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The Drifter has been to Willy's Wonderland before.
If this picture is still canon by the time the movie comes out, then the father seen to the right is who the Drifter used to be. He lost his family in Willy's, and has been drifting from state to state ever since. He's also been training in hand-to-hand combat, or perhaps was an army soldier, and that's what allows him to hold his own against the animatronic killers.

When he sees he's back in Hayesville, he takes the job, knowing the animatronics are alive and bloodthirsty, so he can get revenge against the animatronics for taking his family from him.

The Janitor is fey, such as a Brownie.
He's bound by contracts that he follows to the letter, lives off of sugar drinks (soda instead of the traditionally honey), never speaks, and is preternaturally good at cleaning.

The Janitor was a kid
Who realized the truth and wanted to take down the BASTARDS.

Liv wasn't killed
Because they never found her. Thats why the bots knew her name and seemed especially desperate to kill her. She was the one who got away.

The Drifter is a relative of Red.
As either a younger brother or a nephew, The Drifter grew up hearing stories of Red's crazed encounters with bizarre, demonic forces, and thus isn't surprised when he encounters some of his own. He also shares Red's exceptional combat prowess, affinity for immaculate shirts, and drinks soda as a possible nod to Red's alcoholism.

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