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  • The super-powered finishers Nier does at the end of every boss fight.
    • Special mention to the final fight with the Knave of Hearts, when Nier stops playing around and kills it, once and for all, by strangling it with Dark Hand.
      • The post-timeskip rematch with the Knave of Hearts counts in its entirely. The Knave is more aggressive, but Nier's attacks tear through the beast's health. It does a great job of highlighting how much stronger Nier has gotten in the past five years.
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    • Ending the fight against Wendy. First, Nier creates a massive Dark Lance, and Emil bores a hole through Wendy's tentacle armor. They both put everything they have into this attack...which culminates in dozens of Dark Lances skewering Wendy from the inside out. Then the waterfalls of blood happen.
  • When the player finally gets to see in-game the scene that goes along with Kainé's dialogue at startup.
    Kainé: [to Weiss] Now pull your head out of your goddamn ass and start fucking helping us!
  • Father Nier's reaction when he sees the Knaves of Hearts tearing the door down.
    Weiss: Dear lord, what is that thing?
    Nier: Something that's gonna die.
  • Sechs, King of Façade, turns into a walking Moment of Awesome in the second half of the game.
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  • Emil gets one near the end of the game, when Popola goes murderously insane after Devola dies and tries to kill everyone with one final attack, he splits the shield bubble he and his friends were in in two to save them from it, and just as it seems the black Sphere of Destruction is going to shatter his bubble and kill him, Emil goes berserk once more and obliterates it with his own, incinerating Popola and reducing what remained of her home to a crater. As Ending B and NieR: Automata would reveal, Emil survived and went on to live far longer than anyone else.
  • A meta-example, but one worth noting nonetheless—in spite of its failure at retail, the game got another installment, developed by PlatinumGames: NieR: Automata.
  • Another meta-example—on March 29, 2020, Square Enix announced a remaster of Replicant, which is not only fully-voiced but sees Keiichi Okabe re-record all its songs, in addition to new ones. There's no getting off Yoko Taro's Wild Ride!


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