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Drinking Game / House

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Drinking game for House: This game is meant to be played with a low-alcohol content drink such as beer. If you play with anything stronger, then we suggest you call the hospital beforehand.


  • Drink every time you see an overhead pan shot of Princeton Plainsboro's exterior.
  • Drink whenever House or someone on his team breaks into a patient's home.
    • For the bold: Start drinking when they get inside, keep drinking until they leave. (Sidenote: This WILL kill you.)
  • Drink every time vasculitis, lupus, or sarcoidosis are floated as potential diagnoses.
    • Finish the drink if it turns out to be one of those. Two drinks if it turns out to be lupus.
    • For the especially bold (or those with exceptionally resilient livers), drink once every time a disease you don't recognize is mentioned, drink twice if a disease you do recognize is mentioned.
  • Drink every time a Walk and Talk moves into the elevators.
  • Drink every time somebody uses the word "Miserable".
  • Drink every time someone dies.
  • Drink every time people go into a chain of logical conclusions: "You want to x because you y, you y because there is a z, z is caused by your w...
  • Drink every time medical equipment is damaged or destroyed.
  • Drink every time the main characters bet on something.
  • Drink every time "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones is played, mentioned, or quoted.
  • Drink every time the correct diagnosis is explained with animation.
  • Take a shot after any episode where a meningitis diagnosis causes widespread panic. Two shots if the diagnosis was wrong.
House specific:
  • Drink whenever House calls someone an idiot.
  • Drink whenever House leaves without speaking.
  • Drink whenever House says something that would get him fired if he wasn't, y'know, House.
    • Two drinks if House does something he by all rights should get arrested for, but doesn't.
  • Take a drink whenever House takes a Vicodin.
  • Drink whenever House says something with blatant sexual innuendo.
  • Take a shot whenever House fires someone.
  • Take a drink whenever House calls a member of his team by a nickname.
    • Take two if the nickname is offensive.
  • Drink every time House has a "House Moment", i.e. when something he hears or observes makes him realize the solution to his case or another problem he's been having. Two drinks every time someone other than him has a House Moment.
  • Drink every time house references Cuddy's anatomy.
  • Drink every time House mocks religion or religious people.
Wilson specific:
  • Take a drink whenever he calls House an Ass.
  • Take a drink whenever Wilson and House have a "Bromantic" moment.
  • Take a drink whenever Wilson uses House's team.
  • Take a shot whenever Wilson outsmarts House.
Cuddy Specific:
  • Take a shot whenever Cuddy is left speechless by something House does
  • Take a drink whenever Cuddy tells House he can't do something
    • Fun Variation: If you know Cuddy will eventually say yes, take a drink for every line of dialogue she has between her initial no and her eventual yes.
Patient Specific:
  • Take a drink whenever an organ fails.
  • Take a drink if something goes wrong while the patient is in the MRI.
  • Take a drink whenever the patient develops a gross symptom.
    • Take two drinks if this happens right before a commercial break.
  • Take a drink whenever a patient or patient's loved one physically attacks one of the doctors.
  • Take a drink whenever the patient collapses during the cold open.
  • Take a drink for every tracking shot into the patient's body, showing what goes wrong inside.
  • Take a drink whenever a diagnosis turns out to be wrong.
  • Take a drink whenever they lie about something relevant to their case.