehearsal Dinner": Barney convinces himself that Robin has planned a surprise rehearsal dinner at the nearby laser tag place. Lily is distraught when she is not told the details to the rehearsal dinner since nobody thinks she can keep a secret.
  13. "Bass Player Wanted": The gang crosses paths with Darren, the lead singer in the band playing at the wedding who finds ways of getting friends to start fighting just because he can. The Mother picks up Marshall and Marvin on the side of the road and drives them to the wedding.
  14. "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra": Marshall prepares to give Barney his final slap from the slap bet, recounting the story of how he went through methods of making it as painful as humanly possible.
  15. "Unpause": Marshall tries to keep Lily from fighting with him by having sex with her until she falls asleep. Robin and Ted take advantage of Barney's latest state of drunkeness, which renders him unable to lie.
  16. "How Your Mother Met Me": In this heartwarming 200th episode, Future Ted recounts how he and The Mother barely crossed paths in some essential moments in each others' lives.
  17. "Sunrise": As Ted and Robin search for a drunken Barney, Marshall is visited by the ghosts living in his room. Meanwhile, Barney passes on his wisdom to a new generation.
  18. "Rally": Ted and Marshall race to gather the components to Stinson's Hangover Elixir while Lily and Robin try everything to wake Barney enough to reveal the secret ingredient only he knows.
  19. "Vesuvius": Lily and Robin have a fight over Robin not treating her wedding like it's a big deal. Meanwhile, Ted tries to help Barney pick a suit for the wedding.
  20. "Daisy" When Robin's mom arrives in time for the wedding, her reminiscings start to get to Robin. Meanwhile, Marshall, Ted and Barney try to find out what happened when Lily left the night before.
  21. "Gary Blauman" An unexpected guest causes last minute problems for Robin and Barney; the gang is split on whether or not to let him stay.
  22. "The End of the Aisle" As Barney and Robin fight last minute jitters, Marshall and Lily revisit their own vows. Robin gets her locket from Ted and a last piece of advice from the Mother.
  23. "Last Forever, Part 1" Ted's fateful meeting with The Mother brings him back to New York, and over the years their relationship develops. The other members of the gang evolve as well, though Robin begins to feel jaded about "the gang" remaining together as they grow older.
  24. "Last Forever, Part 2" The gang comes to terms with changes in their lives, and Ted and The Mother finally marry. While their actual first meeting is finally shown, Future Ted finds closure of his own as his children figure out why he really told them the story.


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