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  • From The First Legend
    • Twilight Sparkle manages to pull off the same trick her brother and sister-in-law can do: creating a gigantic force field surrounding something big.
    • Pinkie Pie unlocking her airbending by blowing over a team of Mecha Tanks coming at her.
  • From Spirits of Courage
    • A villainous one: It turns out Unalaq can't hear the ponies after all. He just mastered lip reading as a way to make it seem like he did. Awesomely clever.
  • From The Great Change
    • Rarity managing to make Huan a great sculptor after all. All he needed was a little artistic critiquing.
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    • Team Avatar Harmony managing to double cross Zaheer. How? Well, they had Twilight transmogrify herself to look like Korra, and then when the treachery was revealed, she just slipped out easy thanks to magic.
    • The epic magic battle between 2 alicorns and Tirek.
  • From The Nightmare's Return
    • Opal confronting Asami directly about her intention to break up with Bolin, and how she can see what she and bolin share when she wasn't looking. That takes a lot of courage to talk openly about love like that to someone who's giving you the cold shoulder.
    • Nightmara's dark curse. Evil, but awesome in how it affects not just 1, but 3 worlds.
      • In addition, she kidnaps Twilight, because without her, how could they element blast her?
    • Mako confronts the killer of his parents, finally saying that he's strong enough to not let that dominate who he is anymore.
  • From A Kingdom of Friendship
    • Twilight Sparkle casting a power-nullifying spell that keeps Starlight Glimmer from using her cutie-mark stealing spell.Unfortunately, it didn't stop her from time travelling.
    • When Rarity calls a Big "NO!" on her canterlot boutique, due to her being a waterbender now, she explodes all the waters around her shop in her rage.
    • Svengallop gets what's coming to him when Naga sits on him, forcing him to stay lie in the dirt as punishment for running Pinkie Pie ragged and forcing Coloratura to be somepony other than who he really is. Karma at its best!
    • The Cutie Remark provides for a more elaborate Deconstruction of Starlight Glimmer's motives than in the original when Asami, Flash Sentry, Mako, Bolin, Twilight, and Spike reveal the consequences of her actions. In their explanation, they manage to make her take a moment to reflect upon her goals and her revenge plan, making her Heel–Face Turn more poignant and much more believable, especially after she reveals how she came to be the unhinged pony that she is. It has to be read to be believed.
  • From Friendship Games
    • A smaller moment compared to others, but Human Flash Sentry risking his life just to protect Puppy Spike when Spike was about to get blasted by one of the rifts to Equestria. He got knock out and hurt in the process but succeeded in saving Spike's life.
    • Sunset takes on Rainbow Power from both harmony squads, going all phoenix power in order to win victory over Evil!Twilight.
    • When Cinch loses her cool and snaps at the Shadowbolts for turning on her, Cadence snaps back at her, berating the Principal for working only for her selfish gain. Then Cinch gets an allergic reaction from exposure to Dog!Spike, Naga, and Pabu and runs away scratching and screaming her head off while everyone laughs.
      • Cinch is also slated to be fired and replaced. Dean Cadence plans to have the school report her to the schoolboard to face justice for her crimes.
  • From Balance of the Heart
  • Shadow of Ronin
    • The Little Pony Legend gets its first genuine Big Badass Battle Sequence in the battle at the Southern spirit portal. On one side, the forces of darkness including a sword wielding sorcerer, a shadowy wisp, The Hero's Living Shadow, A host of corrupted spirits and 1 Demonic Possession commander with a blade of darkness. On the other, Team Avatar Harmony, Airbenders, the Alicorns, The Changelings, The spirits and the spirit of Chaos. And it is GLORIOUS!!


  • Just the whole crossover itself is awesome. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and The Legend of Korra are like peanut butter and chocolate. They're both good shows by themselves, but no one would think that they could go so well together. Maggie, however, proved otherwise by merging the storylines of both with ease, emphasizing how both shows have common themes that enable them to be blended together in an epic Fusion Fic.

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