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     Series 1 
  • Friend Like Me itself would count, as it's the very first story in the series.
    • Nala not letting the taunts of the other girl cubs get to her immediately establishes her as a tough girl who won't take it from anyone.
    • Scar's cameo. Notable as the very first appearance of a villain in the series.
    • Simba and Nala's meeting, of course!
  • Make or Break would also count, seeing as Scar is the star along with the hyenas.
    • Simba waking up and indadvertedly wrecking the hyenas' plan.
  • Magic Mystery Show is Hago's debut.
    • The story's jungle setting and the whole legend of the Jewel of the Macaw.
    • The cubs exploring the cavern filled with treasures when trying to find the Jewel.
    • The cubs escaping Hago, along with Simba throwing the Jewel into the river.
  • At the end of Dead as a Dodo, Zazu reveals he tricked the cubs into thinking he was dead, and thus got to listen to them being consumed by their own fear.
  • A few things in Number One Fan:
    • Scar being in the story, even though his screentime is shorter than usual.
    • Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story.
    • Simba and Nala scaring off Mtumwa just by snarling at him.
  • A few things in King's Ransom:
    • Scar and Hago working together and being in most of the story.
    • Simba standing up for his beliefs and going out to rescue Nala.
    • Simba using both his brains and claws to defeat Hago and Scar.
  • A few things in Your Worst Nightmare:
    • Hago as the main villain of the story.
    • Mufasa and Sarabi deciding that the cubs get to stay up two hours later because of their bravery yesterday.
    • Simba fighting back against the dream, eventually saving himself.
  • A few things in Miss the Girl:
    • Given Hago is the definition of CMOA, his presence in this story most definitely qualifies.
    • Zazu comforting Simba is both this and Heartwarming.
    • Simba tackling Moto.. Too bad it doesn't end well...
    • Hago calling out Nala's poor treatment of Simba. Nothing like a good Hannibal Lecture/"The Reason You Suck" Speech simultaneously to tell someone how they treated their best friend.
    • Simba attacking Hago.
  • A few things in Zazu's in Charge:
    • Hago and Scar's scenes.
    • The confrontation between Hago and Scar.
    • Simba clawing Hago and Bora in the face, knocking them both unconscious.
  • A few things in You're Fired:
    • Shenzi and Banzai as the lead bad guys.
    • The opening confrontation between Simba and Nala and the hyenas.
    • Scar's scenes.
    • The brief mention of Hago would count, certainly.
    • The climax, where Scar indadvertedly saves the cubs.
  • A few things in Hago's Little Puppet:
    • Hago being the star of the story.
    • Simba and Nala's trip down the waterfall.
    • Sarabi saving the day.
  • A few moments in Army of Evil:
    • Hago and Scar teaming up again.
    • Moto standing up to the villains, even though it costs him his life.
    • The story ends on a cliffhanger, as Scar and Hago succeed in taking over the Pride Lands while Simba and Nala run away.
  • Two moments from Friends to the End stand out:
    • Just as Scar is about to kill Simba and Nala, Hago kills him with a blast of magic.
    • Not too long after that, Simba and Hago are battling atop Pride Rock, and Hago attempts to drag Simba into the flames with him. However, Simba manages to escape, and Hago falls into the flames.

     Series 2 
  • In Switching Places, Tojo gives this comeback to Tama: "You put the 'wit' in 'twit,' Tama."
  • In Mtumwa Strikes Back, two scenes would count:
    • Tojo mocking Tama as she hangs from the cliff.
    • Simba standing up against Mtumwa.
  • A few things in Two Cubs and a Baby:
    • Hago's nightmare cameo.
    • Tama revealing that Tojo is no longer her slave.
    • Simba and Nala's efforts to care for the baby.
  • The climax of Tama's Bet, where Nala apprehends Tojo, and Tama's attempts to place her under hypnosis end up freeing Simba, who prepares to attack Tama before she manages to cleverly get away.
  • A few things in Night Terrors:
    • The story is one of two to feature vampires.
    • Tama being able to turn Mufasa into a vampire.
    • Tojo aiding Simba in stopping the curse.
  • In Sick Simba, Tama decides to let her good side rule and save Simba.
  • A few moments in The Royal Reaper:
    • Simba's frightening story about the Reaper is deliciously awesome.
    • Tama saving Tojo from the fire.
    • Simba overcoming his illness and confronting the Royal Reaper.
  • Tama rejecting Usaliti as well as Simba sending Usaliti to the Darkness in All Alone.
  • The kiss scenes in Who Are You would qualify.
  • Simba battling Tama in Goodbye, Nala would count as well.
    • Tojo saving Tama from killing herself.
    • And last, but most certainly not least, is the summary of the next series, including these golden words: "...Our two favourite heroes make a new friend..." No further explanation needed.

     Series 3 
  • In Hypnotic Glint, Haiba saves the day by infiltrating the hypnotized pride and snatching the diamond away, wrestling Simba before smashing it against the wall, shattering it into a thousand pieces.
  • A few things from The Royal Challenge:
    • Hila in general, as well as the whole concept of a villain having the legal ability to challenge Simba for the throne.
    • Simba winning the Test of Intelligence.
    • Simba kicking Hila off the cliff in much the same fashion as he does Scar in the film.
  • The Return of Hago sees Hago's first non-dream appearance since the end of Series 1.
    • Nala throwing Hago's staff at him.
  • In The Prince and the Frog, Nala is the one who saves the day by coming up with the clever plan against Froggy. Hurling him across the desert would count as well.
  • A few things in God of All:
    • Zazu agreeing to go on an adventure with Simba.
    • Nala calling out Sarabi for her treatment of Simba. When Sarabi points out that Nala might just be lying to cover Simba's tracks, the cub rolls her eyes and responds, "I don't think he would have run away if that was true." She simply walks away after that, her message very clear.
    • The cubs successfully escaping the Mungu Pride and covering their tracks.
  • In Shocker, the title character's birth is both this and Nightmare Fuel.
    • Nala standing besides Simba and Haiba to help them confront Shocker.
  • Quite a bit of material from Darkness Falls:
    • Death's villainy in general. He even shot Bambi's mother!
    • Death's murder of Ahadi.
    • Death unveiling himself to the cubs.
    • Zazu finally supporting Simba and calling out Mufasa and Sarabi.
    • Tama and Tojo coming to Simba's aid by defeating Chaos.
    • Simba defeating Death at long last.
    • You-Know-Who allowing Simba and the Pride Landers to live again.

     Series 4 
  • In Drought, Nala rescues Simba from Maji's clutches and engages in a full on Cat Fight with her.
  • In Dig It, Nala goes off to rescue Simba from the camp, despite the numerous risks. Another example would be Nala and Haiba refusing to do anything for Maana, as well as Simba's courage to finally stand up to him.
  • In The Interceptor, we meet The Interceptor. That alone is awesome enough. "I like it!"
  • In Shocker's Revenge, the titular character truly takes charge, even becoming something of a Manipulative Bastard.
  • Simba fighting Vitani in The Blood Line, as well as jumping on Zira and biting deep into her neck, causing her and the other vampires to die.
  • From Changes:
    • The Interceptor returning. He couldn't stay down for long!
    • Nala attacking Shocker and pummeling him.
    • Death showing up again, even if it's not technically him.
    • The finale, where Simba faces off with the Interceptor, and Nala decides to save Simba after realizing the Interceptor's trick. Froggy kicking the Interceptor into the waterhole would count as well.
  • Quite a few things in Tama's Trouble:
    • Hago's villainy. It's easily one of his best stories, if not his best.
    • How could we possibly forget You're Only Second Rate? Like any Villain Song, it stacks up as not only the highlight of the story, but one of the best moments in the whole series.
    • Tama killing Hago. "Aren't I just a cheeky little monkey?"
  • Quite a lot from Rebirth:
    • Not only is this Scar's comeback story, it's also the only one to feature him and Shocker and Interceptor in the same story. Considering Hago appeared in the two proceeding stories, readers are not lacking in material from him either.
    • Shocker being in charge of both Froggy and Interceptor, as well as the scene of all three laughing evilly.
    • Scar's resurrection. First, Shocker throws Scar's skeleton into a fire before firing lightning bolts into it and chanting African words. Then a massive explosion consumes the landscape, followed by Scar emerging from a red mist in all his glory, letting out his signature Evil Laugh while at it. One can almost imagine "Be Prepared" playing in the background...
    • Scar and Shocker's conversation.
    • Scar unveiling his new powers and barraging Shocker with them.
    • Haiba and Scar being in the same scene is awesome by default. The fact that it's peppered with evil lines from the latter and snarky lines from the former just make it even better.
    • Nala taking charge of the situation and confronting Scar. Too bad he hypnotized her...
    • Scar managing to successfully enslave the entire pride.
    • The cubs joining forces with Shocker and Interceptor to take down Scar.
    • Scar and Shocker battling each other with their powers.
    • Simba casually talking to Scar while Interceptor and Nala grab him, and then run as Shocker electrocutes Scar to death in a spectacular display.
  • A couple things in Everyone Loves Nala:
    • The scenes with Shocker and Interceptor are pure awesomeness.
    • Simba curing Haiba, Sarafina and Shocker, and Interceptor knocking out Shocker.
  • A few things in Clone Wars:
    • Shocker and Interceptor's scenes, just because.
    • The birth of the clones is quite spectacular.
    • The cubs preying on their own weaknesses to defeat the clones.

     Series 5 
  • The Great Food Robbery in The Beginning would count, simply such it's because an ingenious plan on the part of the heroes.
    • Nala and Sarafina's interaction throughout the story.
    • Simba and Haiba crushing the Scavengers with a tree.
    • Simba convincing the Scavengers to devour each other.
    • The heroes moving into Jowai Resort.
  • Aibu as the villain in The Chase.
    • Simba and Nala outwitting Aibu in their first encounter with him.
    • The Roho denouncing Aibu as the lowest lifeform on Earth.
    • The confrontation in the cave, including Aibu insulting the cubs as he makes his escape up the staircase.
    • The creatures eating Aibu before being destroyed by the Roho.
  • Hago's brief role in The Curse of Death.
    • The exciting, perilous journey that takes up most of the story.
    • The Hermit of Hekima makes his debut. Enough said.
  • The King of Dreams returning in One Bad Night. He's even more evil than in his previous appearance...
    • This is Froggy's final story. Seeing The King of Dreams chuck him into the flames is very satisfying.
    • Simba standing up to the King of Dreams and absorbing him.
  • Zazu stopping Sarafina from killing herself in Tojo's Tyranny.
    • Also, this is the final story featuring Hago and Tojo. A strong exit for both.
    • Tama going to confront Tojo.
  • A few things in The Evil Serpent:
    • Nyoka, as a character. Because evil snakes are awesome!
    • Tama taking Tojo's advice and moving on with her life. She even takes a bath, which is an important sign of Character Development on her part.
      • Word of God later confirmed that this signified her giving up her filthy habits for good.
    • Simba and Sarafina resisting Nyoka's temptation.
    • Who can resist this? "Trussst in me, Sssimba. Trussst in me…"
      • As well as the "Ow… my sinusssesss" moment right after that.
    • Simba killing Nyoka. Yes, it does mark Simba's beginnings as a killer, but Nyoka still deserved it.
  • A couple things in The Lost World:
    • Dinosaurs in the TLK universe. Think about it for a moment.
    • Simba, despite his recent evil personality, standing up to The Hunters and telling them right to their faces that what they are doing is wrong. Consider the fact that this is a lion cub against a full-grown lion, a lioness, a tiger and a baboon with magic powers. Also, while Simba murdering the quartet was certainly wrong, there's no question they deserved it.
  • In Haiba's Wish, Haiba finally decides to accept what he has done and try to move on. It's not unlike Simba's realization in the film.
  • In Return to Camp Kazi, Simba finally uses the Uchoyo Diamond on Shauri, ordering him to destroy himself.

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