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  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami features a dungeon that was supposedly built in England 6 million years ago (which is before we can even confirm the existence of humans), and was used to execute "Guy Forks" by shooting (in actuality, Fawkes was hanged, and managed to break his neck before he could be drawn and quartered). The best part is that this somehow happened during Watari's short reign as Queen of England (don't ask) as a result of Dark using the Everything Note in Chapter 9. And since he went back in time 4 days before that happened, he's saying that this fortress was built in prehistoric times by a man who has not yet become Queen.
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  • Practically every "Founders fic" in the Harry Potter fandom hits this hard. One particularly egregious example has Rowena Meredith Ravenclaw ("Meredith" was a male name up to the 20th century) take a train to America at one point. Yes, in the tenth century she uses a ground-based form of transportation which hasn't been invented to travel from Scotland across 5,000 km of ocean to a continent that had only been discovered by the Vikings among Europeans at that point. The language issue is usually glossed over too, even though Britons of the time would have spoken a profusion of Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Welsh, Cumbric, Pictish, Manx, Cornish and perhaps some learned people speaking Latin or Greek.
  • Eiga Sentai Scanranger has the all-powerful villain threaten to send one of his henchmen back to the Cro-Magnon era to be eaten alive by dinosaurs.
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  • In Sherlock Season 4, David Cameron believes that Britan blew up the Nazis in WW2 with atomic bombs.
  • All He Ever Wanted. Well summed-up in this quote from a critic:
    "Ah, AHEW realism... I only read way in the beginning so maybe they fixed this, but did you know that it's totally easy for the Nazis to erase the French language from the world? Just take over a few European countries and bang! No more French!"
  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfics or fanarts about former British colonies, with colonial America interacting with other British colonies, can be highly unlikely or just plain impossible depending on how it's portrayed. For example, the British visited Australia for the first time on 1770, 5 years before The American Revolutionary War started, and New Zealand the year before, so those two wouldn't have met baby America — if they ever met the guy in these days, they would've interacted with the older one that doesn't look hyper different from the actual one. Some writers and artists know this, but ignore it for Rule of Cute. There's also the number of fans who seem to believe that the American Revolution was the end of the British Empire. The number of de-ageing fics which get rid of the characters memories but have them a) still speaking their modern languages (particularly bad if the language, for example English, didn't exist in the time period the child is supposed to be from) and b) write them as having knowledge of modern technologies such as *cars* is also rather spectacular.
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  • Played for Laughs in Calvin and Hobbes Get XTREME!, when Calvin remarks on how his father has fun by reading books and playing Monopoly:
    "You mean when Carter was president? That was a time of Great Depression! The depression came from lack of television."
  • In Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God, Adolf Hitler was a communist who changed the name of Germany to the Soviet Union and was alive during the Cold War.
    • King George III crucified Jesus and George Washington killed King George to make America free
    • Mao Zhedong ruled the entirety of Asia. He bombed Pearl Habour and then changed his name to "Charlie" and fought the author's grandfather in the Vietnam War. Also, Kim Jong-il is his "lesban daughter"
  • Detsniy Off Skiword has made quite a few cases of this.
    • Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge shows an extreme amount of inaccuracy in it's 12th chapter. For one, Hitler and Stalin are working together, alongside Judge Claude Frollo, and David Cameron.
    • 'Shakespear' gets his position in history thrown around a bit throughout Kid Icarus Uprising 2. In chapter 2, some children get tortured with lessons about 'Romero and Julyt'. In chapter 13, Cloud has difficulty understanding a message that is written in Roman, since it's in Ancient Greece, "so Shakespear hadnt invented Roman yet". In chapter 17, we see the ruins of America being entered by "SHAKESPEAR, The King Of England!". So, let's put this together. At first, Romeo and Juliet has been around long enough that it is studied in schools, then we're told it's before 'Shakespear' invented Roman (which he did not do-it's not even a real language), and then 'Shakespear' is suddenly the King Of England.
    • In Profesor Layton Vs Jack The Raper, we also see 'Shakespear' as the King Of England.
    • Dahlia Hawthorne Escaps Form Pirson goes even further, with 'Shakespear' as the King of England again, during the aftermath of the EU Referendum of 2016. Even more egregious, since this story takes place between Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice, which would leave a time frame of around 2027-2028. Egypt is also apparently still ruled by a Pharaoh at this time.
  • Used in A Dream. When explaining things about Earth, Valiant repeatedly puts events through the lens of fighting communists. Whether or not fighting communists was a real world goal of whatever he's talking about.
  • In Starlight Is For Always, Rio more-or-less singlehandedly created the internet sometime during or after 1996. This is pushing the artistic license of the fic, especially since Rio also created the technology company MicroApple.
  • In The Royal Protector (sniperct), Cassandra is hired as Elsa's Lady In Waiting. If Arendelle is anything like Norway, then it shouldn't have that title. Norweigan female courtiers were either called the "Maid of Honor", "Chief Maid of Honor", "Lady of the Bedchamber", or "Mistress of the Robes".


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