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  • All Resident Evil games after the first (but including the 2002 Remake) have tweaked their item systems to prevent needless frustration:
    • Any games that feature poison as a status ailment will have planters of blue herbs growing in areas which, while you can't take any with you, can be used as many times as you want to cure poisoning. This addressed an issue in the first game where it was actually possible to use up the game's finite supply of blue herbs and then get poisoned, leaving you unable to cure it and nearly rendering the game unbeatable as your health will constantly drain on its own until you become a One-Hit-Point Wonder.
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    • You can now use healing items immediately when picking them up, without having to add them to your inventory first. This addressed one of Resident Evil's most frustrating occurrences: a full inventory, being low on health, and finding a herb you can't use without first making a mad dash past some enemies to get to a frigging item box.
  • Resident Evil requires you to pick up a Signal Flare and carry it all of about ten steps to use it, to signal the rescue chopper but also trigger the final battle to begin. Of course, in order to deliver the finishing blow Brad throws you a rocket launcher. Isn't it a good thing that Signal Flare forced you to have at least one empty item slot in a game where you can't discard items?
  • Resident Evil 2 has Sherry Birkin, a 12 year old girl that has only a First-Aid Spray and nothing else to defend herself with against zombies and zombified dogs. On the plus side, Sherry has the most health out of all the playable characters to compensate for her lack of weaponry and slow running speed and zombies only attempt to vomit on her (which does considerably less damage than their bite).
  • In Resident Evil 2 (Remake), Mr. X is normally an Implacable Man; there's nothing that can put in his way to prevent him from chasing the player character. However, there are certain "safe" rooms where Mr. X can't follow, both to keep the difficulty at an un-frustrating level and to give the player a moment to catch their breath.
    • The game will also offer you the chance to continue in assisted mode if you die several times in a row on higher difficulties.
    • If you happen to die to or near Mr. X and restart from a recent checkpoint, the game will spawn him far away from you, giving you time to build up a lead.
  • In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis battling the Nemesis anytime he appears is an option, but he tends to be quite difficult unless you are very good with the game's tank controls and have mastered the dodging mechanic as they tend to take place in tight quarters. So when battling him is mandatory, the game goes out of its way to make it less frustrating and more of a fair fight:
    • The first mandatory battle against Nemesis takes place in a large area with plenty of paths to take and no dead-ends to get trapped in, meaning you can continually keep running and gunning without getting trapped. Also by now you'll have found the Mine Thrower which, while typically useless against normal enemies, is incredibly useful against Nemesis since you can quickly hit him with one and run away, relying on the delayed explosion to slow him down and make him vulnerable for another shot. Also, since Jill will be fully healed after the fight, you won't need to bother using curative items and can take as much damage as you like so long as you survive.
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    • The second mandatory Nemesis battle pits you against him as Carlos, who only has an assault rifle and handgun (neither are even decent weapons against Nemesis). Of course, since you're not his target and he wants Jill (who's in the next room), he tends to try and get to the door instead of fighting you, giving you free shots at him until he turns and attacks you for a bit in a bid to make you go away, making the battle more easy. Carlos also has considerably higher stamina than Jill, and (again) it doesn't matter how much damage he takes so long as you survive since you won't need to bother using curative items to heal him afterward.
    • The third and fourth mandatory battles are both Puzzle Bosses where you have environmental hazards to use to inflict damage on him and, again, have large open areas making it difficult for him to trap you.
  • Resident Evil 0 allowed you to drop items anywhere to be recovered later, rather than needing to use item boxes. Items will be marked on your map so you know what room you left a plot-relevant item in, and you find a Door to Before late in the game that quickly allows you to access every area in the game to recover and consolidate all your dropped healing items or ammo before challenging the final area. Any item that was dropped on the train will also conveniently be found on the floor in the area where the train crashes, too.
  • Resident Evil 4 features different difficulty levels, and the game will change this difficulty depending on how well you're doing. If you consistently die in the same area, the game will get easier until you pass it. Conversely, doing well in these areas without much trouble makes the game harder. It's designed so you'll eventually find a difficulty that's not too easy, and not too hard. Of course, speed-runners have learned to "game" this system, that is intentionally doing badly during the easy parts so they can rush through the difficult parts faster. Professional mode locks you into the hardest difficulty level, however.
  • Resident Evil 5 has Quick Time Events become easier if you fail them. For example, a button mashing sequence can turn into a simple one time button press.
  • If you messed up a Quick Time Event enough times in Resident Evil 6 by pressing the wrong buttons, it will silently accept the wrong button press so long as it's pressed in time. Amateur mode always does this for you.
    • Dying and restarting will refill your health to max, extremely useful considering how annoying it can be getting healing items. This does not apply in No Hope difficulty, however.


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