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Trivia / Alita: Battle Angel

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  • Acting for Two: Mahershala Ali plays both Vector and another character. He's the main channel for Nova.
  • Approval of God: Yukito Kishiro, despite being known as rather strict toward the adaptations of his works (he previously disowned the OVAs), embraced the film enthusiastically, reportedly watching it several times. And he even drew an illustration based on it. He also took part in the movie's promotion in China, its best-performing market.
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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Rosa Salazar was very enthusiastic to play Alita, to the point of bringing much physical dedication to the role. She later said that she wants to play the role "for the rest of [her] life", even in the face of the uncertainty of a sequel happening.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the Japanese dub of the film, the titular heroine is voiced by movie actress Mone Kamishiraishi, better known for voicing Mitsuha Miyamizu in Your Name.
  • Completely Different Title: Zig-zagged in Latin America. The film was initially marketed with a straightforward translation of its original title (Alita: Ángel de Combate), which was also the title used in Spain. However, it was afterwards changed so that the subtitle became the title itself while gaining the new subtitle "The Last Warrior" in the process (Battle Angel: La Última Guerrera).
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  • Deleted Role: Tiffany Grant and Amanda Winn-Lee, who participated in the English dub of the OVAs, played extras in the film, but their scenes were cut from the final product.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: The movie's fanbase is commonly referred to as "The Alita Army".
  • Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor: Christoph Waltz dubs himself in the German dub.
  • The Other Darrin: Unlike with what happened with the Ghost in the Shell live-action film, the Japanese dub uses a different cast from the sole anime OVA from the 90s, despite most of the voice cast being still alive and well:
  • Release Date Change: Twice. The film was originally set for release on July 20, 2018, before being delayed to December 21 of the same year, where it would have faced heavy competition with Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman and Bumblebee, plus earlier releases that held strong like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The Mule. It was delayed again to February 14, 2019 for precisely this reason, with a PG-13 edit of Deadpool 2 taking its original release date.
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  • Saved from Development Hell: The film's development was on again and off again with rumors as far back as the early 2000s including supposed casting calls for a little girl who could move like a cat... then nothing. Then James Cameron said he was waiting for the technology to catch up to his vision. His own series Dark Angel was effectively a trial run for Alita, starring Jessica Alba as a nimble, cat-like Supersoldier living in a Used Future city. Then came the CGI-fest Avatar. Word of God has stated that after he was done with Avatar he still did not believe the technology was ready yet. After multiple delays and Cameron being way too busy with the Avatar sequels, he officially passed the project off to Robert Rodriguez to direct (with Cameron still producing). Rosa Salazar was cast in the title role (beating out Maika Monroe and Zendaya), and 20th Century Fox began negotiating the budget down from the $170-200 million range before they would officially greenlight the film.
  • Stillborn Franchise: At the time of the film's home video release, there were no talks in progress to greenlight a sequel, in spite of the movie's copious sequel hooks. While star Rosa Salazar attributes this to the confusion of the Disney-Fox merger, its unclear if Disney, which has announced its intention to focus Fox solely on its established properties, will see breakout potential in a film that made less than $100 million in North America and wound up in a grey area regarding its ultimate profitability. In October 2020, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic decimating the schedule for new major releases, the film received a wide theatrical re-release, seemingly to gauge interest in a follow-up; however, it performed poorly against a slew of more seasonally appealing re-releases (Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.).
  • Uncredited Role: Alex Moore plays a girl in one of the windows.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • James Cameron was set to direct the film, before he handed the directing duties over to Robert Rodriguez due to being very busy on the Avatar sequels.
    • Avan Jogia, Douglas Booth, Jack Lowden and Noah Silver all were considered for the role of Hugo, but the filmmakers cast Keean Johnson, who is part-Hispanic on his mother's side, as they were looking for someone more "ethnically ambiguous."


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