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Funny / Alien: Covenant

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  • This crossover commercial with Rick and Morty. Apparently, drug addiction and alcoholism can kill Facehuggers!
  • It's horrifying. It's gory. But really, when the Neomorph bursts out of Ledworth's back and his corpse is left hanging backwards off the table, it's bizarrely funny.
    • And then, when the newborn neomorph charges the only living human in the room, who's down on her back and screaming in terror, she punts it away like an evil puppy, and the neomorph skids across the floor and slams into the wall.
    • The same scene has two characters comically slipping on the same pool of blood in quick sucession
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  • Walter gets a few moments as his lack of emotional programming runs up against some extremely emotional situations. When comforting a badly acid-burned Lope, he can only say "it looks fine" in the most unconcerned tone possible when the latter asks how it looks. A subtle hint that we're not dealing with the real Walter here.
  • The flute scene between Walter and David has extremely homoerotic undertones. "Watch me, I'll do the fingering" will definitely incite laughter from the audience.
    • The later kiss between the two is equally hilarious, as is the conversation leading up to it. It's the contrast between David's increasingly dramatic speech and Walter's understated confusion that sells the unintentional hilarity.
  • Multiple moviegoers who saw the movie made an endless amount of fire pun jokes in the vein of how Branson dies.
  • James Franco being the captain of the Covenant and getting barbequed two minutes after the prologue ends.
    • Don't you mean getting baked.

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