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  • When Ramza and Izlude face Chaos, the first Lucavi seen in the story, screw the fact that they're alone and have never seen such a thing before, because they take - him - down - with nothing but their teamwork together and skill. Meaning that they proving from an early point that a) the Lucavi are not invincible; and b) anyone trained under a Beoulve is destined to become an inherent badass.
  • Ramza and his companions taking down the Lucavi duo of Queklain and Adramelk. Especially for two reasons:
    • Ramza defeats Adramelk singlehandedly, and with good motive to boot.
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    • Meanwhile Queklain deserves credit for being able to hold off Mel, Alma and Izlude together, since he only really went down when Valmafra showed up to help. Given he was originally a Starter Villain in canon, this shows the Lucavi aren't being treated as a joke even in the early stages of the story.
  • Rattletrap killing Zalera.
  • Ramza's Duel Boss fights with Gafgarion and Wiegraf - not only for being good achievements for the youthful hero (defeating much older and more experienced adversaries), but also for the author, who deserves praise for creating such effective battle sequences.
    • In detail, Ramza fights Gaff twice, first time on his own, second to try out his new Dark Sword abilities, and both times he won, sparing Gaff's life for favors. When he fought Wiegraf, he made it look real easy at first. Even when Wiegraf summoned his sword arts, Ramza neither broke in stride or faltered from the attack, as if he never felt it, and continued walking until attacking close ranged with "murder in his eyes". It was then the White Knight knew how screwed he was.
  • In Chapter 23, Zalbag and Agrias's fight with Zeromus/ Barinten. It's probably the best-written fight scene up to that point, and easily one of the best battles in the entire story in general. It took a villain from the original game who was simply a despicable and abhorrent individual, and turned him into a potent threat. Followed by:
    • Chapter 28, where Zalbag and the Lionsguard face off together against Mateus, who tops Zeromus in terms of potency in battle. Besides that, it's made even better by the fact that Alicia and Lavian's actions are what bring about his defeat in the end. Of course, come Chapter 29, this makes their Heroic Sacrifice via You Shall Not Pass! hit even harder.
  • Zalbag's Rousing Speech in Chapter 32:
    Zalbag: Look at them. Do you see what I see? I see fear! The Lucavi are cowering behind stone walls, hiding and sending their minions to protect them. Their numbers mean nothing, for each man here is worth ten of those pathetic creatures. They invaded our land, seeking to destroy it. Be you from Gariland or Riovanes, Zeltennia or Limberry, they want to see you dead. They want your home and your family, and they thought they would have it without a fight. They thought they would have Ivalice without a fight! Now, when they see how we have banded together, they soil themselves in the fortress they built. They know we have come with righteousness and the strength of an entire nation, and it scares them! What do you think, my friends? Should we give them something more to fear?
  • Chapter 35 has two:
    • First is Valmafra's magical duel with Kletian, not only for the sheer epicness described in the battle but also because she takes him down using other abilities he didn't teach her, taking him by surprise despite his raw magical power overwhelming hers.
    Kletian: It's a pity, however, as it seems you didn't learn enough.
    Valmafra: Not everything I learned came from you. I'm an assassin, remember?
    • Second is Wiegraf's fight with the Lucavi demon Velius. Even the offer of power and losing an arm didn't deter his determination and morals unlike in canon, and while he loses, he does save Ovelia's life.
  • The entirety of Chapter 36, the "Airship Battle" chapter, which delivers just as the author has been promising.
  • Gaffgarion extracting some well timed revenge on Elmdore, using Cid's Excalibur to shatter Masamune. Complete with fear shock and fisticuffs afterward.
  • In Chapter 38, Izlude faces Vormav/Hashmal all by himself. And wins.
  • Rattletrap gains three back to back in the form of three specific tropes: Heroic Sacrifice, Big Damn Heroes, and Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Ramza fusing with Pashtarot. Altima lost all hope of winning that battle the moment it happened.

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