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Awesome / Night in the Woods

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

  • Selmers' poem for the Possum Springs Poetry Society.
  • Mae (and you) gets one if you complete all the band practice sections without missing a single note, especially Pumpkin Head Guy.
  • Angus threatening to tear a couple of cultists apart during their confrontation with Mae.
    "I don't even believe in hell and I hope they all go straight there."
  • Gregg shooting the "ghost" with his crossbow.
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  • Bea really just is not having it with the cultists' myopic Motive Rant, give them a stinging rebuttal despite having guns pointed at her.
  • Mae telling the Black Goat to just shut up, already. Mae, Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?
  • Everyone saving Mae from the cultist at the elevator. Bea and Gregg hold on Mae while Angus instantly tries to drop the elevator. When they seem to lose, Gregg/Bea (depending which path you enter based on Mae's interaction throughout the story) runs to Angus and they manage to fully pull the lever, causing the mine to break in and save Mae's life.
    • Even powerless Mae gets a Moment of Awesome too. While her friends and Eide are in a tug-of-war over her, she can use her free foot to kick the cultist in the face in her attempt to slow him down and prevent him from dragging her further down. As her friend and Angus pull the lever, and the elevator is dropping down on Eide, she gives him one more kick in the hood, removing it and revealing a silhouette of his true face before the elevator decapitates him. What a smart move.
  • Mae giving her dad the mysterious tooth she found in her grandpa's safe, which was originally pulled from a scummy boss's mouth in 1870 and used as a symbol for workers' retribution.
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  • The fact that Selmers realized Dr. Hank is full of shit and switched doctors, getting clean and managing to start with a clean slate after her past of addiction and stealing from the pharmacy at which she worked. Let's hope Mae takes a page out of her book after the events of the game.


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