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So the name's Phoenician (but you can call me Pheon). I've worked on a few other wikis around the net of various notorieties, but I was most active with the online series lonelygirl15, where I was even an Admin for the LGPedia (semi-retired more accurately, vanished-with-no-two-weeks-notice to be frank). And while I have an account on that other Wiki, I'm hardly a serious editor person . . .

I hail from Phoenix, Arizona, went to school in Los Angeles, California . . . and now I'm at one of those crossroad-thingies. d:


As for this site, I've been a fan of the Tropes for sometime but I've yet to make any significant contributions or reviews . . . shoot, I've yet to make ANY contributions or reviews. :)

This troper provides examples of:

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! - In my opinion I think I'm just one notch shy of this, because while shiny objects aren't necessary, I am easily, easily entertained XD
  • Haiku — Check out a few attempts under House, Lion King, Macbeth, Seinfeld, and South Park ;)
  • Pungeon Master - Actually, I'm pretty merciful to my online associates, but in the real world my jokes tend to be quite pungent ;)


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