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Funny / The Lion Of Ivalice

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  • Chapter 19's debut of Rattletrap.
    Celia: Can we kill it?
    • Later, after they find an airship, and try to escape with it... by flying towards the ceiling.
      Mustadio: We need to make an exit somehow.
      Rattletrap: Exit? (blasts a giant hole in the wall via Chest Blaster just as they fly through) Exit. Entering Recharge State.
      Celia: I retract my previous statement. Let's not kill it.
  • Chapter 23: Alma and Izlude's passionate First Kiss is interrupted when Agrias, Alicia, Lavian, and Zalbag walk into the room. A bonus for Zalbag and his epic Death Glare at Izlude.
    Zalbag: By all means, don't stop on our account.
    Alma: Oh, grow up.
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  • How Meliadoul earns Ramza's trust: by kissing him (which was a spur of the moment thing with NO ulterior motives)
    Ramza: In my room...
    Meliadoul: Ha! What kind of woman do you take me for?
  • After slaying Exodus, Olan makes a silly joke to Gaff, saying he can take the big helmet before them. They (along with Zalbag and Agrias) laugh so hysterically that the Tingel siblings walk in perplexed and a little bit concerned, as you would expect them to be.
    • Olan gets another one later that after surviving an airship crash landing from the sky and everyone is frozen stiff for so long, he lets out a victory whoop.
  • The Epilogue is very lighthearted, especially when Izlude tells of an alternate story that is very akin to the original game; how Ramza fought towards Murond, ends up in the depths of hell, fights Altima in the graveyard of ships, saves the 'helpless sister', and manages to escape in time. Some find the story too incredulous to believe, while Gaff likes it and wants to tell those events as true from then on... until Izlude says that Ramza kills him in that interpretation.
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  • Also in the epilogue was Mustadio, and this piece of dialogue:
    Mustadio: I must say, traveling by chocobo is far less convenient.
    Olan: It's probably safer though. Last I recall, you manage to crash two airships in a single day.
    Mustadio: Of course, let's not mention how many I destroyed with my incredible skill. I'll have you know, Olan, more people die in chocobo related accidents every year than die in an airship mishap.

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