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Nightmare Fuel / Alita: Battle Angel

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Spoilers are unmarked.
When Vector said "I will send you to Zalem", he didn't necessarily mean "in one piece".

  • Grewishka is walking Nightmare Fuel, what with his all-around cruelty and threat to turn Alita into a living pendant.
    • While it's an awesome moment for her, Alita gouges one of Grewishka's eyes by driving her whole hand inside it. The stump of her forearm sticking out of his face (for a while, he's so furious he doesn't even want it removed once he's back at the Factory for repairs) is not a pretty sight.
  • Alita resorts to cutting Hugo's head off to have him pass off as "dead" by the Centurions, maintaining it alive with her own heart.
  • Alita cutting Zapan's face off. The smug bastard thoroughly deserved it, but the result is still horrific to see.
  • Chiren's fate: she will be sent to Zalem by Vector... but only as a still-living brain in a jar, with only her heart, eyes and hands linked to it. If you look closely, you can see her eyes are still moving, looking around the room. She's cognizant of everything.
  • For that matter, Nova needing still-living human organs for seemingly Frankenstein's Monster-like experiments he practices up there in Zalem (possibly the kind that made Grewishka what he is, or worse)... Many people on Earth dream of the place as some sort of paradise, but these things plus the giant bladed rings defending the access to it as well as Alita's mission to destroy it centuries ago reveal a more nightmarish side to it.
    • In the manga, it was Nova who made Makaku (on whom Grewishka's based) the monster that he was.
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    • If the adaptation ever reaches the Last Order stage, the Crapsack World of Iron City would probably seem Crystal Spires and Togas in comparison.


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