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Funny / Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival

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  • The return of the Magician and Mister Bunny!
  • David Hasselhoff with geisha makeup as the Designer.
    • In a previous advertisement with him, he is almost a motormouth and also he laughs...
    The Designer: emotionless laugh of boredom. HAHAHAHAHA...
  • The Rosy Bayonettes' plans to conquer Heaven. The first is a poisoned tea party with everyone around the table with big flower lady hat, even the males... Every males.
    • Also in the wondering of the plans scene, every poisoned victim makes a ridiculous choking sound before they all drop dead. Plus just before this, someone says "Tea Time!" in a high-pitched voice. Oh, and what does the Ticket Keeper think of that idea?
    Ticket Keeper: Wonderful...
  • If you look at the other carnies' reactions. Scorpion looks at them with suspicion and amusement, the Ticket Keeper seems to be desperate about them, and the Smith even does a facepalm with his arm while he shakes his head in exasperation.
    Ticket Keeper: These are horrible plans. Ohhhhh... sound from nowhere.
    • But the Magician seems to think they have very good plans.
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  • The Rosy Bayonettes themselves are really funny. With their weird Russian accents and rusted noises they make at every move.
  • Just when the Ticket Keeper is complaining about the habit of Heaven to throw away banned souls, the elevator opens on Painted Doll's Heaven self, June, who just fell down from Heaven. His reaction is pretty funny, too.
    Ticket Keeper: Really?
  • When the Agent meets with the Publicist at the beginning of the film, he says, "What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening." It sounds unremarkable enough, until you realize that The Publicist is played by Ted Neeley note .
  • Ticket Keeper confronting Scorpion about his Knife Nut habits.
    Ticket Keeper: I found this in the thoroughfare.
    Scorpion: Hey. That could be anybody's.
    Ticket Keeper: It was protruding from a woman's chest.
    Scorpion: ...I'll go to my cage.
    • The long, thorough examination of the knife before the Scorpion makes his denial truly makes the bit.

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