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Awesome / Alien: Covenant

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"Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
The crew of the Covenant may, at times, have been Too Dumb to Live, but that doesn't stop them from getting their licks in.

  • When the first neomorph appears, it charges Karine, locked in the medbay with it. Despite having slipped in the copious amounts of blood, she brandishes a knife and warns it to "stay the fuck back." When it doesn't, she snap kicks the little fucker into a wall.
  • For the first time ever in the Alien franchise, we see on-screen an android, vastly physically superior to humans, fight an alien hand-to-hand. Walter gives a neomorph a flying tackle to keep it away from Daniels and wrestles it briefly, and moments later basically punches it in the face. Granted, that cost him a hand when the neomorph bit it off, but he came out of it far better than any human would have.
  • David is very disappointed in Walter, and refuses to let Walter stop his plans by stabbing him in the neck, causing Walter to collapse into a folded-up bundle. This does not kill Walter, only knocks him out of commission for a short time, giving Walter a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    David: You're meant to be dead. (attacks Walter)
    Walter: (effortlessly blocks) There have been a few updates since your day.
    • We then see a moderately long hand-to-hand fight between two very strong, very fast, very durable androids, and it's just as awesome as it sounds.
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    • Walter also effectively undercuts David's rhetoric by countering his quotations - David claimed Ozymandias and it's famous 'look upon my works' quote was by Byron, which Walter states was actually from Percy Shelly - underscoring how far gone David is in his disdain for humanity, and pointing out that even David isn't as perfect as he thinks. Walter also has an effective retort to David's insistence that Walter's actions in saving Daniels are akin to his supposed love for Shaw, simply remarking that it was duty.
  • Daniels fighting a xenomorph on top of (and on the sides, and below) a cargo lift modified to serve as a lander, while it's flying through the air, while she's tethered to it and swinging around as Tennesse tries to keep the thing from crashing. Especially her Crazy Enough to Work plan for finally killing the xenomorph.
    • She busts out another Crazy Enough to Work plan in the finale. She doesn't just blow the alien out an airlock, she tries to blow the alien out an airlock while it's trapped in the cab of a giant truck. When the alien escapes, she lets another earthmover truck with large spikes on the front impale the alien and knock it clear of the ship.

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