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Awesome / Bad Days

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  • The smoke from Wolverine's cigar breaks Professor X's and Magneto's concentration during chess, so Magneto ties the Adamantium-boned Wolvie into a knot as punishment.
    • Later, Magneto mocks Professor X's inability to walk on the beach, inadvertently provoking the professor to sic a shark on him.
  • Stan Lee fending off zombies while in the world of The Walking Dead looked pretty darn cool. If only he didn't shoot Robert Kirkman along with them.
  • Deadpool pops in Thanos' episode and takes Mistress Death away after showing her his collection of pirate treasure. He also steals the Infinity Gauntlet and turns Thanos into a chicken.
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  • In the Man of Steel episode, Superman sucks his Beard of Sorrow back into his face after Green Lantern helps him find his Underwear of Power. So that's how he shaves.
  • Oracle defeats Joker by hacking his phone to turn into a bomb.
    • Also from the same short, the usually-goofy Robin turns into Nightwing to save a falling Batman.
  • Dr. Serizawa throws the Oxygen Destroyer as one final attempt to destroy Godzilla. Godzilla just flings it away with his tail, also splashing some water on Serizawa. Even more awesome, the Oxygen Destroyer lands in Roland Emmerich's hot tub, giving him a Karmic Death for directing Godzilla (1998).
  • Drax using a Batista Bomb to shoot Thanos out of a toilet and into the sun. However, this arguably becomes a Negated Moment of Awesome to viewers who realize that somehow the animators drew Drax performing a piledriver instead of a powerbomb.
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  • Stan Lee's What the Hell, Hero? speech to Brainwashed and Crazy Superman, capped off with Stan undoing the brainwashing to make him good again.