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Haiku / House

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He's snarky and tall
Untangles squicky illness
People are baffled.

He's old and damaged
A medical detective
Addicted to drugs.

A snarky old doc
With stubble and no lab coat
Its never lupus.

He thinks he's so smart
And so, he's a total ass
Huge ego, sorry

Docs House and Cuddy
You're made for each other, but
Will not be happy.

Both House and Wilson
Fail to see what is right there
In front of their eyes


Doctor Sherlock Holmes
except he's American
Played by Hugh Laurie.

Used to miss Stacey
Then took Cuddy for a spin
Wilson has cancer

Had vicodin stash
Started hallucinating
Now takes Vicodin

Remy Hadley's sick
It's Huntington's chorea
Copes with hot gay sex

Chase is a hot mess
Nymphomaniac suck up
Becomes the new house

Someone save Brenda
House Is a dick to nurses
She deserves better
->— Alden2

It is not lupus.
In case you may not have heard
It is not lupus.

Never right first time
Just because he made mistakes
Parents don't trust him
But they're idiots
Can it really be his fault
That the symptoms changed?
—>—-@Sensei Le Roof


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