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Awesome / Alita: Battle Angel

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She will never stand by in the presence of evil.

  • The first battle where Alita, having followed Ido, takes on Grewishka and two other cyborg killers. At the start, it seems her and Ido are outnumbered and out-classed. Then Alita starts fighting instinctively, and things turn around very quickly.
  • At the Kansas Bar, Zapan is being very creepy and touchy-feely with Alita who stands up to the much larger cyborg. As soon as he tries an overt offensive move, a necklift, she instantly applies a counter to put him in an armbar and smash his face through the table.
    Zapan: That bitch broke my nose!
    Alita: Yes, I did.
  • The Bar Brawl, where Alita challenges and then easily handles a couple dozen experienced Hunter-Warriors. Also points to Hugo for holding his own during the fight as well.
  • Alita vs Grewishka Round 2, where she manages to keep fighting even after he cuts off her legs and right arm. Even then, she still manages to punch her way free of his grip and throw herself through the air to jam her fist in his eye.
    Grewishka: (dramatic monologue about him showing "mercy" to Alita after she loses)
    Alita: (breaks free and punches him through the eye) Fuck your mercy!
  • Alita's first Motorball match, which is rigged into a Carnival of Killers to destroy her, the smallest of whom is twice her size. She gets a call from Ido telling her they're all there to kill her and she should get out of there. Now having a Berserker body, she just waits for the games to start and demolishes most of them before crashing through a screen to escape the stadium and roofhopping to rescue Hugo, who's chased by Zapan.
    • She fights and dodges attacks with the grace of a dancer during said game, and slam-dunks heads with either the ball or another cyborg's arm.
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    • Alita's last two pursuers, Screwhead and Stinger, manage to corner her and almost succeed in executing her. She manages to break free and have Stinger cut Screwhead in two with his buzzsaws, then she gets rid of Stinger by having him dragged in a trash grinder with Screwhead's chain.
  • Alita's one-woman assault on the Factory at the climax, tearing her way through Vector's defenses before bursting through the skylight in his office to confront him directly. And when Grewishka runs in to face her one last time, she uses the Damascus Blade to easily cut off his (previously) deadly grind-cutters and before vertically bisecting him.
    • Special mention goes to how Alita delivered the smackdown on the spider-mech Centurions, dodging their gatling gun fire and using the Damascus Blade to utterly destroy them. Then she rips off one of their miniguns and uses it on the Deckmen before casually tossing it away.


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