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  • BLR themselves. Somehow they've managed to release ten videos, the last two about 4 weeks apart. That's writing lyrics, new music, editing, recruiting singers and musicians. And somehow no one still knows anything about them.
    • And that's not just writing lyrics and music, that's writing lyrics and music that match an already made video and fit nearly perfectly with the real singer's lip movements while still being coherent (albeit with Word Salad Lyrics), as well as finding singers who sound just like the people in the videos. So they somehow watch the real videos with no sound, and come up with a completely different interpretation of what's going on the video from scratch, all while making a song that's far catchier and more impressive than the original (that, of course, is YMMV). If that's not the work of some absolutely brilliant musicians, I don't know what is.
      • Even better? It's one guy. Music, voices, editing, everything is done by ONE GUY. And yes, he even does the female parts.
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  • Just Michael Bublé's response to "Russian Unicorn" during an interview for Ustream, and the official one here.
  • Releasing two videos in one day after not having a video for three weeks. If that's not awesome...
  • 'Yeti' takes the video editing Up to Eleven by adding whole footage cut from cloth, and somehow making bits with Chris Martin chasing a Wookiee into a forest just to... Well, it's equal parts CMoA and Crowning Moment of Squick, really...
    • The song itself is actually fucking epic, for a love song between a guy and a yeti.
  • Watch "Morning Dew" and pay close attention to the part of the video when Bruno Mars sings the lines "the world's fastest girl might be wrong / we popped the cork, now it's time to go away", especially to what the monkeys are doing in the background: It becomes obvious that you're seeing the same scene played forwards, then in reverse... Meaning he wrote lyrics that matched with backwards lip movements.
    • He does the same thing with the entire bridge of "Beard With Glue," which is the chorus reversed. "Who do you think would win in a bear fight, in the night?" He actually does this quite a bit.
    • "Morning Dew" somehow manages to combine Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and some of the most nonsensical lyrics ever, and the resulting song is totally badass.
      Jay-Z: Stop me at the club, I'm Han, you're Greedo.
  • Miley Cyrus tweeted "Black Umbrella" to Snoop Dogg. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • How many songs do you know that manage to turn lyrics like "I'm body snatching you/and then Imma change your diaper" into a fist-pumpingly uplifting bizarro pop anthem?
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  • YMMV, but Tosh hiring him to lip-dub the ending of this episode surely counts...
  • Herman Cain dancing, making love, and fixing snacks for the Highlander marathon.
  • Not only was he asked to do a McDonald's commercial, but he was asked to do a McDonald's Super Bowl commercial.
  • "Medieval Land Fun Time World": The entire video is one, for actually managing to make a coherent plot line out of nothing but, well, bad lip readings.
  • In "More Walking (and Talking) Dead", they somehow managed to turn what was originally an angry rant into an actually pretty catchy Boastful Rap.
  • All three Star Wars-based BLRs. For one, all three videos were uploaded on the exact same day, following a period where a video might've come out every 2-3 months. For another, they got Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Jack Black to provide guest voices.
  • The High School Musical video was actually televised as a Disney XD special!
  • Ted Cruz giving a relatively coherent "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Trump at the end of "Cruz Talks Trump":
    Ted Cruz: [Donald Trump] is way out of his mind. Just like about all of you people, I guess. Next person that swoons by this man gets a pow in the peeper. I'll jump at you and scratch your flap 'cause you aren't ready to fight, friend! Hey, guess what? Y'all are booing, I can hear ya. I don't like it that I have to be here right now. If we elect this cartoon of a human, we will have made a mistake. A straight-up mess.
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  • Getting Mark Hamill to voice Han Solo for the The Force Awakens Bad Lip Reading video!
  • BLR savages Donald Trump's savaging of the national anthem, getting it online at about the same time as all those late night talk shows. This is considered blinding speed for BLR.
  • "Not The Future" is a surprisingly awesome pop anthem dedicated to Star Wars despite its silliness. The video uses clips from the original trilogy, but there's a montage of scenes and characters from the prequels and sequels, too, which is surprisingly powerful despite R2 saying "Get turnt, get real turnt" at the same time. It really shows how far the franchise has come, and it really works with the music.
  • "Hostiles on the Hill" turns the Battle of Hoth into a ridiculous impromptu rap battle. The clumsy lyrics over the exciting scene make it so stupid it goes back to brilliant.

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