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Heartwarming / Alita: Battle Angel

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  • Alita's cheerful amazement about everything she comes across from eating oranges and chocolate to seeing Iron City itself after waking up in her new body. Then her hugging Ido after he gave her a name, telling him she loves it and asking him if she can keep it until she remembers her true name.
  • The support Hugo and Koyomi show Alita when playing street Motorball.
  • After having previously expressed his disapproval with the Berserker body, once Alita is transferred to it, Ido talks about how it isn't inherently good or evil but rather Alita herself who will decide that.
  • Hugo giving Alita a truly romantic response to the question on whether her robotic exterior bothers him.
    Hugo: You are the most human person I know.
  • When Tanji, who already dislikes Alita, points out that her new URM body and memories probably means she was one of the enemy Koyomi tells him that was three hundred years ago and to get over it.
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  • Ido supporting Alita as a Motorball player, despite his bad memories of the sport. Of course, he can't completely shed his Overprotective Dad habits.
  • A recurring theme in act 3 is how Alita's pure sincerity moves others around her to reevaluate their desire to go up to Zalem. She offers Hugo her heart to give him the leverage to go up, but he refuses it. Then she tells Chiren she'd "give her life" to save Hugo, and Chiren could easily have betrayed her there to do so, but instead she chooses to save both their lives through surgical trickery.
  • Chiren telling Vector that she was reminded that she's a doctor and A MOTHER, and so she doesn't want any more part of hunting Alita.
  • Alita calling Ido "Father" near the end of the movie.
  • Even though he understands that he's about to die, Hugo's last words to Alita are, "Thank you for saving me."


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