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Awesome / Willy's Wonderland

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  • You’d expect the eight animatronics to give The Janitor a hard time, right? Nope? He smashes all eight of them with ease!
    • The Janitor starts by beating Ozzy very easily with just a broken broom.
    • Then he takes down Gus with his bare hands.
    • Followed by Knighty Knight who gets killed with his own sword.
    • Arty gets brutally taken down by the Janitor.
    • And then the Janitor gets handcuffed and has to face Siren Sara and Cammmy at the same time and does it with ease.
    • Finally the Janitor faces it off with Willy and kills the bastard.
      • Willy actually proves to deserve his role as main antagonist by utterly trashing the Janitor in round one, tossing him around and wounding him, until he falls in the ball pool. His mistake, however, is to be content in it instead of dragging the body out for the kill. This gives the Janitor the time to come out and get some weapons for round two. The curb stomp is just as brutal, but this time Willy is on the receiving end, and the Janitor actually makes sure to finish the job.
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    • And finally Tito gets ran over by the Janitor and Liv.
  • Liv managing to escape from Tito, proving she’s a good Final Girl.
    • That's not all, eariler Liv also managed to escape from Arty and was able to keep Cammy at bay long enough for the Janitor to return.
  • Sheriff Lund's death is a rewarding moment of itself, especially considering the fact that she gets killed by the same creature she fed countless innocent people to.

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