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He deserved that, 100%.

Combining Taro Yoko with PlatinumGames, the same company behind the likes of the Bayonetta series, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and The Wonderful 101, it's most certainly a given at this point that there be a dedicated page for awesome moments.

  • The Opera Singer, Simone, first premiered at E3 2016 as a part of the trailer. And it speaks volumes about the thought put into the creativity for the bosses in Automata.
    • Hell, the song alone for the boss goes above and beyond some boss theme in recent video game history. The vocals of Nami Nakagawa, Emi Evans, and newcomer J'Nique Nichole truly shine in the song along the instruments used for the Opera Singer.
    • The fight evolves into massive Tear Jerker territory when the boss is played again through 9S's perspective.
  • One to the developers for daring to put classic Shoot 'em Up gameplay on mainstream market and make it appealing to the masses.
  • The battle against the So-Shi unit in Route A is truly a visual and audio spectacle. It starts off as a Hopeless Boss Fight due to its impenetrable shield, but right as 9S shuts down the power to the factory, the entire facility goes dark as the music kicks into high gear, and what follows is an incredible battle in the dark as the only light available is the machine's massive red eye and whatever electrical sparks and energy waves are emitted from its (and your) attacks.
  • Pascal going Papa Wolf and taking down a whole army of machines by hacking and controlling a Goliath-class Engels machine.
    Pascal: Fear not, A2—I can handle this!
    • Followed by him going toe-to-toe with another Engels, making it a Mirror Boss.
  • 2B and 9S team up to take down a Goliath in the very first boss fight. A fight that sees 2B using Pod 042 to blow off one of its massive saw-blade arms, and then taking control of it and using it on it in a manner reminiscent of Metal Gear Excelsus.
    2B: Seize it's control systems!
    042: Affirmative. Infiltrating enemy sub-unit. Behavior table adjusted. Balance controls overridden. Enemy unit subjugation complete.
    • Before then flying forth, ejecting out of her flying mecha, and then using her sword to pierce its core.
    2B: Will you just die already?!
  • The credits scene of Ending E: you have to shoot the credits who are in Bullet Hell mode. By the time you reach QA team the credits will be untouchable and the shots are too chaotic to win, with the retry options taunting you how meaningless it is. If you are connected to the network however a message will appear after a few deaths saying message received and you'll see the message of everyone who has beaten the game, then you can accept the help of one after many deaths which will lead to a Triumphant Reprise of the song in the title page when six ships spins around yours and helps you trouncing through the credits. Doubles as heartwarming when it's revealed the person that helped you deleted all their save files to provide assist to other player and you are offered the same choice.
  • The surprise Level 99 boss that no one expected: Emil. He hits like a truck, even with plenty of defense chips equipped, and his heads (which he can practically flood the entire room with) can easily OH-KO you if you aren't prepared. Oh, and did we mention that this is required for 100% Completion? Or that you're forced to do this fight as 9S, whose attacks are weaker than 2B and A2's, since he's the only Playable Character that can steal from Emil? Good luck! Don't steal his stuff, you naughty kids!
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  • Then there’s the battle against the insane Emil clones. On top of each being absurdly powerful, depleting one’s HP only causes it to put up an impenetrable barrier and keep attacking. As they rave about the despair and pain of life, you begin to feel like there’s no way to win. But in the end, the lone, friendly Emil tells his clones to screw their nihilistic despair and one shots almost all of them himself.
  • The climb up the Tower where the gameplay is split between 9S and A2's individual ascensions to the very top. 9S hijacks a Flying unit from the clones while A2 rides a floating platform and both have to battle wave after wave of enemies—both Brainwashed YoRHa units and machines alike—where they finally meet up on the top to fight against the machine bosses, Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi, before they take on each other. It's the one--and only--time 9S and A2 fight as a team, and the boss battle does a good job of showing off both androids' skills.
  • The final boss fight between A2 and 9S is a real-nail biter, regardless of who you choose to control during the fight. If you choose to play as A2, 9S will actually try to hack A2 in order to slow her down (which screws around with the HUD if you let him do it too often) during the fight. He may just be a Scanner unit, but he does put up one hell of a fight.
    • A2 is no pushover either. Like 9S, she has access to Pod 042's skills and will use them to cut you down. Not to mention, since she's a combat-type android, she'll hit a lot harder and faster than 9S. In fact, the only reason 9S could get his kill on her was because A2 got distracted by 2B's memories long enough for her to miss the next parry.
  • Pod 042's method for dealing with Terminals attacking A2's Logic Circuit inside the Tower: feeding them ideas of diversity of life and evolution, which leads to both Terminals' Red Girls (a Hopeless Boss Fight until that point) annihilating each other over difference in opinion without them even knowing it. In other words...
    A2: Heh. They're acting like humans...
  • The level design of the game deserves a lot of praise.
  • Meta example: The game has had the best weekend opening sales of any Yoko Taro game, on par with Platinum's other best selling title in Bayonetta, in Japan alone.
    • To add onto that: as of April 4th, the game's shipments and sales have exceeded 1 million in just a little over a month! (For a Yoko Taro joint, this is literally unheard of.)
    • The game's word-of-mouth sales momentum is stunning: Buried near the end of a report on Square-Enix's financials, it shows that 4 million copies have sold as of March 31, 2019. A very impressive feat for the sequel to a fairly obscure spin-off that was a cult classic at best that it continues to keep sales numbers like this two years after its release.
    • On December 24, 2020, the game's official Twitter account announced it had reached 5 million copies sold. A video game having sales legs still going this strong almost 4 years after release is incredibly rare.
  • Another meta example: The stage play that was performed in May 2017. Stage plays for Japanese franchises are not rare and serve as a means of expanding the universe (other franchises that have done this include Ace Attorney, Resident Evil, and Death Note which was a stage musical), but the trade-off is that these things get very little attention overseas. However, for the Nier: Automata stage play, a Fan Translation was done for all 5 acts, which ended up catching the attention of Kira Buckland and Kyle McCarley. End result was that the two of them, along with Kyle's wife Katelyn (playing A2) and their two roommates Laura Stahl and James Anthony (playing Pod 153 and Pod 042/Zinnia, respectively), ended up doing a 2+ hour-long "dub" of the entire stage play in English, even going well above and beyond the call of duty to add appropriate mood music and sound effects with the assistance of big Nier fans and followers of Kyle's channel, specifically the users Jhei_, Emil3361, Avatism, and depotagents.
    • It's also worth noting that this dub was a cold reading. The group wanted to experience the same amount of shock in regards to the revelations in the script that the people watching did, so they didn't read any of the script until the actual reading. The fact that they were able to do so and stay completely in character almost the entire time really speaks to how good this group is at voice acting.


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