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  • The opening theme for House, both in its truncated form and its full-length form: "Teardrop" from Massive Attack.
  • The European opening theme isn't bad either.
  • The use of "Into Dust" by Mazzy Star when somebody dies at the end of episode 3x03.
  • The use of "Passing Afternoon" by Iron & Wine when Amber dies was a real Tear Jerker.
  • re: Stacks by Bon Iver as Wilson switches off Amber's life support is brilliantly used. It makes for a very moving scene even though Amber wasn't even a particularly well-liked character.
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  • The cover of "My Body is a Cage" by Peter Gabriel in "Out of the Chute."
  • "Dark Road" by Annie Lennox used at the end of 'Lucky Thirteen'. More bittersweet, really.
  • Too bad we don't get to hear more of it, but the opening of "I Don't Like Mondays" makes an appearance in the Season 3 episode "Half-Wit".
  • House and Cuddy's rendition of Get Happy from "Bombshells".
  • The use of Warren Zevon's "Keep Me in Your Heart" during the finale.
  • "Midnight Train to Georgia" as performed by Chase ft. House and Foreman.
  • Pretty much any time House sits at a piano, or when we have an ambient piano theme and a pullaway to reveal House playing.
  • The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" appears in both the Pilot - in which House also quotes it - and the season 1 finale.
  • Vitamin String Quartet's cover of "As Tears Go By" plays over the bittersweet closing montage of the season 5 finale.
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  • Funkadelic's emotive instrumental "Maggot Brain" soundtracks a montage at the end of "The Down Low", an episode in which House and his team were unable to save the patient.
  • The entire opening montage of "Broken", the premier of Season 6 where House writhes in pain during Rehab at a psych ward for a good few minutes accompanied by the unbelievably fitting "No Surprises" by Radiohead.


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