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Heartwarming / The Lion Of Ivalice

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  • Chapter 14, as Alma and Izlude shared a Bervenian rooftop in winter.
    Izlude: “I suppose I wouldn’t mind just doing this, when all is said and done.”
    Alma: “Sitting on a roof in the dead of winter?”
    Izlude: “If it’s with you, yes.”
  • Starting with Chapter 22, all moments between Agrias and Zalbag.
  • Chapter 31, regarding Cid and Ruvelia and the fact that despite their tense interactions with each other, they still love each other.
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  • This moment in Chapter 32, in the lead-up to the final battle:
    Izlude: "I'll be stuck with you as a brother within a week, surely."
    Ramza: "Izlude. You're already my brother."
  • Cid and Gafgarion always rubbed each other off the wrong way yet showed themselves to be civil and understanding. Come the final battle, Cid suffers fatal wounds by Elmdore, and Gaff, with the help of some barricading Nantens, stays by him in his final moments, with a promise to get his ring to his past lover. The following dialogue also highlights how Cid always cared for Ruvelia and even Gaff could see that.
    Cid: See that she gets this.
    Gaff: The Seal of Gallione? How long have you carried this?
    Cid Since the day Ruvelia placed it in my hand.
    Gaff: If it's the last thing I do, you old fool, I'll make sure she has it, and knows it remained close to your heart.
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  • Delita is rather surprised (as well as mad and concerned) to see Ovelia out in the battlefield in "The Stalwart", but seeing her determined and helping an injured Wiegraf, along with other injured soldiers made him see the resolute princess again, and reminded him all over again why he came to love her.
    Ovelia: (resting on him) You can scream at me when we've returned to Lesalia.
    Delita: (hugging her) I wouldn't dream of it.
  • A somewhat unusual one in Chapter 37, combined with Tear Jerker: Celia and Lede spare a moment of silence for Rattletrap, who saved their lives as they were falling at the expense of his own. Given that they started out treating him as an object just because he was intimidating, and then went to tolerating him because he was useful, it speaks volumes about the Character Development that occured that they are now staring into his lifeless eyes and feeling as though they've truly lost a friend - followed by ripping into the Lucavi's forces in righteous anger.
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  • In Chapter 39, Ramza forgives Meliadoul for her rash actions, which exponentially increased the threat to Ivalice (and hurt him), and subsequently promises to return to her after defeating Altima.
  • The Epilogue. Period. "Happy Birthday, brother."

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