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Funny / Alita: Battle Angel

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  • Alita is given an orange... and predictably takes a bite without peeling it first, not being impressed. Once Ido takes off the peel, she takes a bite and is delighted.
  • Hugo's reaction to hearing Alita's favorite food "at least for today" is orange is to buy her chocolate. She squees, later asking Ido for some when she gets home.
  • Ido's sanctimonious rant to the effect of "I don't want blood on your hands" has caused quite a few chuckles in the theater: not only it's a major Mythology Gag for the manga readersnote , but shortly before that Alita has smashed a man's cranium in and ripped a woman's head off.
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  • Before Alita and Hugo enter the Kansas bar, Hugo warns Alita about going in there and in response she tells him that she is a warrior. The very next thing she does is kneel down to pet and hug the dog Little Marks.
  • After Zapan bites off more than he can chew when he picks a fight with Alita, who effortlessly slams him through a table and punches him across the room, he realises just how badly he's messed up.
    Zapan: That bitch broke my nose!
    Alita: Yes, I did.
  • How does Ido stop the massive bar brawl that Alita's started after shouting for everyone to stop, and no-one is paying attention? By bellowing out "No more free repairs!" Cue the whole fight grinding to a halt. And Alita, in the very next shot, round-kicks someone to the face.
  • McTeague's comment after the fight against Grewishka: "He wasn't a dog lover. I hate that."
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  • Alita offers Hugo her heart — as in literally offers her heart. She pulls down her shirt, opens her upper torso, and takes out her heart, still trailing blood vessels. Hugo's rather understandable reaction is to just stare at her in complete befuddlement, horror and uncertainty; before telling her not to. Alita then apologizes for the fact that she can be rather "intense" sometimes, and he doesn't argue.
  • The announcer in the Motorball games during Alita's first professional match — that is, basically her being hunted by the Carnival of Killers out for her.
    Announcer: She must have said something in the locker room that these guys did not like!
  • The announcer gets snarkier as the game goes on.
    Announcer: Maybe we'll get a chance to see some Motorball during this fight.
  • Nova-Vector's reaction to getting stabbed by Alita:


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