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Trivia / The Lion Of Ivalice

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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The author had first been planning to use original Lucavi to fill in for the other Zodiac stone demons until a few readers reminded him about FFXII's Espers. Good thing too, as it turns out all of them, in particular Shemhazai perfectly fit the roles that otherwise would have gone to OCs.
    • Regarding the above: Shemhazai is an incredibly fortuitous fit because one, she is the only female Esper besides Ultima, and two, she is aligned with the Sagittarius sign. Both these factors combine to make her the perfect being to possess Meliadoul: namely, because Meliadoul is a woman, and in a stroke of pure luck, she is also the holder of the Sagittarius stone in the original FFT canon!!
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    • The same for the Three-Act Structure - originally, Chapter 24 was the final segment of "Part Two", but after some recommendation and thought the author decided that Chapter 29 was a better cut-off point. Of course, it helps that "Part Three" in particular grew in the telling, battles being expanded on and divided into multiple chapters contrary to the author's initial intentions.

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