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02:24:34 PM Jul 12th 2015
edited by Korodzik
The Real Life section of this article has long become "people I like who are also Christian". I mean, "Sound designer Ben Burtt"? Seriously? The Pixar Staff, Martin Luther King etc? It makes about as much sense to list all these as it does to list random black-haired people.
11:16:52 AM Dec 6th 2017
edited by Larkmarn
These examples were cut with the edit reason "Far too many Real Life examples are just "X is Christian" which is not this trope. The trope is "Badass who you wouldn't expect to be religious is actually pretty devout." then readded with the edit reason These individuals have all displayed exceptional talent in their work. Often, said work has nothing to do with puttingtheir faith on display. Many of them only call attention to their faith in isolated circumstances, if it all, so people wouldn't expect them to be devout. As far as I'm concerned, that qualifies the deleted real-life examples for this trope. There was a bit of natter on one example, though. If misuse of this trope is really a problem, we should take another look at the launch pad entry for Religious Bruiser.

11:19:22 AM Dec 6th 2017
edited by Larkmarn
I think the person who readded it A: overestimates what makes someone "badass" and B: Misunderstood the cutter's motives. Even if these are valid examples (which some certainly are not), the problem is that they have the "Love Jesus" part and don't even try to justify the "Real Men" part of the trope. Even if they're fine examples, they're Zero Context anyway.
11:52:03 AM Dec 6th 2017
Apparently, difficulty has arisen from a need to differentiate between " badass people one wouldn't expect to be religious" and "badass people who also happen to be religious."

It looks like there's YKTTW for a Religious Badass trope that never got off the ground. Maybe we should just split the page.
01:13:55 PM Dec 11th 2017
That doesn't really address my points at all. And the cut examples were cut because they fail to establish the "badass" or "real men" part... and, for that matter, the "wouldn't expect to be religious" leading to them just being "Real life person of the predominant religion in the country."

05:07:41 PM Dec 11th 2017
...What is your point? If they're exceptionally skilled and no one expects them to be religious, that qualifies them for the trope. I don't see much of a difference; it seems like you're splitting hairs.
05:12:09 PM Dec 11th 2017
It seems the problem is not with the individuals in question but public perception of them. Are they to be blamed for it?
07:30:04 AM Dec 12th 2017
Please learn what a Zero-Context Example is.

Even if we pretend "exceptionally skilled" and "badass" are synonymous (they're not), the examples in question don't even establish that.
08:00:24 AM Dec 13th 2017
edited by tyrekecorrea
I know what a zero context example is. Do you know what "subjective" means? Do you know what "badass" means?

Just because the fact that these people are religious would be a surprise to some people doesn't mean they aren't badass, and just because perception of badassery is subjective doesn't mean people deserve to be pulled off the list just because some other people don't think they're cool.

...Are you into me, Larkmarn? Sorry, dude. I don't swing that way.

08:10:18 AM Dec 13th 2017
Actually, I made it my business to make sure that some of the newer examples I added had context. Did you know that Jessica Rey had a Masters in Business Administration?

To get back to my point, there really should be a religious badass trope, because that would take care of the initial problem.
08:30:43 AM Dec 13th 2017
If the thread is about Badassness it might be due for review on The badass Trope thread project. As we've had this long issue with what is or isn't Badass and how that factors into a trope.
08:36:01 AM Dec 13th 2017
Perhaps it's best if this trope becomes a "No Real Life Examples, Please!" item.
08:41:09 PM Dec 13th 2017
tyrekecorrea, you seem to be working off of your own personal definition of this trope. It is certainly not an Audience Reaction. Moreover, a TLP draft doesn't affect the meaning of a launched-long-ago trope.

The description of this trope is poorly written and could stand to go through the badass trope thread.

Also, the removed examples should stay removed until someone can add context to them. They are clearly Zero Context Examples. "[Person] is a Christian" is in no way a trope, and "[Person] did X and is a Christian" is still not a trope.
10:15:03 AM Dec 14th 2017
It seems like this trope does have a lot to with badassery. That's what it always seemed like to me.

Why aren't those lower definitions tropes? They could stand to be. It seems like there's fertile soil for the latter at least, especially if we have Badass Preacher, and if no one complained my listing Dan Castellaneta as a teetotaler under pretty much the same circumstances...
12:23:38 AM Jul 12th 2013
Hold on, would this trope also extend to Real Men loving Crystal Dragon Jesus?
11:55:24 AM Dec 6th 2017
01:55:11 PM Feb 25th 2012
There just needs to be an image to complement this article. It just begs for it.
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