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  • In Disassembled, Venom's ice cream falls off his cone and he spends an incredibly long time staring into it, wondering where it went. Finally he puts the cone on his head and wears it as a hat.
  • Hal Jordan actually seems to enjoy times when he loses control of his new flight powers and floats off into space. On the second occurrence, the other Green Lanterns laugh at the sight of Hal leaving their planet, until Superman plops him back onto the ground and glares at them.
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  • That look on Superman's face as he realizes the city just exploded, and he flew in the wrong direction.
  • The way that Deadpool torments Wolverine by altering the animation and kissing him on the lips calls to mind a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  • After Stan Lee witnesses the super soldier serum bulk up Steve Rogers:
    I don't get it. Where'd the small guy go to?
  • In his second Iron Man-centric episode, Tony Stark is so drunk he fails to notice he's not even drinking his alcohol, but pouring it next to his mouth.
  • The ending of Wolverine's episode, where he steals some French bread and gets arrested by Inspector Javert.
  • Davor's rant in the Days of Future Past commentary about the unfaithfulness of the movie costumes, especially when sounds of breaking furniture and glass overlap his yelling.
  • In Batman and Joker, Batman using different versions of Robin as Human Shields to deflect the Joker's projectiles. Most notably, Jason Todd being hit by acid.
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  • Godzilla blindly squishing the Bad Days crew. In the scene immediately following, Godzilla grabs a MUTO, and uses it to pick Stan Lee out of his teeth. Stan exits by jumping into a giant robot of himself.
  • Thanos spending his bathroom time playing a handheld video game in which he shoots disembodied Deadpool heads.
  • Groot regrowing himself into a bigger tree, knocking all the other guardians aside, and happily proclaiming, "I AM GROOOO!!"