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Heartwarming / All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • The scene with Kat and Paul cooking goose around a campfire. In the midst of the war, it's just two men cooking dinner and enjoying each others' company.
  • The cat that the squad adopts while they are guarding a supply depot.
  • Bertnick ordering the Obstructive Bureaucrat mess sergeant to give the men proper rations.
  • While most civilian authority figures in the story don't get that much love, the reason Himmelstoss was kicked out of boot camp and sent to the front was due to outrage from the local magistrate after his son witnessed Himmelstoss abusing some of the trainees, showing that even if not all of the civilians understand the men's suffering, they do care.
  • After getting the Jerkass knocked out of him during his first battle, Himmelstoss seeks to make amends to the surviving main characters by giving them treats and putting them on duty in the officers' mess, where they eat like kings compared to their usual fare.
    • What really wins them over? The fact that he ran through a barrage and carried back Haie, who had previously gleefully horsewhipped Himmelstoss.